Tesla lowers prices for Model S and Model X again

Tesla is again lowering prices for its Model S and Model X models. It is the third price reduction this year.

In the USA as well as in China and Europe, Tesla has now lowered the prices for the two models again. And that’s partly clear again, after the price of both models had already fallen twice this year.

According to the website, the Model S now costs from EUR 76,990 (incl. 16% VAT). That is then EUR 3,000 less than before. The price for the top model Model S "Performance" has also been reduced from EUR 96,990 to EUR 93,990.

The Model X now costs from EUR 85,990 instead of EUR 88,990. The top model Model X "Performance" is now EUR 102,990 instead of EUR 105,990.

However, both models are no longer part of the Tesla workhorse. Because in the 3rd quarter of 2020, only 15,200 copies of both models were sold together.


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