Space smells … a bad grill. Everyone will be able to check it now

Astronauts insist that space has a specific smell that lasts long on space suits. Let’s agree: there are things that most of us will never feel directly. Unless…

When describing the smell of space, astronauts say that they associate it with gunpowder, burnt meat, and sometimes even with raspberries. What a man is an opinion.

Initially, I could not associate it with anything. Most likely, the smell comes from oxygen pipes that have decompressed. It wasn’t until later that I noticed that this smell was found on suits, a helmet, gloves and tools, although it lasts longer on fabrics than on artificial surfaces

wrote in 2002 on his blog Don Pettit, a former ISS scientific officer.

Space on Earth, or at least its smell

Now this fragrance will also be available on Earth. Omega Ingredients, a British company that produces natural fragrances for the food industry, has created a fragrance reminiscent of the smell of space.

The company plans to introduce Eau de Space to the market through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter , where the minimum collection target has already been achieved.

Steve Pearce, founder of Omega Ingredients, was first tasked by NASA to recreate the smell of space in 2008. It took the next four years to develop it. The fragrance was to be used for astronaut training. NASA placed great emphasis on realistically recreating the conditions in space … including smell.

It’s hard to describe the smell of space. It can be said that it is metallic. It’s a rather pleasant, sweet, metallic smell. It looks a bit like the smell you feel during welding. This is how space smells

– adds Pettit.

Astronauts also remember this fragrance well

Astronauts participating in lunar missions under the Apollo program had a similar impression. According to them, moon dust resembled gunpowder.

Space smells different than anything else

said Dominic Antonelli, the Discovery shuttle pilot in 2009.

Of course, it should be noted here that the smell often depends on the person who feels it. Over the past several decades, there have been comparisons to the smell of ozone, sulfur or even rum.

Rotten balls on Mars

It is worth noting here that the surface of the planets may smell much more intense than space. For comparison, a mixture of iron, sulfur, acids and carbon dioxide on Mars may smell like rotten eggs. Similarly, if a man could get there, the upper atmosphere of Jupiter would smell like cleaning agents with an admixture of urine (ammonia in the clouds).

Well, space is not for mollusks.

Space smells … a bad grill. Everyone will be able to check it now