The Secret | Microcrystalline Zirconium Ceramic Material Used in Xiaomi Mi Mix 2?

What is the deal with the ceramic body of Xiaomi Mix 2? Ever since its release, Xiaomi Mix 2 has caught the attention of Xiaomi fans, domestic and international media. Featured with full-screen display and with high-performance, Xiaomi Mix 2 is rated as “The Coolest Mobile of 2017.” Xiaomi Mix 2 full unibody ceramic design has stunned everyone and made them to wonder, how did they do that? Get it the cheapest here!

Xiaomi Mix 2 uses full unibody ceramic design

February 24, 2016 saw the release of Xiaomi Mi 5 Ceramic premium edition, which pioneered the use of 3D Ceramics. October 25, 2016 saw the release of Xiaomi Mix, a full-screen concept phone, its all-ceramic body is the first of its kind in the World. September 6, 2107 saw the release of Xiaomi Mix 2, full unibody ceramic design, the edges, even the back button uses a hard texture, smooth and fine microcrystalline Zirconium ceramic material. Apart from Xiaomi 5, Xiaomi Mix, and Xiaomi Mix 2, the devices which uses ceramic body technology are Apple Watch, HuamiAmazfit, Huawei P7, and Apple iPhone X. Ceramic structures are gradually get its due place in smart devices.

What is the microcrystalline Zirconium ceramic used in Xiaomi Mi Mix 2?

Nano-microcrystalline zirconium ceramic technology, which is used for Xiaomi Mix 2, is a very cutting-edge technology. It is never been used in such a large-scale production of making smartphone glass panel. The overall production process itself is very complicated, with related production equipment, production line troubleshooting, and procurement of raw materials. The production yield, and production efficiency were big barriers, as well. “The greatest difficulty with ceramics is that you cannot control the furnace of 5000 pieces, even a little error will turn everything into waste”, says ZhiHu, on the production of nano-microcrystalline zirconium ceramics. Now, we can very well see how hard-earned each of these Xiaomi Mix 2 is. Surely, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is a futuristic phone.   What are the advantages of nano-microcrystalline zirconium ceramics used in Xiaomi Mix 2?

  • Elegant texture, and gem-grade material that of sapphire (single crystal alumina).
  • Suave color with high refractive index and strong dispersion, provides a good appeal.
  • Low thermal conductive and jade moist material, which is good for skin when compared to metal or plastic materials.
  • Insulating material, which is unlikely to block signal or unlikely to be affected by the antenna layout.
  • Excellent mechanical qualities, like high flexural strength, resistant to bending and scratches, and has the hardness similar to sapphire.
  • High dielectric constant that produces sharp images, thus providing superior quality fingerprint sensor.

Four classic phone material comparison

Item Polycarbonate Aluminum Magnesium Alloy Corning Glass zirconium ceramics
Appearance Bad Medium Medium Good
Hand Feel Bad Medium Medium Good
Bepaint Difficulty Easy Medium Difficulty Easy
Weights Slight Slight Heavy Medium
Stiffness Bad Medium Good Good
Fragility Medium Good Bad Good
Abrasive Resistance Bad Medium Medium Good
Heating Diffusion Bad Good Bad Good
Cost Low Medium Expensive Most Expensive
Electromagnetic Shielding Good Bad Good Good

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is a perfect blend of modern simplistic design and traditional precision ceramic craftsmanship. The nano-microcrystalline zirconium ceramics is hard next only sapphire, gives a bright texture, made out of the flames of creativity.

How hard is the microcrystalline Zirconium ceramics used in Xiaomi Mi Mix 2?

Last year, Xiaomi’s Lei Lun demonstrated the hardness of Xiaomi Mi5 Black’sceramic technology, in which keys, saw blade, electric drills and other tools were used to tamper the mobile. However, the ceramic body of Xiaomi Mi5 was intact as bright as new. The microcrystalline zirconium ceramics used in Xiaomi Mix 2 has a high 8.5 on the mohs scale for hardness, this is second only to diamond and sapphire, and much more harder than croning glass.

The well-crafted design by Philippe Starck

Well known designer, Philippe Starck is the advocate of democratic and minimalist design, is famous for his work on Kartell Louis Ghost chair, Juicy Salif’ lemon squeezer, Venus super yacht, interiors in the private presidential residence at the Élysée Palace, and many others. His latest work on the design of Xiaomi Mix 2 is the first time that this famous international designer has designed a mobile phone. Listen to his talk about the philosophy behind the design. Well, you had digested enough on material and design concept of Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 from this article. I believe that you have a certain understanding of the process and design of Xiaomi Mix 2. Here is the best deal you can find online!

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