Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Sound-guided Speaker Design – Detailed Review

Experience Superb Sound quality through Sound hole

Recently, Xiaomi released a full-screen 2.0 mobile: Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. Compared to his predecessor, Xiaomi Mix 2 is quite a revolution,  packed with many noticeable improvements. One of such notable features is the return to conventional speakers. Although there is a subtle slit on the top of the frame, the use of “sound guided tube” offers a perfect solution to the full-screen mobile phone. How is it made possible? Let’s take a detailed look at the technology. Get Mix 2 the cheapest here!

What is this “sound guided tube” speaker design?

To answer this, you have to understand that conventional mobile phone keep a larger “forehead” over the screen is to home earpiece(s), in addition to pile of sensors and front camera. Xiaomi Mix the predecessor of this phone, uses a cantilever piezoelectric ceramic acoustic technology. Although this, cantilever piezoelectric ceramic acoustic technology enabled Xiaomi Mix to hold speakers without opening hole, it uses principle of resonance hence sound couldn’t be guided in a direction, thus delivering mediocre sound quality.  With Xiaomi Mix 2, the speaker uses “sound guided tube”, and with only a very small opening at the top of the body, it is able to achieve a very good sound quality.

How the design of Sound guided speaker is made possible?

If you open a Xiaomi Mix 2, you will find that the speaker (of 8*2.5mm in size) is at the back of the screen, and it even uses speaker component that is comparable to speaker of traditional phones, while there is only a subtle hole at the top of the body, over the screen. How did Xiaomi actually achieve this? Xiaomi MIX 2 hasthe sound unit on the bottom of the screen, the position of the speaker was facing the back of the screen, and the sound of the speaker at the bottom is transmitted to the earpiece at the top of the screen through a tube. This design is very clever, identicalto the voice of the handset into the human ear. The picture below shows the structure of the “sound guide tube”, we lifted the cover plate to see this is a horn-shaped sound guide structure, which is location just below the high-power speakers.

How to solve the sound quality problem?

By resolving the structural issue, the design has introduced the quality issues associated with sound transmission. Since, Xiaomi Mix 2 is using horn shaped sound guide tube, which resembles Z shape, there are issues associated with the transmission of sound, as it needs to resonated twice before reaching the human ear. Though, Xiaomi Mix 2 uses radian design around the corner, compared to traditional earpiece which directly sends sound directly to the human ear, the sound transmission across the phone produces distortion, when the sound frequency is narrowed, it sounds more like talking to a walkie-talkie. In order to resolve this distortion problem due to sound attenuation, Xiaomi Mix 2 uses 50mW speakers, compared to 20mW speakers in traditional handset. We compared Xiaomi Mix 2 with other traditional handsets available in market, and found that sound quality of Xiaomi Mix 2 is very impressive In the end, here are the test results of frequency response of Xiaomi Mix 2 and receiver distortion of Xiaomi Mix 2 compared to another handset in the market. You will find that the sound quality of Xiaomi Mix is indeed very good.

  • Frequency response test (Xiaomi Mix 2 fits between upper limit and lower limit, providing better sound quality)

The Best Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Review: Insight Xiaomi Latest Phone

In 2016, Xiaomi Mi Mix was born, and in the following year 2017, Xiaomi latest phone–Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, a full-screen mobile phones is making a mark in the industry. Even though Xiaomi Mi Mix is not the first full-screen phone, but it created a full screen concept. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun during its launch, predicted that a full-screen will soon be universal, and it is really fulfilled. In 2017, Samsung, Apple, SHARP, LG and other manufacturers have come up with their strongest full-screen phone as the flagship products of the year, so, the visible sign of Xiaomi’s futuristic thinking. Get it the cheapest here!

Sharp and Samsung, who have high accomplishments in the field of electronic and mobile display were rushing to fight the Xiaomi’s Mix, with Sharp S2, Samsung Galaxy s8/s8+ and Samsung Galaxy Note8, amidst of this aggressive market, the upgraded version of Xiaomi Mix, the Xiaomi Mix 2 was released. Xiaomi Mix 2 has a bigger screen than Sharp S2, and did not imitate the Sharp S2’s special-shaped full-screen design, the SIM ejector position is not noticeable but daring enough to challenge the design of “the father of LCD”. On the other hand, in order to fully portray the Xiaomi Mi Mix2 full-screen technology compared to Samsung, Apple’s flagship products, Lei in the conference cited a friend’s hand drawing, which portrayed Xiaomi Mix 2 with chin beard, Samsung Galaxy S8 with hairy forehead and chin, and the iPhone 8 with hairy face edge. Lei Jun citation of this more or less hinted that its flagship design more in line with the full-screen definition. Now, let’s look at the difference between Xiaomi Mix and Xiaomi Mix 2.

Xiaomi Mix Xiaomi Mix 2 Regular Edition Xiaomi Mix 2 Special Edition
Screen 6.4 inches (17:9) 5.99 inches (18:9)
Resolution 2040*1080 2160*1080
Housing Ceramic Four curved Ceramic Unibody Ceramic
CPU Snapdragon 821 Snapdragon 835
ROM 128/256 UFS 64/128/256 UFS 127 UFS 2.1
Primary Camera 5 MP
Secondary Camera 16 MP / PDAF 12 MP /PDAF / OIS (4-axis) / 1.25 µm pixel
Battery 4400 mAh 3400 mAh
Charging 18 Watts (peak)
Weight 209g 185g 187g
Dimension 158.8*81.9*7.9 mm 151.8*75.5*7.7 mm 150.5*74.6*7.7 mm
Price range (in Chinese Yuan) Get it the cheapest here Get it the cheapest here       Get it the cheapest here

Xiaomi Mix was a significance move and was a forerunner, after all, at its launch it was the only concept device. However, there are shortcomings like size large body weight, poor fingerprint unlock experience, poor quality of the call, and average photo quality (as seen on 1000 Yuan phones). Xiaomi Mix 2 is a key breakthrough overcoming these shortcomings, but has a strong performance, ultra-narrow frame and ultra-high screen resolution and other improvements. Similar to the three-stage metal and one-piece metal body, ceramic body phones can also be categorized as full ceramic, four-surface ceramic and Unibody full-ceramic body accordingly to the manufacturing process. Xiaomi Mix and Xiaomi Mix 2 full-ceramic version has ceramic frames and back, but Xiaomi Mix 2 full-frame has both the frame and back integrated as single mold. Xiaomi Mix 2 Black ceramic version uses a four curved ceramic body, has a 7000 series aluminum alloy frame, which is more suitable for mass production. The one in the my hand is Xiaomi Mix 2 Back ceramic version Next, we look at the differences between the two generations of Xiaomi Mix in various angles. Second, the Appearance, is the same full screen, but the Ceramic style, a big difference between the two generations of Xiaomi Mix

Nice and elegant packing box

The engraving on the box reveals Lei’s determination with the Xiaomi Mix series

The inside of the box is very straightforward, keeping it simple.

The front of the phone, a bezel-less 18:9 full screen.

At the top of the frame is a hidden ultrasonic proximity sensor

At the bottom are the virtual keys, and the front camera is in the right corner.

Four curved ceramic frame on the back

The main camera CMOS is replaced by IMX386

Xiaomi Mix 2 has removed 3.5mm headphone jack option.

The audio output is via the bottom USB type-c interface

On side of the frame is the SIM card slot(with the ejection pin grove as seen in the picture)

The other side of the frame is the volume button and the power button

The quick charge adapter that supports 18W power output

USB type-c to 3.5mm headphone jack conversion cable

2. Xiaomi Mix 2 and Xiaomi Mix comparison tour

Xiaomi Mix 2 (left) vs Xiaomi Mix (right)

Xiaomi Mix 2 lower panel is 12% shorter when compared to previous generation

Two generations of Xiaomi Mix using ceramic body

Xiaomi Mix 2 (6GB version) has a metal frame instead of the ceramic.

Xiaomi Mix 2 compared has an aspect ratio of 18:9, which is different when compared to previous version Xiaomi Mix, which has aspect ratio of 17:9, the display size is also reduced from 6.04 inches to 5.99 inches, however the overall resolution and PPI also increased. In order to improve the mass production and to offer at a reduced price, Xiaomi Mix 2 has a version which replaces ceramic frame with 7000 series aluminum alloy. On the higher end, 4699 Yuan is an exclusive ceramic version, manufactured with complex processing method to have a unibody full ceramic frame. Both versions of Xiaomi Mix has a back that feels fine and smooth, with no metal, and slenderer than a glass, and beyond comparison with a plastic one. Xiaomi Mix 2 has no option for 3.5mm headphone, however they provide a conversion cable to use it with USB C type interface. The main camera is little protruded, and though the pixel value is lower compared to its predecessor, the quality will be improved, as you will see those in detailed below.

The 18:9 screen is more suitable for MOBA games

Xiaomi MIX 2 can get a wider range of combat horizons

Overall, Xiaomi MIX 2 in appearance is more convergent and suitable for mass production, when compared to its predecessor. It does not modify the overall visual experience at the same time, it is more in line with market demand, that an 18: 9 screen compared to competing products that 16: 9 screen to get a broader field of vision.

3. Camera: The premium level are thoroughly reduced with the full screen

With Xiaomi Mix 2, some of the camera parameters were adjusted when compared to Xiaomi Mix, the poor 16 MP CMOS camera of its predecessor is replaced with higher quality IMX386, and at the same time the introduction of optical image stabilization technology. Also, PDAF technology, F2.0 aperture, dual-color temperature flash and recording 4K video were incorporated into Xiaomi Mix 2. The Xiaomi Mix 2 can generate three different aspect ratio of pictures, which are more than compared with other models even with its predecessor Xiaomi Mix.

Xiaomi Mix 2 (4:3)

Xiaomi Mix 2 (16:9)

Xiaomi Mix (18:9)

As shown above, from 4: 3 to 16: 9, to 18: 9 frame, the horizontal view of the sample pictures are becoming wider and wider, but the upper and lower regions details were cut, and the total pixel value is gradually reduced. Now we see the comparison between in Xiaomi Mix and Xiaomi Mix 2 in different pictures and compare them. PS: To enlarge the pictures, click on the thumbnail. Daytime photo samples

Xiaomi Mix (on right) vs Xiaomi Mix 2 (on left)

Xiaomi Mix (on right) vs Xiaomi Mix 2 (on left)

During the daytime shoot as in this case, Xiaomi Mix leads the way in brightness, but the color correction (of the green) on the Xiaomi MIX 2 is clearly more appealing.

Xiaomi Mix (on right) vs Xiaomi Mix 2 (on left)

The white color calibration the Xiaomi Mix 2 in the above picture is more accurate than that of the Xiaomi MIX, which can see on the white of the ground.

Xiaomi Mix (on right) vs Xiaomi Mix 2 (on left)

Xiaomi Mix (on right) vs Xiaomi Mix 2 (on left)

Still, the white color calibration of Xiaomi Mix 2 is more accurate. It is easy to find out that in these pictures of Xiaomi Mix 2 is better than the Xiaomi Mix.

Xiaomi Mix (on right) vs Xiaomi Mix 2 (on left)

Xiaomi Mix (on right) vs Xiaomi Mix 2 (on left)

Because the aperture value of the two cell phones are f2.0, so the macro effect almost consistent, but color correction on the Xiaomi Mix 2 still good, mainly due to the higher saturation it provides.

Xiaomi Mix (on right) vs Xiaomi Mix 2 (on left)

Xiaomi Mix (on right) vs Xiaomi Mix 2 (on left)

The photo quality is decent for both the versions of Xiaomi Mix, when taken at the sun, although there was a certain glare and halo, but overall you can see the outline of the sun.

Without HDR: Xiaomi Mix (right) VS Xiaomi Mix 2 (left)

With HDR: Xiaomi Mix (right) VS Xiaomi Mix 2 (left)

Both Version produces deal HDR effects, the color reduction of the sky, the clouds effect are very good, but, Xiaomi Mix has less shadow reduction, and has a tint of red white balance making the shot at 9 or 10 o’clock as an afternoon or an evening shot. After comparing many similar phones, it looks that Xiaomi and Meizu with the IMX386 sensor calibration produces adept, accurate white balance and good color saturation, and good at resolving power. These attributes earn good amount of brownie points for the phone.

2. Indoor photo samples

Xiaomi Mix (left) vs Xiaomi Mix 2 (right)

Center Focus Point: Xiaomi Mix (left) vs Xiaomi Mix 2 (right)

Under the indoor photo shots, the Xiaomi MIX’s 16 MP CMOS resolution has power has fallen sharply, while the Xiaomi MIX 2 still maintains a standard level of resolution with its 12 MP camera.

Edge resolution: Xiaomi MIX (left) vs Xiaomi MIX 2 (right)

The edge resolution of Xiaomi MIX photo sample shows a lower center resolution than that of Xiaomi MIX 2 which further widen the gap, thus making the poster, flower beds and face looks blurred in the sample of Xiaomi Mix.

Xiaomi MIX (left) vs Xiaomi MIX 2 (right)


Xiaomi MIX (left) vs Xiaomi MIX 2 (right)

Xiaomi MIX (left) vs Xiaomi MIX 2 (right)

Xiaomi Mix 2 indoor samples shows a tint of yellow in the white color correction, while Xiaomi samples looks elegant and real. So, in this category of indoor samples, Xiaomi Mix win due to a better while color correction, while Xiaomi Mix 2 has a decent resolution.

3. Low light photo samples

Xiaomi MIX (left) vs Xiaomi MIX 2 (right)

Xiaomi MIX (left) vs Xiaomi MIX 2 (right)

This landscape pictures at low light seems to match both the models equally, and depth of the field is very good. But as the light further declines into the night, Xiaomi Mix 2 looks better due to good white light balance. Both models shows some strange phenomenon, with Xiaomi Mix 2 shows a slight tint of yellow, and Xiaomi Mix shows a slight tint of red in these low light shots at night.

Xiaomi MIX (left) vs Xiaomi MIX 2 (right)

Xiaomi MIX (left) vs Xiaomi MIX 2 (right)

Xiaomi MIX (left) vs Xiaomi MIX 2 (right)

I took the night photos with EXIF parameters, found that almost the same for both the model. So exposure is very similar. Even with optical image stabilization of Xiaomi Mix 2 did not level with Xiaomi MIX brightness or purity in nighttime photo shots.

HDR Off: Xiaomi MIX (left) vs Xiaomi MIX 2 (right)

HDR On: Xiaomi MIX (left) vs Xiaomi MIX 2 (right)

The Xiaomi Mix low light HDR effect is higher than that of Xiaomi MIX 2, though it sacrifices brightness detail for rich details in dark. The image composition speed is similar to the day, the Xiaomi Mix composed it in 1seconds, while Xiaomi Mix 2 took about 2 seconds.

Xiaomi MIX (left) vs Xiaomi MIX 2 (right)

Under extreme low light, the Xiaomi Mix 2 with optical stabilization has a higher brightness, but the resolution is similar to the Xiaomi Mix. The brightness, purity and resolution of the Xiaomi Mix 2 in the nightscape are not close to the Xiaomi MIX. Xiaomi Mix 2’s Sanpdragon 835 gives better HDR synthetic speed, but image quality seems to be less than Snapdragon 831 powered Xiaomi MIX.

4 Selfies

Intelligent Beauty Mode: Xiaomi Mix (left) vs Xiaomi MIX 2 (right)

Advanced Beauty Mode: Xiaomi Mix (left) vs Xiaomi MIX 2 (right)

The 2017 models of Xiaomi phone’s selfie are getting better and better. Though Xiaomi Mix 2 has a 5 MP front camera, but the imaging performance is relatively more natural and eye-pleasing, adding more the benefits that comes with AI enabled beauty modes. Xiaomi Mix 2’s camera performance is way better compared Xiaomi Mix, moreover Xiaomi Mix 2 has IMX386 that provides good quality photos, and camera UI is easier adjustment features. First, though Xiaomi Mix has come down in terms of pixel to 12 MP, the resolution power is better than 16 MP camera of Xiaomi Mix. Secondly, the white balance and color saturation, hair color tendency seems to be more realistic on Xiaomi Mix 2, with added better performance, it is way better than Xiaomi Mix. Moreover with the optical stabilization technology of the Xiaomi Mix 2 outwits Xiaomi Mix in low light / night photo performance. In addition, Xiaomi Mix 2 provides better brightness even for a very poor lighted subject. However, there isn’t much gap between Xiaomi Mix 2 and Xiaomi Mix when it comes to day time /night time HDR effects, and the Snapdragon 835 in Xiaomi Mix 2 seems to be slower than the Snapdragon 815 in Xiaomi Mix, which seems to be bit odd. Finally, to Selfies. Xiaomi seems to have put the experience of Xiaomi 5x and Xiaomi 6 into Xiaomi Mix 2 selfie algorithm, thus produces better selfies, even though it has the same 5 MP camera that of the Xiaomi Mix.

Four: performance: Sanpdragon 835 plus 8GB memory, Xiaomi Mix 2 is the flagship of the year for Xiaomi without any doubt.

In the first half of this year, Xiaomi 6 did not beat the expectations of many supporters, in addition to the dual-camera, other configuration were not top notch to make it as Xiaomi’s flagship product of 2017. In the second of this year, the new new Snapdragon 835 powered Xiaomi Mix 2 was launched. Thought, it does not have dual-camera design of Xiaomi 6, Xiaomi Mix is the flagship for this year and is the first 8GB RAM mobile phone. Next, I am writing about the performance the phone when tested with AnTuTu, Geekbench, Gfxbench, Androbench and “Glory of the King”. I used the Xiaomi Mix 2 (6GB RAM Edition) for these tests.

AnTuTu Test

AnTuTu is the world’s first mobile phone/tablet Hardware performance evaluation tool, can be integrated research including user experience in all aspects of the equipment performance, and visualization ranking. It support a number of mainstream platforms, running points can be cross-platform comparison. AnTuTu provides a total score, a number derived from lot of tests, the sub-projects of tests are described below:

  1. Total score reflects the performance of the equipment.
  2. 3-D performance, represents GPU graphics performance and game performance.
  3. UX performance, represents the user experience, that is, the performance of daily use.
  4. CPU performance, represents CPU computing power and multi-core type.
  5. Ram performance, represents system memory size and system optimization.

Xiaomi Mix (left) vs Xiaomi Mix 2 (right)

Last year, Snapdragon 821 was the talk of the mobile world finding its place in almost all top notch models. Now, with Snapgradon 835, Xiaomi Mix 2 scores better points than its predecessor. The performance score clearly establishes the winner without any doubt. Note: The Xiaomi Mi MIX 2’s 8GB variant can be compared only with the Nubia Z17 and OnePlus 5, as only they come with identical features.

2, Geekbench test

Geekbench is a cross-platform CPU performance testing tools that can accurately reflect the CPU single core performance or multiple core performance. Test Load simulation Real-life application design, the result is more meaningful, also can measure GPU graphics card computing performance. Single core performance can reflect the design of the CPU architecture, the operating frequency of the high-low. Multi-core performance can reflect the efficiency of multiple CPU cores at the same time at work.

Xiaomi Mi Mix                   Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

Snapdragon 835 is a big promotion to Snapdragon 821 in terms of number of processor cores, from quad-core to octo-core, thus though do you not see much difference with single core score between Xiaomi Mix and Xiaomi Mix 2, the multi-core score differs by over 2000 points.

3, Gfxbench test

Gfxbench offers, Cross-platform, Cross API 3D benchmark test software, that can accurately reflect the graphics performance of the device GPU. Multiple test scenarios can fully investigate the OpenGL ES graphics performance of the equipment, and can carry out battery endurance test. Gfxbench provides two test-contrast methods for the screen (onscreen) and off-screen (offscreen). When the screen is the original resolution of the device to run the test, the screen is unified to 1080p resolution, easy to cross device comparison. There are four main test projects: Tyrannosaurus Rex (Rex), Manhattan 3.0 (Manhattan), Manhattan 3.1 (Manhattan), Racing (car Chase), corresponding to OpenGL ES 2.0/3.0/3.1/3.1 performance, the test pressure is getting higher, and the results are measured in average frame rate (FPS).

Gfxbench test for Xiaomi Mix          Gfxbench test for Xiaomi Mix 2

Though Snapdragon 815 powered Xiaomi Mix has similar score to Snapdragon 835 powered Xiaomi Mix 2 in Car Chase test, the newer model outwits its predecessor by several points in all other paramters.

4 Androbench test

Androbench is a benchmark application that can measure the 4K storage and storage performance of Android devices, including internal or external storage.

Xiaomi Mi Mix                                 Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

Though XiaomiMix 2 and Xiaomi Mix flat has similar scores for random reads and random writes, Xiaomi Mix 2 outwits Xiaomi Mix in sequential workloads.

Five – Battery life: Xiaomi Mix 2 – Stronger battery, less power

If the camera and performance is Xiaomi Mix 2, compared to Xiaomi Mix in technical terms, then the predecessor seems to be advantageous, as Xiaomi Mix 2 sees a reduction of 1000mAh. But these numbers don’t always mean everything. To fully test the battery life and performance of Xiaomi Mix 2, we have three test items, “King glory” game, online video playback, and PCMARK battery life.

1 Game Test

We used Xiaomi 2 off power mode, and run the game in performance priority mode, insert headphones, in automatic brightness, played the “King glory” for half an hour, and observe the power consumption.

Xiaomi Mix 2 with 98% battery at the beginning of the test

Xiaomi Mix 2 with 91% battery at the end of the test

Xiaomi Mix with 62% battery at the beginning of the test

Xiaomi Mix with 53% battery at the beginning of the test

Xiaomi Mix 2 uses 10 nm Snapdragon 835 which improves power consumption control, when compared to compared with 14 nm Snapdragon 820/821 used in Xiaomi Mix. We we played the game more for 30 minutes after the battery charge fell by only 7%, and the frame rate performance is still outstanding, in other words, has an high energy efficiency ratio. Xiaomi Mix battery is also down 9%, though it has a higher capacity batter, produces the same power drain has Xiaomi Mix 2, thus proving that the Snapdragon 835 is a great success. It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi Mix 2 that this result is same when tested with Samsung Note 6 which has a 4000 mah batter. Xiaomi Mix 2 performance is outstanding, perhaps the small battery seems to be helping it.

2. Video Test

We used Bilibili App to watch an hour online video to observe the change in battery power.

Xiaomi Mix 2 with 85% battery power at the beginning of the video test

Xiaomi Mix 2 with 76% battery power at the end of the video test

Xiaomi Mix with 81% battery power at the beginning of the video test

Xiaomi Mix with 74% battery power at the end of the video test

After watching the video for an hour, Xiaomi Mix 2 power slipped 9%, and its predecessor Xiaomi Mix by 7%, so Xiaomi Mix consumed 2% more power compared to its predecessor, not a bad one considering it has 1000mAh battery capacity.

3. PCMark Battery life test

Xiaomi Mix 2’s PCMark batter life test results

Overall, Xiaomi Mix 2 of the life performance in the PCMark database is commendable. When compared to other Snapdragon 835 models, Xiaomi 6 seems to have better score, but this one is still better than Samsung’s Galaxy S8 series.

4. Battery Charging test

Xiaomi Mix 2 is allowed to charge from 0% to 100% after a reboot, with no SIM, Wi-Fi On, using the standard 18W fast charger.

Xiaomi Mix 2 battery charge performance

18W quick charge took about 40 minutes to get Xiaomi Mix 2 charged 70% and about 85 minutes to get fully charged, which seems to be a standard numbers for flagship models.

Six, Summary: Reborn this year, the most worthy of the flagship millet flagship

As the flagship of the second half of the year, the Xiaomi Mix 2 has most powerful configuration of Xiaomi for 2017. Although it does not feature a dual camera, it has 8GB of RAM and a full screen and Unibody frame. Compared to the Xiaomi Mix, the photo quality and camera performance are the biggest improvement. The Xiaomi Mix 2 is clearly positing itself as an all-balanced flagship, especially for those who hate to optimized dual cameras and like are the “conscience” single camera consumers. Appearance, Xiaomi Mix 2 undoubtedly represents the highest level of technology design among the Xiaomi mobile phone. Compared to Xiaomi Mix, it has a smaller screen, better resolution, lighter, thinner, and has visually appealing experience, whether it is four curved ceramic body or Unibody all-ceramic body. The friendly street metallic mode is obviously little different. In addition, 18:9 of the screen of Xiaomi Mix 2 is more refreshing when compared to the ordinary 16:9-screen mobile phone. The extra space gives a wider version of “Glory of the King”, and seize the opportunity to torture enemy. Camera of Xiaomi Mix 2 is a big plus when compared to predecessor except for the night or low light pictures. Specifically, Xiaomi Mix 2 has rich experience with IMX386 technology, making white balance more accurate and color saturationmorepleasing. Compared to the 16 MP CMOS of the Xiaomi Mix, the 12 MP IMX386 has an better resolution, whether it’s day or indoor, both center details and edge details. Although the 5 MP front camera seems to beconventional, the Xiaomi Mix 2 has various Selfie modes to fine-tune the portrait giving a better Selfie experience, and pictures quality is better than before. In terms of system, the Xiaomi Mix 2 with Sanpdragon 835 is better than Xiaomi Mix and Xiaomi 6. In addition, a stable frame rate performance with 18:9 screens makes the gaming experience even better, though a high frame rate would have made the phone closer to perfection. Compared to 20nm Snapdragon 810, the 14 nm Snapdragon 820/821 made improvements in processor life, better energy efficiently and has undergone a quantitative change. The Snapdragon 835 has taken these even further. This is why Xiaomi Mix 2gives outstanding performance even with reduced batter capacity, and it is worth mentioning is Xiaomi Mix 2 power consumption even with playing games are pretty low. The 18W fast charging technology for Xiaomi Mix 2, although not add any brownie points, has an impressive 40 minutes time to charge the battery from 0% to 70%. In summary, Xiaomi Mix 2 is currently the most comprehensive model of Xiaomi at present, with excellent single camera and budget friendly, it is an awesome recommendation to someone who is getting started with Unibody version. Xiaomi 6 has no full screen or 8GB RAM, Xiaomi Note 3 has Snapdragon 660 instead of latest Snapdragon 835, and Xiaomi Max 2, Xiaomi 5X and Xiaomi 5C are fairly subservient to Xiaomi Mix 2. Due to these, it seems Xiaomi have elevated Xiaomi Mix 2 as its flagship product of this year. Last year saw Xiaomi 5/5s/5s Plus, Xiaomi Note 2 and Xiaomi Mix presented uneasy situation, but this year with Xiaomi Mix 2, things are looking different. Now, with Xiaomi Mix 2 is in right track, one can see the clear line of Xiaomi mobile phone in offering for consumers or manufacturers, which seems to be a good thing. Xiaomi MIX 2 has shouldered the mission of making the idea into reality, a year ago the idea of concept phone started with Xiaomi Mix, but it is Xiaomi Mix 2 which turned it into reality, and now offering large shipments, hence for the customer, the mobile phone industry and for Xiaomi, this Xiaomi Mix 2 is a milestone. Here is the best deal you can find online!

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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Comprehensive Review: Full Screen is Perfect

  • Full screen nearly perfect experience, super cool

321 days ago, in front of the audience at the packed gymnasium of Beijing University of Technology, Xiomi’s CEO Lei Lun took out an unexpected mobile phone Xiaomi Mi Mix from his pocket. The audience applauded with cheer as they just witnessed the beginning of the full screen mobile era. Exactly 321 days later, at the same gymnasium of Beijing University of Technology, Lei Jun, with perfect posture, in front of the audience presented the new model mobile –Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 phone. Get it the cheapest here!

With a narrow bottom border, a picture-perfect 18:9 aspect ratio screen and an appropriate weight, the Xiaomi bezel less phone is mature, improved and filled with more features and revolutionary cameras, which makes people wonder what kind of product it is that has turned the concept into reality. Is that enough to make people exciting? Now, let us go through this article to understand that!

  • It is good to return to rationality from concept

A year ago at the Xiaomi press conference, Xiaomi CEO Lei outlined that the traditional earphone and range sensors removed, that become “concept” device, the Xiaomi Mix. Xiaomi tried it as a limited edition, and was sold at good price. So, this year, Xiaomi is going with mass production of Xiaomi Mi Mix2.

Unlike its predecessor Xiaomi Mix, the new Xiaomi Mix2 gave up the cantilever beam piezoelectric ceramic technology, instead uses a hidden traditional receiver. Moreover, this receiver is placed in the upper frame of the machine, which solves the issue of poor call quality of Xiaomi MiMix phone.

Compared with the previous model of Xiaomi Mix with 6.4-inch 17:9 aspect ratio screen, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 for a more slender 18:9 aspect ratio screen. This not only to get rids of the Xiaomi Mix “low fat” image, this also allow to have a better grip on the phone.

The bottom of the frame is different compared its predecessor. In order to get closer to the “Full screen” visual effects, Xiaomi Mix2 uses COF screen technology, and Xiaomi Mix on the use of COG technology where display chip is tied directly to the display glass, However, COF will display chip encapsulated in the FPC, and folded to the screen behind, this better design allows the antenna clearance area for Xiaomi Mix 2 allowing narrow bottom frame.

So, how is MIX 2 compared to MIX?

    Mi Mix 2 mobile has two versions: one the “concept” device with unibody ceramic design, widely talked about borderless edges and ceramic back, uses a mortise and tenon joint for attaching the display to the body, certainly the best buy.

The other version uses aluminum alloy frame, which easier to manufacture, and more lightweight, though less artistic, but a bit more practical. The back of the phone is almost the same as the previous version of Xiaomi Mi Mix2, the camera and the fingerprint metal ring and were located conveniently to reach out. However, there is a slight bump due to the projection of the camera.

Overall, a year of thought process has made Mi Mix 2 more mature than its predecessor. Unlike its predecessor, this is packed with cutting edge technology, less concept and more practical. A return to practicality is welcome move, after all a mobile which is not handy doesn’t make big in the market.

  • 18:9 Full screen pros and cons

The most interesting feature of Mi Mix2 is its full screen. The new 18:9 full screen in addition to visual enhancement, is in fact added more miles to the Xiaomi Mi Mix2 smartphone. For example, with Xiaomi Mix2 the number of display words is a big elevation when compared to its predecessor and Xiaomi 6 (http://www.stiwe.com/the-in-depth-review-for-xiaomi6/)

You see more content from your favorite social media on display.

However, this does not mean that the full screen is perfect enough, there is still a lot of Apps that the Xiaomi Mix 2 full screen cannot fit in.

When playing video, this black border is even more unavoidable.

For now this is expected as 16:9 aspect ratio has been used for many years in mobile phones. It till take some time to switch from 16:9 to 18:9. The good news is that, with Android 7.0 and with the efforts of Xiaomi, Google has relaxed the screen ratio restrictions, and even started to encourage developers to adopt to 18:9 aspect ratio. As full screen phonesvbeginning tosurge, I believe the adaptation of 18:9 screen will be sooner and this aspect ratio problem will be eased.

  • The photos of the Spit trough are finally upgraded

One has to be admitted that camera feature of Xiaomi Mix was the biggest mistake of the mobile world. In order to ensure that the camera does not protrude, the Xiaomi Mix used 16 MP camera, whose features were pretty common which does not justify its price.

Fortunately, Xiaomi realized this, With Xiaomi Mix2, the camera features were upgraded features, and it has a 12 MP IMX386 camera, with 1.25μm Unit pixel area and with f/2.0 aperture. Over these, Xiaomi added a four-axis stabilization technique. So, how well these features upgrades help Xiaomi Mix2 camera? Contrast in dark light test: Xiaomi Mix on left vs Xiaomi Mix2 on right

Under sufficient light test: Xiaomi Mix on left vs Xiaomi Mix2 on right

Compared with its predecessor, Xiaomi Mix 2’s camera shows improvement in exposure of light, giving a better picture quality, both in the dark light and in the normal light. The sharpness of the picture is higher, the colors are more elegant. The noise control under dark light is also better than the Xiaomi Mix. Although there are still gaps in photo quality between Xiaomi and flagship handsets, Xiaomi Mix 2 can able to reach conventional level of flagship handsets.

  • Snapdragon 835, resilient performance guaranteed

When compared to Xiaomi Mix, the new Xiaomi Mix 2 provides better performance, thanks to its octo-core Snapdragon 835 processor. Xiaomi Mix 2 has 64/128/256GB variants with 6GB of memory. Now, you get special edition Xiaomi Mix 2 with 128GB storage with 8GB memory, the highest available in the industry. So there are lot of choices for the users.

In fact, the Xiaomi 6 uses Snapdragon 835 processor, and the processor performance and power consumption is excellent. Xiaomi Mix 2 earns 178076 points in ANTUTU benchmark scale, making it into top 5 ranks, hence you do not have to worry about the performance. Of course, there are also regrets, Xiaomi Mix 2 is not yet suitable for the high rate mode, So playing your favorite Glory of the King have to be played with 30 frames per second. As for the charging Xiaomi Mix 2, still support 9v/2a QC3.0 fast charge, however it still does not have the latest QC4. The 3400mAh battery, which the same as Xiaomi 6 charges completely in about 100 minutes or and half an hour charge ups the battery by 45%. The battery is good though. With 40% of charged phone, I used it from about 4 hours (afternoon to evening), did photo shoots, played Glory of the King, watched videos, and still had 3% of charge left.

  • Other little Details

In addition, Xiaomi Mix 2 has made some changes, 3.5mm headphone interface and infrared function were removed, so you can only use Bluetooth headset side to listen to music and cannot use the phone as a remote control.

On the other hand, Xiaomi Mixes also have NFC function, making card payments and touch payment more convenient. Xiaomi 6 dual-antenna on the top is also available for Xiaomi Mix 2, so, you can use can connect to Wi-Fi Edge hotspot. In addition, Xiaomi Mix 2 or a 6-mode 43-frequency mobile phone, is currently the most popular standard and almost universally available.

  • A near-perfect upgrade

From its inception till now, Xiaomi Mix series for Xiaomi seems to have a special significance. In the last year, the market totally accepted the Xiaomi mobile phones, by virtue of “concept”, that got Xiaomi to win back the reputation. Compared to the “concept” of Xiaomi Mix, whether it is the size, or by weight, or the return of the traditional handset, or the upgradation of the camera, you will see the Xiaomi Mix 2 is move towards being sensible. It can be said that if the Xiaomi Mix is a way to let you see the real strength of Xiaomi products, then Xiaomi Mix 2, is for its strength, definitely worth to buy!  Here is the best deal you can find online!

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In-depth Review for Xiaomi mi 6 mobile

Out of all Chinese phone production lines, Mi is likely one of the most complicated. With various new releases, models, and ranges every year, even the most die-hard Mi Fans are finding it hard to keep track of everything. However in most Mi models, the Mi X released in the first half of each year tends to be the most important. Xiaomi mi 6 mobile is this year’s protagonist. Get it the cheapest here!

xiaomi mi 6 launch date is 19th April, Xiaomi released the latest version  “Xiaomi 6” in Peking. Let’s review it together in first Though xiaomi mi 6 price in India has not released.

Appearance : more exquisite design
          Xiaomi 6 is continuation of amazing Xiaomi 5 + Double-sided glass design, but Xiaomi 6 has very big improvement compared with Xiaomi 5. 
        First of all is the frame, the aluminum alloy of Xiaomi 5 was replaced by the stainless steel for Xiaomi 6 ( Same material of Xiaomi 4 ). Though stainless steel has higher strength, it is more difficulty for processing and more expensive.

From left to right Xiaomi 6 , Xiaomi 6s and Xiaomi 5 

 In addition, the stainless steel of Xiaomi 6 has a high quality brightness, the bright side of the middle frame surface and the glossy glass are mixed together, which makes  Xiaomi 6 looks so beautiful, but the quality of the middle frame surface may be more likely to scratch , we will share the result in future review.

 Xiaomi 6 has three colors: Black, blue and white, all of them have bright frame. The black version has black frame, the blue version has gold frame and the White version has Silver frame (Stainless steel primary color)

Xiaomi 5 who released last year has curved 3D glass back cover. Xiaomi 6 has a very big improvement based on the previous version. The upper and lower parts of the glass were also subjected to 3D heat bending technology.
      Compared with Xiaomi 5 who has left and right curved glass , the four curved glasses for Xiaomi 6 makes the smartphone more “Stereo”. The grip of the Phone is more smooth and has very good feeling.

 The most difficult aspect for metal frame+3D glass structure is the connection of these two material. It will have good grip feeling if it is well connected, or it will have risk to hurt user’s hand.
        Even Samsung who adopt the same technology, after went through Galaxy S6 edge, Note 5, S7 edge, Note 7, until S8/S8+ they master the technology to linked metal frame and 3D glass together to make it smooth and mellow enough. The frame and the glass for Xiaomi 6 compared with Xiaomi 5 has a very distinct improvement. It has very smooth feeling if you touch it, though compared with S8/S8+, Xiaom still has some way to go.
We have already reviewed the stainless steel frame and back cover, let’s turn to next step (The front side ).

 Xiaomi 6 adopt a 5.15 inch LCD display, resolution 1080p, with 94% of the NTSC color gamut, the highest brightness for the screen is 600 nits, the lowest can be reduced to 1 nit. (for the night use, you can reduce the brightness of the screen and make it not very bright ), The surface of the screen uses a 2.5D glass cover.

In the conference , LEI JUN emphasized the importance of eye protection mode, he said that the eye protection mode will get rid of blue light to maximum extent but can keep the original color.

The bottom of the screen is a positive non-porous fingerprint identification module, the program is similar to HUAWEI P10 which is “Under Glass” capacitance program, but the Xiaomi 6 fingerprint recognition speed and accuracy is better.

Except the glass back cover , Xiaomi 6 has a special Ceramic exclusive version which is the same four curved surface design but the metal ring around camera is 18K gold-plated. The font in the bottom of the back cover also changed to Gold color.

 Compared to the glass back cover, the Ceramic back cover brings more warm and better feeling, but need to note that owing to the material weight are not the same. The ceramic version of Xiaomi 6 is thicker than the ordinary glass version. Glass version weighs 168 grams while Ceramic exclusive version weights 182 grams.

 There is a special bright silver exploration version, it has no difference with the ordinary version except electroplating process on glass, and it’s the first smartphone adopt this process on the glass.
        But the technology is still under developing.  Lei Juen said at the conference: only 10-20 out of 10,000 pieces back cover are qualified.” This means Xiaomi 6 bright silver version at present do not have the ability to mass production.

·        There are two more important points need attention

 The first thing is Xiaomi 6 removed 3.5 mm headphone jack. If you want to listen to songs in a wireless way, you can only use the USB-C to 3.5 mm adapter (supplied) or the USB-C connector headset (not supplied).

 The Second thing is If you poured some water on the phone by mistake, normally it should be no problem but need to pay attention. Unlike iPhone, Galaxy, Xperia, Xiaomi 6 don’t have IP67 or IP68 waterproof design, which means don’t try to put the Xiaomi 6 inside the water.

Optical zoom dual camera

Xiaomi 6 has dual camera which is common, but it adopts a similar design as iPhone 7 Plus “wide angle + telephoto” dual-focus program.

 Xiaomi 6 main camera pixels is 12 million, single pixel size 1.25 microns, support for phase focus and 4-axis optical image stabilization, aperture f / 1.8, equivalent full frame 135 focal lengths 27 mm (iPhone 7 Plus wide head is 28 mm ).The other camera pixel is also 12 million, single pixel size 1.0 micron, no optical image stabilization, aperture f / 2.6, equivalent focal length 52 mm (for iPhone 7 Plus is 56mm).
        Compared with the current dual camera for ANDROID whose universal structure is “one colorful + one black and White“, the main concept for Xiaomi 6 and iPhone 7 plus is to achieve hardware-level optical zoom (precisely “optical zoom” between 27 mm and 52 mm.However, such as large aperture mode, portrait shooting functions and etc, those dual camera standard functions are also available for Xiaomi 6. In iPhone 7 Plus, we think that the concept of dual-camera is excellent, but in the fact when you start to use it you will meet some problems, for example the telephoto head in low light mode has very poor quality and sometimes is not working. We will share it with you in future Xiaomi 6 review how Xiaomi 6 perform.

Configuration:  Snapdragon 835, standard 6GB Running Memory

Running memory: 6GB LPDDR4X

Built-in storage: 64GB / 128GB UFS, does not support Micro SD card

Screen: 5.15 inch LCD, 94% NTSC, brightness up to 600 nits, the lowest 1 nits

Rear camera: 12 million pixels (Sony IMX386, 27mm focal length, optical image stabilization: 1.25 micron, f / 1.8) +12 million pixels (Samsung S5K3M3,52mm focal length, no optical image stabilization, 1.0 micron, f / 2.6)

Front camera: 8 million pixels (Sony IMX268), real-time beauty

Body size: 145.17 mm * 70.49 mm * 7.45 mm

Weight: 168g (bright black, bright blue, bright white), 182g (ceramic enjoy version)

Battery capacity: 3350 MAH

Charging: QC3.0, charging head maximum power 18W

Others: dual card dual standby all Netcom, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, USB-C, infrared, 2 x 2 dual Wi-Fi

The new generation of Xiaomi 6 comes up with so special skills.

  Xiaomi 6 equipped with Snapdragon 835, which is the latest generation of the top SoC, Snapdragon 835 is also the first time released in China (Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ has not yet released in China, Sony Xperia XZ Premium still in “PPT” stage).
         On the details of Snapdragon 835, list the main information for your reference: Snapdragon 835 CPU part of the 4 big 4 small total of 8 core, small nuclear maximum frequency 1.9GH, large nuclear The highest frequency of 2.45GHz, architecture for the Kryo280 (based on the ARM public version of the semi-custom architecture), GPU part of the Adreno 540, Samsung’s 10-nanometer process.
         Compared to the previous generation of Snapdragon 821, Snapdragon 835’s performance is roughly 20% better while power consumption has declined, and in the ISP, DSP, peripheral audio codec have a certain improvement.Need special attention is that snapdragon 835 are “full” in all versions of xiaomi6, whose highest frequency 2.45GHz.

  One more thing, although Snapdragon 835 support QC4 fast charge, but Xiaomi 6 still use QC 3.0, the maximum power of 18W, before that, Snapdragon 835 in Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 doesn’t support QC4.
         Except  Snapdragon 835, the configuration of Xiaomi 6 can be rated in the top level, including 6GB LPDDR4X dual-channel, 64-bit memory and 64GB or 128GB UFS storage (not sure if it’s 2.0 or 2.1).

The smartphone is good, but what else?
        From the appearance and technology, Xiaomi 6 has big improvement at fingerprint identification and details on the basis of Xiaomi 5, and if Xiaomi 5 seems as a good smartphone, then the new generation Xiaomi 6 can be described “amazing”.

 Xiaomi 6 still has lots of “LAN partyer”, Snapdragon 835, 6GB LPDDR4, 64GB / 128GB UFS makes the Android Smartphone has no competitor, and owing to that Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ postponed in the Chinese Market, so Xiaomi 6 became the first product there.
Although the price of Xiaomi 6 is no longer hold on 1999 yuan, consider the Xiaomi 6 is 6GB +64GB base fare, in the Snapdragon 835 sale time advantage, the price can be regarded as ” Value for money “.
        Finally, we have asked Xiaomi founder “ LEI JUN” about his favorite color, he said “ I use the Ceramic version of Xiaomi 6, and I think the Sapphire Blue looks good as well. Here is the best deal you can find online!

Best Budget Smartphone in India, Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime Review

  Xiaomi Redmi 4 mobile phone is a fourth generation, top – specced, efficient, 14 nM snapdragon, full HD, 5 – inch display and a 625 chipset smartphone that comes to you in a premium metal casing. It has a non-removable battery with a 4100mAh sealed power pack. All these come to you in a smartphone pack at an affordable price.   

1. Introduction 

▼Redmi 4 is another masterpiece for xiaomi. High cost-effective, metallic appearance, 5-inch Full HD screen, small and easy to carry. Here we take a look at the introduction and beautiful photos of redmi 4 real phone!

All Edition List as Follows

Phone Name Color Redmi 4 price 
16G Xiaomi Redmi 4 Gold
32G Xiaomi Redmi 4 Gold
64G Xiaomi Redmi 4 Gold Get it The Cheapest Here
16G Xiaomi Redmi 4 Black
32G Xiaomi Redmi 4 Black
64G Xiaomi Redmi 4 Black

2. Out of box

▼About 4 redmi box, I would like to say although they are still the previous white minimalist style, in the middle of the box engraved into a big “4” which not only show the phone has a strict quality requirements, but also the theory of pursuing innovation. (Really like the design of the box, so take a few more photos)     ▼There is a small bright spot in the bottom of the profile where printed xiaomi logo. It seems kinda weird at first sight, but if you take a look at another direction, the color changed to red which corresponding to RED MI of xiaomi logo.How powerful of the design engineer!       ▼The package has a personalized small sheet, which made it easy to remove the phone from the box. Because the box is relatively small, the phone is completely tight fit on the inside, it is really not easy to take mobile phone out. So thumb up for this intimate design.    

    ▼Redmi 4 mobile phone family photos! Packing list: redmi 4 mobile phone, power adapter and original USB data cable, pin, product entry guide.       ▼Each phone is made from a piece high quality aluminum ingot, integrally molded by more than 30 step, and then by sandblasting process. Metal and glass 2.5D closely integrated by CNC diamond cutting in order to brighten the frame and lens’ edge. The solid texture of the metal and the 5-inch screen to bring a good grip feeling, you can feel it from the moment you pick it up.   ▼Redmi 4 back adopt a three-stage design, the top of the back did not use metal material but plastic sheet, so this part seems not match. The back is “MI”  logo and nano-injection process signal band. Place fingerprint recognition module on the back In fact doesn’t make daily use inconvenient. The speed of fingerprint recognition is also quite fast, It immediately unlocked into the desktop once finger touch it which is very convenient. The fingerprint recognition system is nowadays became the standard module for smartphone.   ▼Xiaomi Redmi 4 from the left to the top are – 3.5mm headphone jack, infrared module and noise reduction mic. The infrared function is one of the most favorite one which have been widely acclaimed. It is a magic gadget acting cute, when you go out to dinner , just took out this cell phone to open the air conditioning or TV,not necessary to call the waiter. In order to enhance the sound quality of the call, Noise-canceling microphone are generally equipped. reduce the surrounding noisy voice so that the other side can hear your voice clearer. ▼The bottom of Redmi 4 adopt symmetrical design, from left to right respectively located microphone, charging port, speakers.The speaker’s sound quality and volume is good enough for daily use. In addition, the redmi 4 changed the previous speaker location from the back to the bottom, which make it will not cause obstacles to the speaker when place the fuselage on the desktop. ▼Three front buttons of redmi 4 still continues the style of redmi with no background light design, which we have already get used to, however this enable it more efficient in power saving. The upper part of the front locate – distance sensor, handset, camera.   ▼Card slot is located on the left side of the fuselage, redmi 4 support Nano-SIM card and Micro-SIM card   3. Performance 

▼Simply contrast my own xiaomi note prime version with redmi 4, they seems almost at the same level on both feel and craft, the thickness of the body slightly thicker but very close, Though much cheap in price the redmi 4 can still be flat with the xiaomi note     ▼It need to wait about one minute for the first boot,after entering the first boot page it requires some simple settings: select the language, input method and wireless network. In accordance with the guide to set, to detect sim card information, location services and user experience opportunities, redmi 4 adopt miui8 system, the system built-in 5 sets of different styles theme, you can set according to your own interests. After the above setting you can start to use the phone.   ▼In my hand is a premium version redmi 4 who has 32G storage space, 3G running memory is very good. Snapdragon 625 CPU doesn’t cause much heat, it is acceptable! The new phone take up 1.6G running memory which is very good, it is also fully able to cope with daily use in future.   ▼Once connect to the wireless network will automatically prompt to update the system. The MIUI8 built-in system is quite easy to use 4. Verdict

▼Redmi 4 has a high cost-efficiency performance. The new improved metal body, 5-inch full HD screen, 4100mAh large battery life time, Snapdragon 625 high-performance processor, the new stable MIUI8 system, speed fingerprint recognition system. too much advantage, anyway, you will never regret to buy redmi 4 smartphone. Here is the best deal you can find online