Xiaomi Ninebot Plus self-balancing Scooter Review – Pros and Cons

Nowadays, people are trying various things. The self-balancing scooter is a very youthful and beautiful to move freely and popular among young men and women. By the end of June, Xiaomi launched the new version of Ninebot series self-balancing scooter, Xiaomi Ninebot plus self-balancing Scooter . Compared to its predecessor, the most intuitive difference is that the price is dearer by 1500 Yuan. Is Xiaomi Ninebot plus self-balancing Scooter really worth spending 1500 Yuan more? How is Xiaomi Ninebot Plus self-balancing Scooter? Is it an upgraded version of Ninebot self-balancing Scooter or what’s the difference? Is it worth buying the Xiaomi Ninebot Plus self-balancing Scooter? Do you have to spend 1500 Yuan more to buy a balanced car?Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Xiaomi Ninebot Plus self-balancing Scooter and see how it is? Get it the cheapest here!


We must have to admit that the look and style of Xiaomi Ninebot Plus self-balancing Scooter have all the hallmark of Xiaomi’s product and it is beautiful and features exquisite workmanship. 

The 11-inch tire on the Xiaomi Ninebot Plus self-balancing Scooter is slightly larger in diameter than the previous one, which has 10.5-inch tire. So, the radius of the tire is the same as the height of Mi 6 smartphone. In other words, personally you may think that the difference is not great, but from the actual experience point of view, this 11-inch tires will have no problem at ordinary speed or on a little bumpy road. If the Ninebot self-balancing Scooter is the reference, it can be said that the Xiaomi Ninebot Plus self-balancing Scooter can easily outwit it. Also, Ninebot self-balancing Scooter cannot pass through an obstacle, whereas Xiaomi Ninebot Plus self-balancing Scooter can pass through an obstacle with some effort.


11-inch wheels. The added hub lights looks more beautiful


Chassis height from the ground is about 3/4 of the height of a Mi 6 phone


There is a small “trunk” at the rear rod of the scooter. You need to press the unlock button to lift the finger at the same time to open it, but do not press both at the same time. You require both the hands, and opening it with one hand is challenging.


The opening technique of the storage box is inconvenient


The storage box has space just to hold a remote or MaJia PTZ Camera and does not have space for the charger.

One of the great innovations of the Xiaomi Ninebot Plus self-balancing Scooter is that it is equipped with a remote control, with which you can remotely control the Xiaomi scooter and experience autonomous walking. Meanwhile, its built-in chip that will locate your location so that it can automatically follow you. There is a recall function as well, which is very interesting.


Just press the pup button on the remote control, the Xiaomi Ninebot Plus self-balancing Scooter automatically follow you behind the built-in positioning sensor. If it is within 20m from you, the same click on this button, the Xiaomi Ninebot Plus self-balancing Scooter will come automatically to you, but there should be no obstacle between you and the balance of the car, as the Xiaomi scooter can only come on a straight path toward you, and cannot circumvent any obstacles. It’s a fun thing to do, more like a pet that follows the owner.


The scooter follows the owner


The recall function


Interface to attach Xiaomi MiJia PTZ Camera


Attached with Xiaomi MiJia PTZ Camera, which has to be purchased separately 

If you purchase Xiaomi MiJia PTZ camera, you can install the top of the Xiaomi Ninebot Plus self-balancing Scooter. You to use it for time-lapse photography, panoramic shooting, track shooting and other innovative games, and have some fun.


Increased pedal area, with soft material and it feels good.

With the technology capital and knowledge of Ninebot and Segway, I think the Xiaomi Ninebot Plus self-balancing Scooter is totally trustworthy and will give a good performance. In addition, Xiaomi Ninebot Plus Scooter also has increased battery capacity, so with this more power it’s motor life has been increased to 35km, can reach a speed of up to 18 km/h. Compared with its predecessor, which has a battery life for 22km, it is a 50% increase, which seems to be a good improvement considering the difference in the price. Also, this scooter weighs a bit more than the regular version. Even if you are a new user, it is easy to use as well, as long as you can balance yourself and overcome your inner anxiety.


Returning to the question of if it is worth buying the Xiaomi Ninebot Plus self-balancing Scooter for 3499 Yuan compared to the regular version for 1999 Yuan? Is Mi Ninebot Plus self-balancing Scooter better than the regular version?

Our advice is that if your everyday need is a mere short commute and riding a short distance, then the regular version is better for you. However, if you want to experience it as a big toy for playing and to have fun, or have a longer riding requirement, then Xiaomi Ninebot Plus self-balancing Scooter is the best bet. Perhaps you may have to check with your friend with a regular version, before hovering for Plus version.


Now let’s summarize the advantages and slight improvements of the Xiaomi Ninebot Plus self-balancing Scooter.


·         Beautiful appearance, good workmanship

·         Equipped with physical remote control, automatic follow, one-button recall and other interesting features

·         35km long life, motor power more

·         Excellent riding performance, excellent stability, high starting point

·         Can be used with MaJiaPTZ camera to achieve more play

Things that can be improved:

·         Slightly heavier, perhaps a little laborious for young and seniors.

·         Leg control lever still cannot be removed quickly or height can be adjusted

·         Prices slightly higher than the regular version

·         Opening of the storage box slightly inconvenience 

After understanding the advantages and disadvantages of the Xiaomi Ninebot Plus self-balancing Scooter and some good insight about the scooter, we hope that you will know which one to buy, Xiaomi Ninebot Scooter or the Xiaomi Ninebot Plus self-balancing Scooter. Here is the best deal you can find online!

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Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 2 Review | An essential for the laid back

On September 19, Xiaomi MiJia’s robot technology research and development team officially released Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2. This time it was marketed under its own brand, Roborock, perhaps to strengthen the brand name and open new markets. Compared to its predecessor, the floor mop function is added, further enhancing the functionality.In this article we will take an in-depth analysis of the original Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2. Get it the cheapest here.


The outer packing is made of Kraft paper. The overall design is simple. The very large prominent logo of Roborock is in the middle, and there are some simple pictorial instructions on the function of the mop on the top.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 and its predecessor MiRobot Vacuum Cleaner looks very similar (after all, they are made from the same manufacturer), but thanks to the upgrading of components and design, the overall size of the Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 is slightly smaller, when compared to its predecessor.

More than the change in key layout or sensor position, I believe consumers will notice that the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 do not have Mi logo, but instead has Roborock logo.


Roborock believes that the best solution for the current home robotic vacuum cleaner is the laser-guided path. Therefore, the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 is equipped with LDS laser range finding sensor, same as its predecessor, and can calibrate the distance information at the rate of 5 × 360 ° / sec. When laser light hits an obstacle, it forms a spot in the sensor. At the same time, the image sensor calculates the distance of the laser ranging sensor according to the pixel number of the spot, where the “eye” of the cleaning robot is located.

You can easily lift the lid, and see the dust box and the main brush cleaning tools, which can be easily removed. The modular design is convenient for maintenance and replacement.


When you turn over, you will see the overall structure is not different from its predecessor, the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner. However, this Roborock version has made significant upgrades,  such, the maximum suction pressure is increased from 1800 to 2000 pa, obstacle detection ability increased to 2 cm, new omnidirectional pressure sensor, ability to ascend out and more. 

It is obvious that the charging option is arranged on both sides of the guide wheel to achieve better charging and reduce the area occupied. 

The main brush, buckle and other parts of the modular design, which makes it easier and convenient to maintain and replace the parts.

The new sweeping module of the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 just needs to be installed directly in the notch. It is an effortless action to install or remove the module.

The new design of the charging contacts shows that the charging seat is significantly smaller, when compared to predecessor, and occupies less space, which seems to be more practical.

App Experience

As a member of the Mi Eco-Chain enterprise, the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 supports the use of Mi remote control. With automatic scanning or manual addition, you can pair the Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 with a Mi remote App. In a new environment, the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner will automatically scan the area and approximate map it, and provide the view area to the user, these are the same as its predecessor.


During the cleaning operation, with the LDS laser range sensor through the original SLAM algorithm will build an accurate and real-time map of the room and provide the cleaning routes. The results are satisfactory, and any error if so are within the acceptable range. You can carry out normal cleaning work with the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner without any hassle. And this update would allow the user to give voice commands to Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 2 to which zone to clean and sweep, and also other functions were further enhanced, to meet the needs of different users.


Of course, similar to the use of mobile phones as a remote control, setting the cleaning mode and sweeping mode are very easy in the App. The App also does a lot more than simple settings, it also user-friendly and shows the health status of all modules, and shows that it is time to replace them.

Sweep Strength

The predecessor, Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner’s sweeping ability is impressive. So, how about this latest edition of Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2? Even with the most powerful MAX Sweep mode, the noise is not very annoying and is within the acceptable range. The cleaning is satisfactory, with fine things like hair and debris on the floor were swept away, which is little better than its predecessor. Thanks to the SLAM algorithm of Roborock, now cleaning in the corner areas are not a problem, though some special corners cannot be cleaned, which is not the problem of inadequacy or software restrictions. The device is only limited by the swept volume, 

Roborock has added mop function to Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2, which is a big step forward. There is a small water tank that can be attached to the robot just by sliding, and the mop pad is connected to the tray also through a sliding mechanism and the liquid is spread wisely. To our surprise, while mopping the water control is better, basically quickly dried (in about 10 seconds), and the SLAM algorithm’s zig-zag path does not seem to have a dead end. You should be very satisfied with the sweeping and mopping, unless you have an obsessive-compulsory disorder. 


Here is the best deal you can find online



In our experience, Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 is a good step forward from its predecessor. It takes up less space, cleans well and the new mop feature is handy. Though mop function of the cleaner was originally thought as a marketing gimmick, the actual performance can be termed as an unexpected surprise and it can very well satisfy generic usage. If you are too lazy to do housework, Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 is designed for you.

There are few hiccups though, we saw water seepage, it may be due to some design mechanics, and recharge takes more time. I hope Roborock can fix these glitches. In any case, it is a very satisfactory experience with Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 2.

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[Xiaomi News Weekly] Nov.20th-Nov26th

Xiaomi Weekly, your weekly Xiaomi news on select top stories, for the Xiaomi fans served with best quality dosage. Here is this week’s Xiaomi news.

Mi Mix 2 Starck limited edition debut on November 28

Mi Mix 2 Starck limited edition, the most satisfying works by Philippe Starck! Ceramic Black Mi Mix 2 debut edition with Starck’s signature inscribed on the back, as well as the exquisite collection certificate. It is 3000 world limited editions and will go on sale starting from November 28.

1999 yuan! 4GB + 64GB version of Mi Note 3 on sale

The most cost-effective Mi camera flagship: 16MB with beauty selfie, face unlock black technology. Mi Note 3 4GB + 64GB version only priced at 1999 yuan, in stock available at Mi Store, if you love it do not miss it.

MediaTek Inc co-chief operating officer (COO) Jeffrey Ju joined Xiaomi

Xiaomi announced on November 21 that Jeffrey Ju, former co-chief operating officer (COO) of MediaTek, officially joins Xiaomi as a partner in its industrial investment unit. Jeffrey is another amazing talent introduced by Xiaomi Industry Fund following Sun Changxu and Pan Jiu Tang.

Mi IOT developer conference held next Tuesday

After three years of tireless running, Mi IOT has become the world’s largest intelligent hardware platform! From pioneering project to maturity, with an open mind, we welcome more partners to join us to create a smart life. 2017 MIDC Xiaomi IoT Developer Conference will be held on 9:30am November 28, so stay tuned.

599 yuan! Redmi 5A light blue version launched today
Redmi 5A light blue Edition on sale: 8 days of standby time, 137g lightweight body, Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, MIUI 9 lightning fast processing speed … ultra-light and long durability, Redmi 5A in stock sale only 599 yuan at Mi Store.


Mifans mobile card package upgrade, add volume fare increase
Mi mobile Mifansd daily rent card upgrade! 1 yuan card upgrade to 1 yuan / day 800MB package; nationwide data upgrade to 2 yuan / day 800MB.New subscribers will enjoy the new rates immediately while the old user can follow “Mifans card assistant” in Wechat to submit an upgrade application before enjoy this new package. If new users buy cards in Mi Store, first 100 yuan expense will get back 100 Mi Store coupons and calls time worth 100 yuan!

The fifth Mi Home store in Zhengzhou opened this week
At 25th November, new opening of Mi home store in first floor, Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Wanda Plaza. This is the fifth store opened in Zhengzhou following Dennis David Plaza , CityOn Zhengzhou shopping center, Dashang new mart and Zhengzhou Huiji Wanda Plaza. Few new Mi Home stores also opened in Haikou, Nanyang Fangcheng, Hebi, Suqian, Shangrao, Wenshan and Guilin this week. By now, the number of outlets across the country has exceeded 250.

Compact and user-friendly | Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headset Review


I have always wanted to have a good quality Bluetooth headset that can let me get away from the boring time, and I have my own requirements to the headset such as cost-effective, small and user-friendly, battery life long, loud enough and best to single-ear. Before Xiaomi mi bluetooth headset I have used several Bluetooth headsets before, but none of them meet my standard, there are either weak performance on battery life, or sound is weak especially in noisy environment, I have hardly heard any sound from it. 

Compared to several products, Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth headset youth edition kit is the best fit for my requirements in terms of small size, single-ear, and most importantly it comes with charging base. It only cost me 99 yuan to buy this headset, the following I will show you how my experience in using this.  Get it the cheapest here!

Unboxing experience


White packaging box with transparent front plastic cover

Back of the box is information relate to Xiaomi Mi bluetooth headset 

Unboxed it and this is where I find the charging base

Family portraits: One single-ear headset, one charging base, one USB charging cable, 3 set of silicone earcap and one manual.

One of the disadvantages is charger not included, although I have few charger at home somehow I don’t like to mix-use the charger in different products, just feel this is not good for the device.

Easy carry charging base, you can charge the Xiaomi Mi bluetooth headset wherever you are, you do not need to worry about the durability. Charging base comes with 320am  built-in battery, can fully charge the Xiaomi bluetooth headset three times, so you can enjoy the fun of music whole day without worry about the battery life when you go out.

Anti-slipped material at the bottom of charging base with Mi LOGO

This compact and long cylinder shape Mi bluetooth headset has a simple design, no unnecessary component. There is an indicator at the bottom.

The external coating of the Xiaomi mi bluetooth headset is said to have used Japan’s Musashi paint, which can effectively prevent abrasion and oil stains, if it gets dirty you just need to gently wipe it away. The Mi bluetooth headset is skin-friendly too, and feeling good when holding it in hand. Some netizen has done an evaluation of anti-greasy effect, even oily pen stains can easily rub off, it is great.


Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth headset uses a detachable ear cap design, this unique ear cap made by medical grade silicone according to the 2000 Asian cochlear sampling design, and feel soft and comfortable when wearing it. It is awful smell free, and there are two alternate ear caps in different size for your choice.


The left side of the Mi bluetooth headset is the volume keys, you can adjust the volume here.

I think it is quite rational to put the charging port at the bottom of the headset, this kind of design does not affect the appearance and make it a little waterproof. 

The top is the power switch and answering buttons, it is very convenient for you to answer the call without press by mistake.

Follow the good tradition of Miui system, the Mi bluetooth headset is user-friendly, you will not get confused. The manual is also written intuitively, even stupid people can learn it very fast!


Remove the silicone ear cap, you can see the magnetized moving coil speaker, and the unique product ID and CMIIT ID printed at the edge.

The MIIT ID is referred to the radio transmitter model approval code. According to “Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on the Management of Radio Operation” the production and import of radio transmitting equipment need to carry out type approval on its emission characteristics and issue the “radio transmission equipment type approval certificate” and model approval code. The ex-factory equipment shall be marked with the model number Approval code.

After Pop science, we can see that Xiaomi product is strictly following the relevant state laws and regulations. 


The next step is to connect the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth headset, you can see it when you activate bluetooth on your mobile phone, it is quite convenient.

After connected, there is the power bar of the headset showing in the top status bar, it is privilege of the Xiaomi Mi bluetooth headset in MIUI system, not supported by other brands headphones.



This is the official details images that show all the components of the Mi bluetooth headset, the appearance is a 7 words, very simple.


After full charging, the indicator turns blue, this is the time you unplug the USB cable.

Wearing Method

Since this is a single-ear headphones, if not worn it correctly it is very easy to fall, especially people like me who love running, if not master the skill, there are high chances the earphone will drop halfway I run. Finally, I figure out this is the most scientific way to wear it.


First twist the ear cap aside.

It should be on the silicon cap along the stretch and withstand the cochlear external auditory canal, to prevent falling and shifting. If the silicon cap is not worn properly, the Mi bluetooth headset can easily drop and lost. Another reason that the silicone cap may not fit comfortably into the cochlear may be the size is not right, you can test to see which size is the best fit for you.

Just like what the instructions summarize, you should “gently slide the earphone into the ear hole, and headset remains in the same position even you slightly shake the head” – how graceful summary!  


After use of a period of time, let me summarize it in several parts. 

Call: basically meet the call requirement, the voice is clear, no noise, but sometimes the volume is weak and I am totally no idea what causes it, but this problem rarely happened. When receiving incoming call, it will tell the number, but I do hope that it can directly broadcast the caller’s name, how wonderful is it! 

Sound quality: If you want to have a good sound quality, this is not the bluetooth headset that you want, I only can say that the sound quality is better than the shanzhai version headphones, tri-band completely mixed together, no bass. With this, you only can listen to songs, if you want better sound quality, you need to find other price range Xiaomi Mi bluetooth headphones. 

Durability: After Full charge and the maximum volume, you can continuously listen to nearly 4 hours, with the charging base I am confident to said that 12 hours is completely no problem.

Connection: I think Bluetooth signal is not stable, sometimes when I put it in pants pockets, there will be intermittent situation, but it reconnects very soon.

99 Yuan for the kit, let Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth headset youth version kit championing the market among the 100yuan similar products. Although the product is still not perfect, such a price is really a good deal, I recommend to buy it. Here is the best deal you can find online!

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Xiaomi Portable WIFI Review

Sometimes we have a computer that can access the internet but what if we want WiFi as well, and your computer cannot create WiFi without built-in wireless WiFi Card adapter. Although some third-party software allows user to create local area network it cannot do it without the help form WiFi card. Xiaomi Portable WiFi is a good solution for this problem and it can also be a good assistant for our daily smart office work. Get it the cheapest here!

█ Xiaomi Portable WiFi is packing with self-sealing white PE bag, it is Xiaomi way to packing small accessories. When Xiaomi Wifi USB released, it has several colors, but now Mi official website only sells black color partable MIWIFI.

█ Just plug in the Xiaomi Pocket WIFI to your desktop or laptop that can access the internet, then your mobile phone, Tablet can immediately enjoy a free WiFi created by  Xiaomi WIFI USD. Although a lot of similar product sold at market, base on the personal experience by using this device, I think that it better than other same type products in the market. 

█ Xiaomi Portable WiFi comes with a small lanyard that you can easily click on keychain. If we not cautious enough, it is very easy to lose it for such a small device like this.

█ The design of Portable MiWiFi looks like a mini thumb drive, it is in cube shape and you can unplug the lid from it just like a thumb drive. For my experience, at first Xiaomi WiFi USB can plug tightly into the computer but slowly it will get loosened, maybe due to abrasion.

█ Front part is matte with concave Mi logo while the small lid is polished smooth with a small lanyard hole near the edge, but I think that the lanyard hole should be placed on the body, because the lid may get loosen after using a period of time.

█ First glance at Xiaomi Portable WiFi, you may think it is mini usb thumb drive, very compact, coin size, can treat it as a phone pendant. It height only 27 cm, about the size of a 1 yuan coin, with a lanyard, hanging on the phone or keychain, Just plug and use.

█ How to use Xiaomi Portable WiFi

1. Xiaomi Pocket WiFi driver is pre-installed:

Please choose your current computer version to install.

2. After installation is complete, install Xiaomi Portable WiFi App on your mobile p a one for a better experience of the smart technology brings by Xiaomi Portable WiFi.

3.Open PC-side driver, it will prompt you to plug in the Xiaomi WIFI USD and then the system will automatically create a local area network. After created local area network, it will be displayed in the lower right corner and then you can set your username and password for your preferences. I here choose to use the default setting for username and password. 

█ Test speed for Xiaomi Portable WiFi, I used two commonly used wireless test software inspect on local area network created by Xiaomi pocket WIFI and the results is basically the same. You can see that it is a big gap in terms of transmission speed between the local area network that created by the Xiaomi Portable WiFi and the original network. That is to say, portable MIWIFI basically fulfill your need for daily office use but it cannot performs as well as original network.  


█ If Xiaomi Portable WiFi App installed on mobile phone,  then we can control the computer through the mobile phone. For now it only supports few simple action like shutdown, lock, hibernation, PPT control and file transfer. These are really used features when you want to lock the computer while you away, you can do it now by mobile phone to protect your privacy. For me, my favorite feature is Play on PPT, it is very easy to use.

█ Special Note:

Xiaomi Portable WiFi needs to rely on the network of computer to create free WiFi. If your computer’s operating system lacks network sharing components( Such as some user who used pirated Windows system), the device may not work properly. Here is the best deal you can find online!



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[Xiaomi weekly News] From Nov 13th-Nov 19th

Xiaomi Weekly, your weekly Xiaomi news on select top stories, for the Xiaomi fans served with best quality dosage. Here is this week’s Xiaomi news.

CNY 24.64 billion yuan! Champion for five consecutive years! Xiaomi sets new record at double 11 

Released of Final Double 11 records for Xiaomi, the sales recorded at Xiaomi flagship store at Tmall hit the CNY 2.464 billion yuan, and breaking the historical record! It is also best seller of smartphone especially China mobile phone brand in Tmall. With this, Xiaomi is championing in Double 11 at Tmall for five consecutive years, the top mobile phone seller for five consecutive years.


IDC report: Xiaomi becomes top smartphone brand in India for the Q3 sales in India with a market share of 23.5%. Big thanks to all Mi fans.

MIUI 9 Stable Rom rollout on large-scale

Starting from 15thNovember, MIUI 9 is available for  18 Xiaomi phone to upgrade: Mi MIX2, Mi Note3, Mi 6, Mi Max2, Mi MIX, Mi Note2, Mi 5 / 5c / 5X / 5s / 5s Plus , Redmi Note5A, Redmi 5A, Redmi Note 4X Standard Edition, Mi Note top-end version, Mi 4s / 4c, Redmi 4X, to check for upgrade, the above models can go to “Settings – My Device -MIUI version”.

Mi TV topped the double 11 sales throne 

Double 11, Mi TV brand ranked first in the entire network sales! At the same time, according to the data released by professional monitoring agencies, 4 of the top 5 Tv models sales in the double 11 is Xiaomi model, and the sales volume has increased nearly 5 times compared to last year!

⑤Open beta for Xiaomi Qiangzhan to all platform

Starting from 15thNovember , Xiaomi Qiangzhan is open test for the beta version to whole platform: ① Unreal 4 engine, true 3D stereo and extraordinary image quality, become a leader in similar products; ② fair play, no more competition on character ability scores, your marksmanship is matters; ③ combat training mode: skydiving, varies of vehicle etc all available.

⑥Full revision on Mi pays for public transport, to bring you a convenient new experience!

Mi pay for public transport added the default public transport mode, just tap your phone at contactless terminal and you can pay the bus fees like transit card! At the same time it cancels the long press the volume down button to activate the public transit card mode. You just need to upgrade your NFC supported Mi Phones like Mi MIX2, Mi Note3, Mi 6, Mi MIX, Mi Note 2, Mi 5 / 5s / 5s Plus to MIUI 9, then you can activate  Jilin or Guangxi transit card.

⑦Second Mi Home stores settled in Taichung, Taiwan

At 18thNovember, official opening of the second Mi home store in Lai Lai Building, Taichung. In addition to Taichung branches, Mi home stores in Nanjing, Wuhu, Shanghai, Huai’an and Xichang will start operating at the same time and make the number of Mi home stores nationwide exceeded 240.


⑧2017 Mi Orange Run held in Chengdu have a joyful and perfect closing

18thNovember, 2017 is a date of perfect ending for events Mi orange run hand in hand which held in Chengdu. Beside a healthful run, this time Mi orange run participant also working together for charity to create a good looking/ knowledgeable orange runner! One of the purposes for this year orange run is to create awareness among the society, hoping to make more people concerned about hearing-impaired children and sign language, with both hands to send the warmest voice to their silent world.



Yeelight Xiaomi Night Light: Just a Step and Sparks a Light Illuminate On You

Imagine a scene, you get up at night and you want to go to the toilet, you know you need to switch on the light but you don’t want to disturb on family members that still in sleep. What if you go to the toilet without any light? That is a chance you wake the whole family up if you bump into something and falls. Can we kill two birds with one stone, going toilet without interrupted other family members? Here is the solution provided by Xiaomi – IR Sensor and Photosensitive Yeelight Xiaomi Night Light. Does it able to help us solve the problem? With the question in mind please follow editor and let me show you about it.  Get it the cheapest here!

First, unboxing

● Simple and elegant packaging box, rendering of IR Sensor and Photosensitive Yeelight Xiaomi Night Light is printed on the box, it is very beautiful.


●It is lying quietly under the manual, what your first impression? Do not worry, I will show you more nice picture.


●Below of IR Sensor and Photosensitive Xiaomi Night Light is a hang tag and our familiar Mi rainbow 5 AA batteries. This is not your imagination, the Xiaomi nite Light comes with free batteries. Next I will share my personal experiences after using this Mi Night Light.  

SecondFirst Hand Experiences

●Elegant appearance of Mijia IR Sensor and Photosensitive Xiaomi Night Light just like an artwork, you can put it in anyplace you want. By using a combination of advanced light sensors and a human Infrared detector it has a 120-degree field of vision and can detect a human IR signature from between 5 and 7 meters away. Mijia IR Sensor and Photosensitive Xiaomi Night Light will auto turn on in low-light conditions and the light can last up to 15 seconds, it is equipped with anti-infrared interference technology. Wherever you go, it will light up for you.

●The back of fuselage is detachable(Turn left to unlock the back cover while turn right to lock it), the dark gray circle is 3M adhesive, that allows us to easily pasted on wall, glass and other material surfaces. Of course, you can also paste the hang tags to any place where you need a light. It also frees you from socket and installation trouble, you can use Xiaomi Night Light anytime and anywhere.It owns good features for a small night light like arbitrary and flexible.

●Open the back cover is the battery compartment 


●Mijia IR Sensor and Photosensitive Xiaomi Night Light running off with 3 rainbows 5 batteries and support for two different brightness setting. How about durability? With it astoundingly energy efficient design, it has a low standby power usage of 0.25mW and can run for 12 months in 0.7 Lm mode or 6 months in 3.8 Lm mode, guarding for you every night.


● The design of hang tags is fantastic. With a simple installation, you can hang the Mijia IR Sensor and Photosensitive Yeelight Xiaomi Night Light anywhere you need it, such as in your closet, bedside, or anywhere else, just a hand gesture and the Mi Night light will turn on for you.

● After the battery is installed, the Mijia IR Sensor and Photosensitive Xiaomi Night Light will light up, soft and warm light without flash, not dazzling, keeping you safe when walking at night, and also protect the eyesight, unlike other night light products in the market that is so dazzling, like fear of no one noticing it.

●Although small, but it can illuminate a large area, with it companion you can feel a touch of warmth when going toilet at night.

Third, Summary 

Ultra-Large sensing angle and Ultra-long sensing distance, warm light follow by your side; Powered with AA batteries, can be pasted or just hanging, flexible and convenient; support double brightness mode to meet the needs of different people; soft and comfortable light, not dazzling, always care about your health. So much intimate design, everyone who use will know that how good  Mijia IR Sensor and Photosensitive Yeeligh Xiaomi Night Light is, it is not only an essential night light in life, but also bring a trace of warmth. A delicate light, a kind of attitude to life. Here is the best deal you can find online!



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Mi AI Speaker Review | Compact and Beautiful, New fashion for Smart Technology

Mi AI speaker is a smart speaker released by Xiaomi on July 26, 2017. It is jointly developed by Mi TV team, Mi Brain R&D team and Xiaomi Explore Lab. Mi use a  “Little AI classmates” as Mi AI speaker wake words. It is pleasure to have a chance to test use immediately after it released, let me show you about the details specification of Mi AI Speaker. Get it the cheapest here!


Smart speakers are in the rapid development, just like the rapidly upgrade on artificial intelligence and speech recognition technology, that enables the interaction among human and machine progress to a new level, we enter the era of smart technology now. Mi AI speaker is one of the smart speakers that catch a lot of people eyes especially Mi fans since day one release.  The Mi AI speaker features very distinctive function and excellent sound quality! Mi AI speaker is first products released by Xiaomi Explore Lab which established by Xiaomi Ceo Lei Jun in 2015. Lei Jun always said that Xiaomi Explore Lab owns a lot of coolest and interesting black technology!


I felt the honor to receive the debut Mi AI Speaker commemorative edition, the box is designed in black gold color and it looks very high class. The letter of AI convex in gold look fashion and trendy. When this product starting to openly sell in the market, the Mi AI speaker will pack with a white box, for me the black gold still my favorite and it is memorable too.

At the side of the Mi AI Speaker box, it printed “Your smart home control center”. From here you can know that with Mi AI Speaker you can customize your smart life scenes, like say a good morning, Xiaomi Ai Speaker will help you open the curtains, turn on the lights and adjust the temperature of air conditioning, and also help you turn on the water heater, TV and so on. One devices that can control all smart home products, it is really your smart home control center!

Pull out the black box,  you can see there is a white overlay + box that give more protection to Mi AI Speaker, this pure white internal box is similar colour with Mi AI speakers and I like it very much.

When Opened the box, there is an adoption agreement for Xiaomi AI speaker, and I will be a guardian of this Mi AI Speaker. The way Mi company treat Mi AI Speaker like a human being is really awesome. It make me feel that Mi Ai Speaker is a people that belong to me.

Then there is the product manual for the Mi AI Speaker, you can find all the details regarding the Mi AI Speaker which include how to use, details features, smart play, basic parameters and precautions matters.

Now we can see how is Mi AI Speaker look like, basically it is pure white tower shape design, some netizen comments that it looks like a small size  Mi Air Purifier.


You can find the Mi AI Speaker charger upper part in the box, the charger is cube shape, and the back has listed out some of the parameters, such as power specifications: DC 12V 1.75A, rated output power:> 5W. The wire of the charger also white color so will easily get dusty after some time, for people like me who have some OCD symptom, it makes me feel bad.

For the first artificial intelligence smart speaker presented by Xiaomi, although at first glance it looks like Mi air purifier after close observation, actually this is excellent artificial intelligence smart speaker power by outstanding design, smooth appearance, and voice interaction technology.  I think it is commendable that Xiaomi brought anthropomorphic character set to an artificial intelligence smart speaker, and at the same time, I think it is very funny.

Mi AI Speaker is in a rounded cube shape, the irregular holes below the body make it very recognizable, while the white color makes it not only more easily integrated into the home decoration, but also added a beautiful landscape to the home.

The upper part of the Mi AI Speaker, there is a warm reminder to prompt you to scan the QR code to download the App to complete the initial settings.You can change the setting on Xiaomi AI Speaker App.

Small groove design of the power jack makes the power cord can be hidden behind the speaker, beautiful and concise. In actual use when I need to unplug the power jack it is quite difficult, I try few times still cannot make it. It is recommended to optimize the power supply interface later, to make it easier when need to unplug the power.

The control panel is located top of the body, with an array of six microphones, and all the control button you need including play, previous track, next track, mute and mode switching button. There is a smooth touch ring for adjusting volume by gesture recognition, there is a round of breathing light along the edge of the speaker, that makes the speaker look advanced. The color will change base on different operation mode. Overall, the design concept of Mi AI Speaker looks like a bit similar to previous product and the variety of its function and customize setting will surely make the user love it very much.


By scanning the QR code to download beta version of Mi AI App, before starting to use you need to log in to your account. You need to use Mi account to log in, and this account also can use on all Mi products. When you logged in, the breathing light of Mi AI Speaker will turn orange.


Select next, the APP will automatically search Mi AI Speaker. When it found Mi AI Speaker and connected. You will need to set your speaker WiFi setting to enable the speaker connect to internet, so AI Speaker can fully perform.

When successfully connected, Xiaomi AI App will initially set up on the Mi AI Speaker, after the operation completed, you can use the speaker. Now, you can expect amazing things about to happen!

Mi AI App will prompt you name of singers, music genre, travel and interest setting. After you selected, you will enter the main interface of the App.


Mi AI App is divided into “music stations, smart home hub, skills center and personal center.” It is very obvious, this 4 categories is what Mi AI Speaker is good in.


In “Skills Center,” Xiaomi lists some phrases that teach you how to check the weather, ask for travel information, idioms Solitaire or even show you stock market trend today. For now, it covering all aspects of children, tools, education, life, entertainment, I am sure it will provide more and more skills and function in future.

“Smart home hub”  section is the main function that provides by Mi AI speakers. Xiaomi AI speaker can be your smart assistant, you can use your voice to control a bunch of Mi home smart home product with the help of Mi AI Speaker. Currently, there are 60 million smart homes products from Mi eco-chain enterprise that activated and in use. Can you imagine Mi AI Speaker can connect and interacted with over 10 millions family, this is unimaginable for Mi competitor. “Personal Center” is another word for setting. Mi AI Speaker can use as a normal Bluetooth speaker for playing song that store in your mobile phone, you only need to connected the speaker with your mobile phone Bluetooth.


Mi AI Speaker is better than most of its competitor in terms of sound quality. It uses a sound cone reflection and waveguide technology. They are two built-in reverses mounted passive diaphragm, a diaphragm vibration pushes the air to drive another diaphragm vibration, the two superposition can be obtained beyond the volume limit of low-frequency loudness. Forming a 360-degree sound field of the ring to achieve 360 degrees sound broadcast. Thanks for the good job done by Mi Explore Lab, the sound quality of the Xiaomi AI Speaker is great.


The emergence of Mi AI Speaker is a game-changing product in smart speaker market, with it incredible prize, compact looks and power by dual-band WiFi, high volume, good sound quality, and able to control a host of smart home products. Not to mention it voice interaction technology that frees our hand, for now you can use your voice to control your smart home devices, this is pretty amazing with only one speaker can become a control center for a lot of smart home products. The Mi AI Speaker will not exist with effort from the Mi Explore Lab team, and I want to says a big thank to them. A successful speaker will make the user feel inseparable from her, and I think Mi AI speaker is basically done that, well done for Mi company. 

The actual experience in test use the smart speaker I found out some problem that needs to be optimized like language recognition. I would like to recommend Mi company to add the speaker control button to Mi AI App too, to make the operation more convenient.

There are still a bunch of function needs further Optimization and development and Xiaomi needs to do more on privacy protection, which a lot of user concern with.

Finally hope that Mi AI Speaker will know you better! Here is the best deal you can find online!

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Just a dual Camera Phone? 10 Details Let You Fall in Love with Xiaomi Mi5X

Is Xiaomi Mi5X worth buying? This review will help you find the answer.

Nowadays, more people rely on mobile phone’s camera to take photos. So, if the phone manufacturers do not pay importance to camera technology and experience, then they are likely to be out of the market. Whether it is a budget phone or a flagship phone, dual camera seems to have become a standard feature of smartphones, but a mere presence of a dual camera does not mean that you can shoot impressive photos. Get it the cheapest here!


After the release of Xiaomi Mi 6 this year on April 19, a survey was posted in the Mi Community on the favorite feature of the phone. Out of 16,071 responses, about 40% (7,952 people) voted the Xiaomi Mi 6’s zoom Dual Camera as their favorite feature, which also proves Mi6 produces memorable portraits.

With Xiaomi Mi 6 excellent double camera as a nudge, Xiaomi released Xiaomi Mi 5X (also known as Xiaomi Mi A1 in Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and LATAM), a more pro-zoom dual camera phone on July 26. Just like Mi 6 or iPhone 7 Plus, this Xiaomi Mi5X uses a similar zoom dual camera solution, a wide-angle main camera and a telephoto secondary camera. In addition to being able to do 2x lossless optical zooming, this solution offers SLR-like bokeh effect with portraits, especially with a light background.

So, in addition to capturing stunning photos using zoom dual camera, what else is more appealing in terms of design or function of Xiaomi Mi5X? Let’s take a look at why Mi5X is worth buying.


1. Infrared Port

With infrared port universal remote control function on Xiaomi Mi smartPhones, you no longer need a variety of remote control for your appliances. You can use the phone turn on the TV, air conditioning, Mi Smart devices, and more, all in one go, just by using the MIUI universal remote control for the infrared function.

2. Oleophobic layer

Xiaomi Mi5X (Mi A1) display has an oleophobic coating, so the touch is smoother, there will be no resistance or poor maneuver, and improved touch experience. At the same time, if there is water drop on the screen, it will slide to the ground because of the oleophobic property, which is not hydrophilic, as shown in the following animation.


3. Antenna with the same color as the phone body

If you want to get good communication signals, you must have an antenna band, but this a pain point for an all-metal phone, as the antenna looks distinctly with not blending with the body of the phone. However, Xiaomi Mi5X (Mi A1) uses injection molding process to keep the same color for the U-type antenna and the body, thus providing a sense of unison. Xiaomi Mi5X rounded with a rounded waist, a delicate matte texture design, and a U-type antenna with the same color, thus giving you a stunning look.


4. 3.5mm headphone jack and USB Type-C interface

Xiaomi Mi5X (Mi A1) has both 3.5mm headphone jack and USB Type-C interface. Although most of the flagship phones are beginning to use the USB Type-C interface, the coexistence of dual interface is rare for the use of headset.

5. 1.25μm large pixel camera

Xiaomi Mi5X (Mi A1) has pixel unit size of 1.25μm. With a large pixel area in the camera, this means that the photosensitive element area is larger and the electromagnetic interference will be reduced due to a larger photosensitive area. Thus resulting in a high-quality picture. The summary is the classic line in the photography circle: everything end in photos.


6. Lots of photo editing features

Photo editing is commonly used by Smartphone users, especially by female users and there are a lot of photo editing Apps. But with Xiaomi Mi5X, you can achieve a variety of photo editing functions without having to download third-party photo editing Apps. Xiaomi Mi 5X (Mi A1) comes with a variety of portrait filters, posters, cute stickers, personalized graffiti and more. Let’s take pictures, and show photos with more geniality.

7. Perfect balance of performance and power consumption Snapdragon 625

Xiaomi Mi5X (Mi A1) uses Snapdragon 625 processor, thus performance and power consumption are very balanced. The 14nm Octo-core processor allows the phone to have a better battery life, at the same time you will not stick in the game or lose the frame. The Xiaomi Mi5X comes with a 3080mAh large battery and 4GB +64 GB storage portfolio, which will meet the requirements of almost all standard users.


8. High-fidelity audio experience

Xiaomi Mi5X (Mi A1) has studio-quality sound quality, DHS Audio Calibration Algorithm that can enhance the phone’s voice capabilities, can give full performance to the potential of headphones with independent amplification, even with 600 ohm high impedance large headphones.

9. Remove unwanted objects from photo

Many friends may have had a beautiful photo with a passer-by, or good scenery with awkward objects, which spoils the appeal of the photo. Xiaomi Mi5X has a magical photo editing feature, which can erase these unwanted objects or people, without professional software like Photoshop.

10. MIUI 9 version

Xiaomi Mi5X (Mi A1) can be enhanced with released MIUI 9 version which is released on November 9th. MIUI 9 has three features that are added, namely acceleration, dynamic resource allocation, and system optimization to start the application, so that the overall mobile phone experience is as fast as lightning. In addition to being able to make the phone faster, MIUI 9 also offers several productivity enhancements for the users such as photo search, information assistants, portals and productivity developments, thus making the complete essence of the mobile phone. 

With so many features of Xiaomi Mi5X(Mi A1), is there anyone who wouldn’t love it? Here is the best deal you can find online!

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[Xiaomi weekly] The ultimate carnival of Double 11 and Mi MIX 2 Full Ceramic Body on sale.

Xiaomi Weekly, your weekly Xiaomi news on select top stories, for the Xiaomi fans served with best quality dosage. Here are this week’s Xiaomi news.

1.    MoU signed between Xiaomi and Qualcomm in presence of leaders of China and United States

On November 9, Lei Jun, founder and chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Company, attended the Sino-US Business Exchange in the Great Hall of the People. Subsequently, in presence of the leaders of China and the United States, Lei Jun and Steve Mollenkopf, CEO of Qualcomm, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on chip procurement projects  

2.    Mi MIX 2 Full Ceramic Edition on sale

MiMIX 2 Full Ceramic Edition, with bezel-less front screen and jade-like full ceramic body is available on sale from midnight (00:00 hours) on November 11 on all platforms.      

3.    500 million in profit! Mi in Double 11, the grand opening of the ultimate carnival

Mi opened with a full fire power in the Double 11 sale, the ultimate carnival that opened on midnight (00:00 hours) on November 11. Mi4A was offered at an unbeatable price of 499 Yuan, MiNote 3 was down by 300 Yuan and with free vouchers, MiTV was also down as high as 1000 Yuan and Mi Notebook Pro and whole lot of products for the exalted carnival!  

4.    MiNote 3 Wu Yifan Limited Edition

MiNote 3 Wu Yifan Limited Edition with back engraving of “Kris Wu” MiNote 3, Wu Yifan’s exclusive album, metal nameplate, and limited edition certificate. This limited edition phone is priced at 2399 Yuan and was on sale from midnight (00:00 hours) on November 11, on Xiaomi Mall / Tmall/ Jingdong and other platforms.  

5.    New Mi6 with 4GB +64 GB storage was released for 2299 Yuan

The new Mi6 with 4GB + 64GB storage is priced only 2299 yuan! With dual zoom cameras, four-axis optical image stabilization, Snapdragon 835 flagship processor, and 5.15 “eye shield” is a product of Xiaomi’s seven years of technological dream, is available from midnight (00:00 hours) on November 11, on Xiaomi platform.  

6.    Xiaomi launches sale in Spain, in its first leg of holding market presence of Xiaomi in Western Europe

On Tuesday, November 7, Xiaomi announced its official entry into Spain in Madrid. This is the first time that Xiaomi has entered the Western European market, marking an important step toward the internationalization of Xiaomi. Built with innovative technologies, a variety of Mi products is being offered with excellent quality and very competitive prices, surprising Spain and the entire Western European smartphone market.