Best Budget Smartphone in India, Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime Review

  Xiaomi Redmi 4 mobile phone is a fourth generation, top – specced, efficient, 14 nM snapdragon, full HD, 5 – inch display and a 625 chipset smartphone that comes to you in a premium metal casing. It has a non-removable battery with a 4100mAh sealed power pack. All these come to you in a smartphone pack at an affordable price.   

1. Introduction 

▼Redmi 4 is another masterpiece for xiaomi. High cost-effective, metallic appearance, 5-inch Full HD screen, small and easy to carry. Here we take a look at the introduction and beautiful photos of redmi 4 real phone!

All Edition List as Follows

Phone Name Color Redmi 4 price 
16G Xiaomi Redmi 4 Gold
32G Xiaomi Redmi 4 Gold
64G Xiaomi Redmi 4 Gold Get it The Cheapest Here
16G Xiaomi Redmi 4 Black
32G Xiaomi Redmi 4 Black
64G Xiaomi Redmi 4 Black

2. Out of box

▼About 4 redmi box, I would like to say although they are still the previous white minimalist style, in the middle of the box engraved into a big “4” which not only show the phone has a strict quality requirements, but also the theory of pursuing innovation. (Really like the design of the box, so take a few more photos)     ▼There is a small bright spot in the bottom of the profile where printed xiaomi logo. It seems kinda weird at first sight, but if you take a look at another direction, the color changed to red which corresponding to RED MI of xiaomi logo.How powerful of the design engineer!       ▼The package has a personalized small sheet, which made it easy to remove the phone from the box. Because the box is relatively small, the phone is completely tight fit on the inside, it is really not easy to take mobile phone out. So thumb up for this intimate design.    

    ▼Redmi 4 mobile phone family photos! Packing list: redmi 4 mobile phone, power adapter and original USB data cable, pin, product entry guide.       ▼Each phone is made from a piece high quality aluminum ingot, integrally molded by more than 30 step, and then by sandblasting process. Metal and glass 2.5D closely integrated by CNC diamond cutting in order to brighten the frame and lens’ edge. The solid texture of the metal and the 5-inch screen to bring a good grip feeling, you can feel it from the moment you pick it up.   ▼Redmi 4 back adopt a three-stage design, the top of the back did not use metal material but plastic sheet, so this part seems not match. The back is “MI”  logo and nano-injection process signal band. Place fingerprint recognition module on the back In fact doesn’t make daily use inconvenient. The speed of fingerprint recognition is also quite fast, It immediately unlocked into the desktop once finger touch it which is very convenient. The fingerprint recognition system is nowadays became the standard module for smartphone.   ▼Xiaomi Redmi 4 from the left to the top are – 3.5mm headphone jack, infrared module and noise reduction mic. The infrared function is one of the most favorite one which have been widely acclaimed. It is a magic gadget acting cute, when you go out to dinner , just took out this cell phone to open the air conditioning or TV,not necessary to call the waiter. In order to enhance the sound quality of the call, Noise-canceling microphone are generally equipped. reduce the surrounding noisy voice so that the other side can hear your voice clearer. ▼The bottom of Redmi 4 adopt symmetrical design, from left to right respectively located microphone, charging port, speakers.The speaker’s sound quality and volume is good enough for daily use. In addition, the redmi 4 changed the previous speaker location from the back to the bottom, which make it will not cause obstacles to the speaker when place the fuselage on the desktop. ▼Three front buttons of redmi 4 still continues the style of redmi with no background light design, which we have already get used to, however this enable it more efficient in power saving. The upper part of the front locate – distance sensor, handset, camera.   ▼Card slot is located on the left side of the fuselage, redmi 4 support Nano-SIM card and Micro-SIM card   3. Performance 

▼Simply contrast my own xiaomi note prime version with redmi 4, they seems almost at the same level on both feel and craft, the thickness of the body slightly thicker but very close, Though much cheap in price the redmi 4 can still be flat with the xiaomi note     ▼It need to wait about one minute for the first boot,after entering the first boot page it requires some simple settings: select the language, input method and wireless network. In accordance with the guide to set, to detect sim card information, location services and user experience opportunities, redmi 4 adopt miui8 system, the system built-in 5 sets of different styles theme, you can set according to your own interests. After the above setting you can start to use the phone.   ▼In my hand is a premium version redmi 4 who has 32G storage space, 3G running memory is very good. Snapdragon 625 CPU doesn’t cause much heat, it is acceptable! The new phone take up 1.6G running memory which is very good, it is also fully able to cope with daily use in future.   ▼Once connect to the wireless network will automatically prompt to update the system. The MIUI8 built-in system is quite easy to use 4. Verdict

▼Redmi 4 has a high cost-efficiency performance. The new improved metal body, 5-inch full HD screen, 4100mAh large battery life time, Snapdragon 625 high-performance processor, the new stable MIUI8 system, speed fingerprint recognition system. too much advantage, anyway, you will never regret to buy redmi 4 smartphone. Here is the best deal you can find online

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