POCO explains why almost all their smartphones are based on other Xiaomi models

After becoming a supposedly independent brand from Xiaomi, POCO has not stopped launching new smartphones on the market. First it was the POCO X2 and now finally it has been the economic POCO C3 .

We speak of "supposedly independent" because almost all their smartphones are based in turn on some other model previously launched by Xiaomi , thus becoming a brand with little innovation but with a fairly coherent explanation.

In detail, Anuj Sharma , director of POCO in India, wanted to talk about this issue, explaining the reasons why, even though it is an independent brand of Xiaomi, each new smartphone is based on another model based in turn on a Xiaomi device or Redmi.

POCO explains why almost all of its smartphones are based on other Xiaomi models. News Xiaomi

The POCO X3 NFC has been the only smartphone fully developed and designed by POCO.

According to this, this is mainly due to the fact that POCO is still a very young brand , so developing its own smartphones is quite a difficult task, but above all, expensive in terms of research and development.

POCO will follow a strategy very similar to that of OnePlus

In order to explain this, Sharma has clarified that POCO follows the same steps from the beginnings of OnePlus. If we recall, the OnePlus One was nothing more than a renowned Oppo device , which over time gave rise to a unique design and its own research and development department.

Following this same strategy, POCO will continue to launch devices based on other Xiaomi models with the exception of the occasional model such as the POCO X3 NFC . The same goes for its customization layer, for now it will continue to be based on MIUI.

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In short, POCO seems to continue growing hand in hand with Xiaomi until it is able to form a brand that is sufficiently developed and advanced to be able to fully immerse itself in the development of its own smartphones.