Shopping without worrying about coronavirus. Polish disinfection booths are to help

A few seconds and all viruses, bacteria and fungi on our clothes go down in history. A disinfection cabin designed by Poles may soon appear under the first stores. And not only.

Almost all of us miss normality, in which we did not have to worry about getting back infected with COVID-19 every time we leave the house. The coronavirus pandemic has affected the whole world – unfortunately mainly catastrophically. Fortunately, thanks to talented scientists and engineers, we still function as normally, after all, our everyday life could look much, much worse. Among other things, thanks to such inventions as the following.

A disinfection cabin from Poland gets rid of the coronavirus in a few moments.

As we learn from the Polsat News report , the Polish disinfection cabin is ready – and even as part of the pilot it already operates in front of one of the hotels in Poland. The device uses ultrasound and so-called dry steam , and the entire decontamination process takes a few seconds. It also measures the user’s temperature, informing the operator that he is showing signs of infection.

However, it is worth bearing in mind the obviousness that the designers themselves indicate: the cabin does not cure coronavirus, but only gets rid of it from our clothes. This, however, is a great help in the fight against the spread of the epidemic. The cabin can handle up to 250 users per hour.

The invention was co-financed by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. The cabin breaks down the disinfectant into micro particles using the ultrasonic method, and the steam thus obtained is sucked into the chamber with the user. The device is manufactured in China, but was funded by Polish capital.

If everything goes well, soon the first cabins will appear in front of stores and other facilities where we are exposed to potentially infected. We keep our fingers crossed for success.

Shopping without worrying about coronavirus. Polish disinfection booths are to help