Small Size With Big Capacity – User Experience On A Portable Mi Cup.


The first impression that the thermal cup gives to people is its huge body and small capacity, which can only be used at home, but it is inconvenient to carry around. With the development and progress of science and technology, the size of the thermal cup is getting smaller and smaller. When talking about a good quality thermal cup, a lot of people may think of a brand Thermos, but an ordinary Thermos cup costing you a few hundreds, while the average domestic brand thermal cup is either poor insulation or bad design and inconvenient to carry around. Now, let’s welcome the joining of new members in Mijia products portfolio – Mi Cup. It is compact and easy to carry, the capacity is relatively large and most importantly it insulation is incredible. Please allow me to introduce to you about this Xiaomi Thermal Cup today, it is integrated of cost-effective, elegant, large capacity and best insulation in one.



▲ The white packaging box is a typical Xiaomi style, which you can see Mi cup picture at the front and the parameter at the side. Liner thin to 0.08mm, 316L stainless steel inner tank with removable cup lid, lightweight design and keeps warm and cold.


▲ The manufacturer information and parameters of the Xiaomi cup are printed at the back of the packaging box. This Mi cup is manufactured by Mi eco-chain enterprise Shenzhen showmeplus. Technology Co., Ltd. The products information at back is written in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English, showing that Xiaomi has gradually moved toward to the world market.


▲ Item in the box, Mi cup, user manual and certificate.


▲ Close-up on certificate, it is written in three languages too.


▲ In general, Xiaomi thermal cup is simple and elegant, pure white color with a Mijia LOGO, a sense of minimalist modern design. The size of the upper and lower part is similar and it looks slim, a distinctive different compared to the ugly thermal cup that with wider base and narrow upper part.



▲ There is a warm reminder affixed to the cup lid, which written as please pay attention to the water temperature when pouring or drinking water to avoid scald, it is also available in three languages too. The bottom of the Mi cup is a round sticker, you can see the main attributes of the cup: 316 stainless steel, ultra-light vacuum cups and hot and cold insulation.


▲ When Cup lid locked with the bottle, you will not find any trace of glitches, it showing that Xiaomi has done a good job in product quality control.


▲ The Mi cup lid adopts food-grade PPSU material, the sealing material is made of silicone, these two materials have high hydrolytic stability, can withstand repeated high-temperature steam disinfection without precipitate harmful substances. It is also corrosion resistant and can stand wear and tear, it is made of material that usually uses to made high-end baby bottle.


▲ It is worth to mention about the PPSU layer at the rim of Xiaomi cup which effective to insulate the heat transfer by the metal. Friends who have used metal cups may have encountered such an experience when you want to drink hot water, the heat at the rim will burn your lips even you haven’t taste the water yet. With this layer, it is a good solution to the problem.


The layer at the rim is detachable, so that it is easy to clean. As long as a gap available, it may have filth, so detachable design greatly facilitate the cleaning up of the Mi cup.


▲ There is a seal on the rim to prevent the water from leaking from the gap here.


Xiaomi Cup liner adopts an imported 316L stainless steel, which more acid and corrosion resistant if compared to the ordinary 304 stainless steel. The inner wall of the mirror compare to the matte design, bacteria are not easy to attach impurities and easy to clean. 

Testing on weight and capacity


▲ Xiaomi Mi cup liner thinner to 0.08mm, effectively reduce the thickness of the inner wall to the 73% without compromise the capacity if compared with the same grade product. It is ultra-light and thinner. The whole cup weighs only 209g.


▲ When the Mi cup filled up with water, the total weight i730g, proofing that its real capacity really got 521ml. Such a small cup with large capacity, thanks to the advanced technology like 1mm vacuum insulation and copper reflective layer.


Xiaomi Mi cup not only compact, lightweight, elegant, portable and most importantly it has a large capacity. The materials and the technology used to produce the cup is at the leading level, the price is Xiaomi style that always cost-effective. A little shortcoming for this Xiaomi thermal cup is currently only available in white color, and it is a bit difficult to maintain the durable of a white color cup. I hope that there is more option in color for future. Mi Thermal cup is a cup that you deserve to get one!

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