Polygamy is recommended. You can do 5G with Huawei in Poland, but you also need other partners

The entire telecommunications industry waited for this regulation. After the 5G auction was canceled in an emergency night mode and the term of office of the President of UKE was abruptly shortened, the further fate of building a new generation network was called into question.

One of the reasons – of course, in addition to the pandemic – the cancellation of the auction was, as the Ministry of Digitization explained, the need to refine the security rules for the construction of the 5G network. Specifically, it is about Huaweia’s topic returning like a boomerang, and whether this Chinese giant should be allowed to build a new generation of networks.

Have Huaweia and ban Huawei a

The Ministry of Digitization has just published the awaited document, i.e. the ordinance on the minimum technical and organizational measures and methods that telecommunications undertakings are obliged to use to ensure the security or integrity of networks or services , colloquially referred to as the "5G Regulation".

In it we are still trying to eat a cake and have a cake. The government does not envisage any blockades for any supplier, but has included the provision that the operators are to "apply a strategy that results in no dependence on one producer of individual elements of the telecommunications network while ensuring the interoperability of services". So it will be a replay of the situation with the LTE network. A huge part of it in Poland is placed only on Huawei.

This is some way to limit Huawei’s range. But the United States, which has been trying diplomatically and PRowo for months to ensure that the largest Chinese telecommunications company accused of linking with the Communist Party is excluded from the construction of the 5G network, they are unlikely to be satisfied.

Especially that during the recent visit of President Andrzej Duda to Donald Trump, a statement was signed on a commitment to cooperate in developing next generation technological solutions and "using only the services of safe and trusted suppliers, equipment and supply chains within our 5G networks". It also did not suggest the exclusion of Huaweia specifically, but it is obvious that for Americans it is this enigmatic phrase "trusted suppliers".

Fewer suppliers, higher costs

For Polish telecoms, not even banned, but just "no dependence on one operator" can still be a difficult nut to crack. The exclusion of any technology company is not right for them, because in the case of 5G they can choose only from a few suppliers. In Poland, only three companies really count. In addition to Huaweia, it’s also Swedish Ericsson and Finnish Nokia. Not only the limitation of this group, but also the emphasis on the diversification of the market in the opinion of telecoms may cause an increase in equipment prices.

The reason is very pragmatic: the fifth generation network is in most cases based on an existing telecommunications infrastructure and the best solution is to buy solutions from these existing suppliers. In Poland, it’s primarily Huawei.

Actually, only one operator – Plus – will not have this problem, because it works the most on Ericsson.

Polygamy is recommended. You can do 5G with Huawei in Poland, but you also need other partners