The first Xiaomi with AMOLED screen at 120Hz would arrive under the Redmi K Series

To date, Xiaomi has only managed to introduce a 90Hz AMOLED panel on its smartphones. Specifically, this is added to the Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro , two devices that would be surpassed by a new Redmi K40 by adding a 120Hz AMOLED screen .

This is the latest that comes to us from China through the renowned informant Digital Chat Station . According to this, the new Redmi K40 or at least a new device under the Redmi K Series will be presented shortly incorporating an AMOLED screen of no less than 120Hz.

In addition, as he adds, this new smartphone would integrate the powerful MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ , a high-end processor that in addition to adding 5G does so at a really attractive price for its great performance.

A surprising new Redmi K40 would be on the way

To be more exact, Digital Chat Station mentions the M2006J10C device certified a few days ago and whose nomenclature makes a clear reference to the Redmi K Series. And is that if we take into account the pace of renewal of Redmi, the new Redmi K40 should be presented throughout this summer .

The first Xiaomi with AMOLED screen at 120Hz would arrive under the Redmi K Series. Xiaomi News

Publication made by Digital Chat Station in relation to the Redmi K40.

In addition to all this and taking into account its certification, this supposed Redmi K40 will not only surprise you with its screen, but also with a 4,500mAh battery and a fast charge of at least 33W according to the MDY-11-EX charger that has already been associated.

Without a doubt, a rather logical new rumor considering the path taken by Xiaomi’s Redmi K Series and its continuous approach to MediaTek, incorporating its processors in a wide variety of smartphones.

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