PlayStation 5 will cost 1800 PLN. It s hard to believe at this price

There is a festival of speculation on the prices of new generation consoles. Sony and Microsoft still have not given official numbers, but this does not prevent the media from speculating and speculating. This time we are dealing with a rumor so credible that it is worth mentioning on Spider’s Web.

We try to avoid unconfirmed reports of prices of upcoming consoles. We make an exception only if media speculation comes from a reliable source. This is the case with the latest information on the prices of PlayStation 5 console in both versions, as well as accessories dedicated to this equipment.

PlayStation 5 in the cheapest version can cost only 1800 PLN

I am talking about the console version without a physical optical drive, in a set with one DualSense controller. This model will cost just 399 euros. Converting it to our national currency, it comes out less than 1800 PLN. In turn, PlayStation 5 equipped with an Ultra HD Blu-ray drive will cost 499 euros, or about 2,300 PLN. I have to admit that both prices seem very attractive. Especially for a monster with such a fast (but unfortunately quite capacious) SSD.

Cowcotland editors suggest the above prices for PlayStation 5 consoles . The same, which previously published the real prices of new AMD chips, before the manufacturer did it through official communication channels. Of course, this does not mean unequivocally that the suggested console prices are reliable. Please remember that we are still giving them as gossip and unconfirmed reports. We decided to do it, taking into account credible editorial leaks published in the past.

Cowcotland also gives suggested prices for accessories dedicated to the PlayStation 5 console.

The DualSense controller is expected to cost 59 euros, or about 265 zlotys. We will pay the same for a PlayStation camera compatible with PSVR goggles. The docking station, charging two controllers at the same time, will cost 29 euros, or about 135 PLN. We will spend exactly the same amount of money on a dedicated, multimedia PlayStation remote control. The most expensive accessory is a wireless headset supporting 3D Audio technology, valued at 179 euros – about 800 PLN.

The prices of accessories given by Cowcotland are very close to the prices of current generation peripherals already available, dedicated to the PlayStation 4 family of consoles. If the rates prove to be true, the purchase of a dock will be mandatory for me. I will definitely invest in high-quality headphones, but not soon for the premiere.

PlayStation 5 will cost 1800 PLN. It’s hard to believe at this price