The launch of the new Xiaomi Mi 10T is imminent and this has been made known by Xiaomi

Although at the beginning of the month Xiaomi let us know of the arrival of the new Xiaomi Mi 10T , since then we have known practically all its details. Even so, its release date remains unknown, although not for long as confirmed by the firm itself.

And it is that, responding itself to this first announcement about the new Xiaomi Mi 10T Series, the firm has published a « Ready? »On its various social networks, thus predicting the imminent arrival of what finally seems to be three new devices: Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite , Xiaomi Mi 10T and Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro .

Without going any further, it is expected that the announcement of these new devices will take place at the end of the month, probably between September 28 and 29 , thus coinciding with the end of the recruitment of new Mi Explorers so that they know about first hand this new release.