Redmi AX6: a new inexpensive router capable of reaching up to 2976Mbps

Xiaomi has put the Redmi AX6 or Redmi Router AX6 up for sale .
This time we are faced with the renewal of the Redmi AX5 that adds a few improvements and that stands out for being a fairly economical option in the market.

In detail, this new Redmi AX6 is presented as a router
economic, capable of bringing the advantages of WiFi 6 technology closer to a
quite reduced price. Inside it has a 4-core A53 1.4GHz processor and 2 1.7GHz NPUs .

In combination with this powerful Qualcomm processor 512MB of memory is added. This high high capacity allows the Redmi AX5 to manage up to a total of 248 different devices simultaneously and independently.

Xiaomi Redmi AX5: WiFi 6 with OFDMA, Mesh technology and MU-MIMO support

Redmi AX6 router layout

Compared to a WiFi AC router, the new Redmi Router AX5 is capable of reaching a maximum speed of up to 2,976Mbps . This is achieved thanks to the WiFi 6 support capable of combining the two 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, thus achieving 155% more speed compared to a conventional router .

In addition, the Redmi AX6 adds Mesh support , allowing us to combine two or more routers in order to achieve a wide mesh network. With this we can ensure that the WiFi coverage reaches any corner of our home.

As it could not be less in a router with WiFi 6, this new Xiaomi model adds OFDMA , a multiplexing technology capable of transmitting several signals in one. For the rest, we have a router equipped with Beamforming , WPA 3 encryption, BSS Coloring and a total of 6 4dB antennas .

6 antennas capable of managing up to 248 devices and offering 2976Mbps

Redmi AX6 price and availability

The price of this new Redmi AX6 or Redmi Router AX6 is just 399 yuan, about 48 euros to change. Without a doubt, a really attractive price that is at the level of other routers that only accept WiFi 5 technology, that is, the 802.11ac standard.

It is hoped that in the next few days we will be able to buy it through the main resellers such as AliExpress. That if, the most likely thing is that its price is somewhat inflated until it reaches 60-70 euros.

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