RAMDISK, Xiaomi s new technology that uses RAM as internal storage

Today Xiaomi wanted to reveal one of the most striking software developments that integrates its new Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra . Squeezing the high speed of its LPDDR5 RAM, it is able to use this memory as internal storage .

In detail, this new functionality called RAMDISK allows you to take advantage of the high reading and writing speed offered by LPDDR5 RAM. While this reaches a rate of up to 44GB / s , the UFS 3.1 storage of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra does not exceed 1,700MB / s in reading or 750MB / s in writing.

Taking into account these theoretical details, Xiaomi has developed the RAMDISK technology allowing the installation and execution of applications and games in the RAM itself . With this we achieve a higher speed of installation, as well as execution.

This Xiaomi technology saves up to 60% in loading and installation times

As explained by Xiaomi, this technology allows us to save around 40-60% in loading and installation times compared to using the internal memory of the terminal directly. To do this, RAMDISK reserves approximately half of the RAM memory for installing applications and games.

RAMDISK, Xiaomi's new technology that uses RAM as internal storage. News Xiaomi

RAMDISK reserves 50% of RAM memory for the installation of applications and games.

Furthermore, since it is stored in RAM memory, uninstalling an application using RAMDISK technology is an instant task . The same happens with the installation of new apps, while doing it in a conventional internal memory would even take minutes, in the RAM it will only be seconds.

That is if, by its nature, the data stored in a RAM memory only remains while it receives electricity, so after restarting or turning off the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, each application or game installed using this method will be deleted.

At the moment, this technology is only added in MIUI to the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra. Still, it is to be expected that the rest of Xiaomi’s high-end will receive this same functionality, as long as they have LPDDR5 RAM.

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