So you can check if your Xiaomi has a warranty and in which country it is registered

When buying a Xiaomi smartphone online, we run the risk that they will sell us a product not registered in Spain or in our country of origin and that therefore we cannot avail ourselves of its official guarantee.

This usually happens when buying on platforms such as AliExpress that do not belong to AliExpress Plaza but do ship from Spain. On many occasions, these products do not belong to our region and therefore the guarantee falls on the seller’s own country , in most cases, from China.

That is why below we want to show you a very useful tool that allows us to obtain the country of registration of our Xiaomi device , as well as the region to which it belongs. Thanks to this we will be able to know if we have our two-year guarantee (Spain), the first being offered by the manufacturer itself.

How to check if your Xiaomi device has a guarantee from Spain

To know if our Xiaomi smartphone was sold and registered in Spain or in any other country, we just have to enter our IMEI on the website. To obtain the IMEI of our smartphone we can check it on its own box or by dialing * # 06 # .

So you can check if your Xiaomi has a warranty and in which country it is registered. News Xiaomi

After that, this Web portal will show us a wide list of information related to our smartphone in particular. After that we will click on the button « Warranty & Country & My Account Status » followed by « Check Xiaomi Warranty & My Account Status «.

After that we will be shown information regarding the first activation of the IMEI of our Xiaomi smartphone, as well as the " Sales Region ". This will indicate the country where it was sold, registered and to which its guarantee corresponds .

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In this way, if "Spain" appears on it, we can rest assured that we will have a 2-year warranty, 1 from the manufacturer, that is, Xiaomi and another from the seller. In addition, the date that appears in " Activation Date " shows us the date of the first activation of the mobile , allowing us to get an idea of ​​its age.