The tiles on the smartphone screen will make operating Android trouble-free. Here are Action Blocks

New application for Android – Action Blocks – which significantly facilitates the use of the phone for people with disabilities. It allows you to create simple and legible widgets on the screen that can perform quite complex functions.

Operating a typical telephone is no longer overly complicated. Android in most of its varieties – and its competitors – have been designed so that every person can comfortably and intuitively use its functionality. But … are you sure? Some of us may have problems with service and it’s not about resourcefulness or knowledge. For people with physical or mental disabilities, for completely independent reasons, using the phone can be a challenge.

Google, like its competitors, is also trying to meet such users. His latest initiative is the Action Blocks app for Android Lollipop or newer. It lets you put functional widgets on the screen, easy to find and hit with your finger.

Google Action Blocks is such a Google Touch Assistant.

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