Tesla increases the range of Model S and charges for “Supercharger†fast charging to € 0.35 / kWh

A lot has happened again at Tesla, positive and unfortunately not so nice either. As can be seen from the headline, two things have been increased.

Let’s start with the positive news. Tesla has increased the range of the Model S. The cheapest Model S with the designation "Maximum Range Plus" now has a range of 652 km with one charge, previously it was 610 km according to the WLTP standard.

According to the WLTP standard, the Model S "Performance" now manages 639 km, previously it was 593 km. In purely mathematical terms, you can now travel almost 40 kilometers with both models.

Unfortunately, Tesla has turned the price screw again. New customers have had to pay for fast charging on the "Supercharger" for quite a while. this price has now been increased again.

A usage fee of € 0.35 / kWh now applies. Tesla has not only raised prices in Germany, something has also been corrected in other European countries.

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