Phew, new games from PS4 will have to work on PlayStation 5. Sony will force the developers

We already have the first specs about PlayStation 5 backward compatibility. Sony requires that games submitted for PS4 release from July 13, 2020 be tested for PS5 compatibility.

Sony will soon require its partners to test new games released on the PlayStation 4 console for compatibility with the next generation console. As a result, all productions submitted for release on PS4 after July 13, 2020 will, at least in theory, also work on PS5 as soon as the console appears.

However, developers will have to take care of the compatibility of games released on PS4 with PS5 .

Sony does not take on its shoulders the preparation of the mechanism that would ensure the possibility of running on the new console all games from the previous generation. Instead, it requires its partners to check that their production will not cause problems from 13 July 2020.

It is not yet known how these tests will have to go. It is possible, of course, that it will be only a formality, because in the lion’s share of cases the code from PS4 will run on PS5 without a problem, but it is not excluded that Sony has just done a lot of work for programmers with this move.

However, we know that in order for a game to be certified as compatible with PlayStation 5 , its code must meet several conditions.

Developers cannot prepare only backwards half-whistle compatibility. All functions must work the same on both platforms and the same game modes must be available on both platforms. So it can’t be that e.g. PS4 multiplayer works and PS5 not.

The company is also to contact the developers who are planning to release the game on July 13, 2020 individually. It is possible that then we will learn a bit more about it, if any of the developers will have a bit too long language and will tell how such the process looks in practice from his perspective.

What about games released on PlayStation 4 before July 13, 2020?

For older games, developers are not required to provide backward compatibility on the new console, although Sony is testing various productions and sending developers feedback if something is not working. Despite this, there is no obligation that e.g. patches of existing titles and remaster editions are compatible with PS5.

Sony does not promise for its part that it will provide such an environment that the code from PS4 works on PS5 without any interference from programmers, but it certainly wants it to be so. The company will also encourage its partners to take care of it even for older games.

It is worth remembering that the date given today concerns the submission of the game for certification, not its release.

This means that there is no certainty that games that hit stores after July 13, 2020 will work well on PS5. It is possible that they will include titles whose code the developers delivered to Sony before this date. It is also interesting whether such a border date from the point of view of consumers will soon be known.

Interestingly, this discrepancy applies not only to games from third parties, but also to those produced by Sony-dependent studios. Ghost of Tshushima will have its premiere on July 17, but the code will be approved before July 13 – but in this case I can’t imagine this lack of compliance.

Just like the upcoming The Last of Us 2 .

This is a big change in the context of the current generation, where leading console manufacturers presented extremely different approaches to the issue of backward compatibility. At first, the equipment of both companies did not provide such a possibility, but Microsoft broke down and now emulates the first Xbox and Xbox 360 on Xbox One .

Thanks to this, the new console from the Redmond company has received many games from previous generations of Xbox, for which you do not have to pay again. In the case of the Xbox Series X console it is supposed to look similar – well, at least for games released by Microsoft, because EA is already figuring out how to earn us double here. The company also boasts that it will make sure that the games on its new equipment look better.

In the case of PlayStation 4, the situation is quite different today.

Today, the only way to play games from previous generations on PS4 is at the moment to buy a remaster or … paying for the PlayStation Now subscription, which is still unavailable in Poland, which allows streaming of selected titles from the network. This is a much worse situation for players than in the second camp.

Malicious will of course say that in the case of Microsoft, backward compatibility was the only way that the Xbox game catalog did not look poor compared to the competition. There will be a grain of truth in it, because PlayStation 4 wins in this generation if you look at exclusive games.

The second fan camp can of course score Sony, because this company in turn likes to charge money twice for the same – and in fact the stores are full of re-edition of old games with lined graphics. Let’s hope, however, that in both cases both of these pins in the new generation will not be justified …

Phew, new games from PS4 will have to work on PlayStation 5. Sony will force the developers