Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 in iFixit teardown [Video]

In the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Teardown from iFixit, the new foldable smartphone shows what progress has been made in design.

Last year’s Samsung Galaxy Fold was the first try. Samsung has learned a lot since then and with the new edition shows that key points have been improved significantly.

One of the weak points of the 2019 model was undoubtedly the hinge. Significant improvements have been made here. The solution of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, whose hinge can be fixed at different angles, is now being used. But there are also points of criticism.

IFixit criticizes the excessive use of glue, which makes it almost impossible to get to the components. Furthermore, the device is still difficult to open, which could lead to serious problems if the battery was simply replaced.

The interior itself is tidy and modular. Nevertheless, it is only enough to achieve a value of 3/10 points on the iFixit scale. Repairability is likely to be an expensive pleasure here too.

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