The list of the greatest hits of the Three came to Spotify. Mann and Trzaskowski prepared

mann trzaskowski spotify

The Spotify service now has a song playlist, which was released jointly by Wojciech Mann and Rafał Trzaskowski. Instead of political disputes and scuffles, we can … relax.

It is not very revealing to note that Poland is currently being hit by a great political and economic crisis. Instead of focusing on the fight against drought , plague and the enormous challenges associated with them, we are caught up in a fierce political dispute in which each party – along with its electorate – considers the other as true enemies in the fight for justice, freedom and prosperity.

A somewhat refreshing element of the presidential campaign was a joint radio broadcast by Wojciech Mann and the presidential candidate of Poland Rafał Trzaskowski. The first of you is the absolute legend of analog radio, which – after quitting the many-troubled Third Program of Polish Radio – is getting better at the digital medium. The second one for today is the president of Warsaw, although he hopes for this kind of promotion .

Mann and Trzaskowski on Spotify . Listen to both men’s favorite songs.

We would like to strongly emphasize that our attention to this event cannot be interpreted as praise or support for this candidate. The ability to use modern mass media or interesting musical taste have no impact on the competence to perform this extremely responsible function. We have no doubt that the joint broadcast of the two gentlemen aimed, among other things, at warming up the image of Mr Trzaskowski, which will certainly be useful to him in the election campaign. Spider’s Web does not recommend any of the candidates.

We pay attention to the entire event for two reasons. First of all, it’s kind of interesting what songs both men recommend us. Especially Mr. Mann, whom I – the author of this news – adore for recommending me many wonderful CDs that I listen to today and for a very intelligent sense of humor that I like very much. As I suspect, many of you have a similar opinion and with pleasure and interest will check which musical bricks from this nice guy this time will make the weekend pleasant.

Secondly, the very form of campaigning is also interesting and noteworthy, regardless of our political views. Opposition, government, right, left … no matter which political option we look at, one can get the impression that the electoral staffs of individual groups and factions perceive the Internet mainly as another propaganda tube. Which is best used by hiring the so-called trolls, spamming information on them (massively) for them.

Paying attention to the voter, who instead of pouring out bile, dislike and hatred in forums, uses the Internet to obtain information and in search of entertainment for slightly higher flights is a nice change and noteworthy. We hope that Mr. Trzaskowski has more to offer than just recognizing Mr. Mann’s musical authority and the ability to recognize that a modern internet user uses streaming media services. However, we will leave this to you and the media commenting on the policy.

We are already ending with wandering and leaving you with a playlist prepared by Mann and Trzaskowski. It is dominated by classic rock music, which probably will not suit some of our readers. It suits my taste very well – and I already know what will happen on my headphones after work today.

The list of the greatest hits of Trójka entered Spotify. Mann and Trzaskowski prepared