So you can solve one of the MIUI problems that affects almost all Xiaomi

As with practically any software, sometimes these have certain failures that cause the system to malfunction. An example of this is the large amount of " junk files " generated by the MIUI gallery , filling the storage of our Xiaomi.

As we can read from MovilZona , a large number of users have reported that the storage of their Xiaomi or rather the microSD card , is full of countless files.

This problem or rather inconvenience that affects both MIUI 12 and MIUI 11 users, seems to have a solution. And it seems that the culprit behind generating this large number of files with the .miuigallery extension is none other than Xiaomi’s own Gallery application.

So you can solve one of the MIUI problems that affects almost all Xiaomi. News Xiaomi

Hundreds of .miuigallery files generated by the MIUI Gallery.

To be exact, these files should be hidden in the system , since for some strange reason the MIUI Gallery generates them incessantly, appearing again even if we delete them manually.

How can we eliminate them without reappearing

Although users have tried to delete these files, as soon as they used the MIUI Gallery again, they have reappeared filling their microSD cards with hundreds of these files. As a solution, at least for the moment, is to update the Gallery application to version .

To do this, if this inconvenience bothers you, you can download it from this link , installing it later as if it were any other application. Once done, we just have to manually delete all these unnecessary files with the .miuigallery extension, as well as the Zman folder.

In this way we will ensure that these unnecessary files do not reappear , flooding our microSD card.

Via | MobileZone
Source | MIUI Community