Pixel 5: Will Google send its model into the race later?

Is the start of Google Pixel 5 now delayed? There are signs that you are planning to introduce the Pixel 5 later as well.

Now that it has become known that the Google Pixel 4a may even be postponed to July , the question arises whether the Pixel 5 will also be postponed. Because the competition between two new models within a very short time would probably not be optimal.

Jon Prosser has more information. Accordingly, the Pixel 4a will be presented on July 13th. This is well known. But the market launch should only be much later. The Pixel 4a in “Just Black” should be available from August 6, the color “Barely Blue” on October 1.

Since the launch of the Pixel 5 in October is likely to fall into the water. There will certainly be a postponement to November, if not even later. Maybe for Christmas business?

It remains to be seen whether this possible strategy would have a positive or negative impact on sales. It is clear that Apple and Samsung would not get any additional competition when they presented their new models.

Pixel 5: Will Google send its model into the race later? first appeared on Xiaomist .


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