The first Xiaomi with an under-screen selfie camera getting closer thanks to Visionox

Some time ago Xiaomi showed us its first prototype smartphone with an under-screen selfie camera. A technology that would undoubtedly revolutionize the market not as far as expected thanks to the latest advances from Visionox , a Chinese display manufacturer.

And it is that apparently, the well-known manufacturer of OLED screens that on numerous occasions has worked together with Xiaomi has managed to develop the first screen capable of integrating this revolutionary selfie camera system.

To be exact, Visionox already has a panel ready for mass production , giving the possibility that it will be very soon when we see the first Xiaomi equipped with this technology that would say goodbye, definitively, to the much criticized notch or perforated camera.

Visionox has managed to develop a semi-transparent OLED panel

To achieve this advance, Visionox has increased the transparency of its OLE D panel just in the area where the camera would be located. This is achieved using new organic materials and a new design in the pixel structure.

The first Xiaomi with a selfie camera under the screen is getting closer. Xiaomi  News

Visionox manages to develop the first panel with an under-screen camera.

In addition, to avoid glare on the camera, VIsionox has equipped its OLED panels with specialized software capable of eliminating diffraction , allowing the front camera to obtain fairly decent photographs.

Still, at the moment it is unknown when we will see the first smartphone with this type of front with no selfie camera in sight. What is clear is that throughout this year we will see an intense race between the main manufacturers in order to be the first to debut this technology.

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