Seasonal Warm Little Hand Xiaomi Wool Touch Gloves


Xiaomi Gloves allow you to feel warmer during winter travel,Northern winter is coming, temperature is dropping and become extremely low. Sometimes it can reach negative degree Celsius, us traveling outside feel chilly and cold, so necessary winter suits are indispensable, for example down jacket, hat, warm leggings, cotton shoes and gloves. We stay on the North side, generally have a few gloves at home. We have leather gloves and also wool gloves with us. Today, what I’m going to bring to you is our Xiaomi Wool Touch Gloves. Let’s take a look at this. Get the cheapest price here!


★Open Box★




▲Xiaomi Gloves have a more festive packaging, overall in warm red color. It’s a change from Xiaomi white packaging style. The front design of the external packaging is relatively simple- it is only an appearance of a glove without unnecessary decoration. The lower left corner of the box is printed ‘Mi’ logo and the function icons. The back of the box is the introduction of this glove’s product information, such as product name, ingredients, materials, manufacturers and other information. The manufacturer is Xiaomi Ecological Chain Corporation- Beijing Sugar Culture and Creativity Limited Corporation.



▲After opening the package, you can see that Xiaomi Gloves is packed with a piece of translucent white paper. The part where the paper connects is glued with a ‘Mi’ logo red circle sticker. This packaging gives a high-end impression to the customer. It is a very attentive company. Let us complement the company on this part.


▲The main component of Xiaomi Wool Touchscreen Glove is: 51% acrylic, 41% wool, 7% polyester and 1% spandex. Knitted pattern on the surface of the glove is similar to the one printed on the package, it looks less monotonous. The boy version of the gloves showed a size, but the official page shows only one size. It is shown on signage that the thumb, index finger, middle finger’s fingertip part contains of metal fiber polyester fiber and spandex cotton etc.Please take note that do not use high-temperature water when rinsing, do not bleach too. 


▲Attentive friends will realize the color of three fingertips of Xiaomi Gloves are different with other fingertips, where the fingertip color is deeper. This is one of the special features of this Xiaomi Gloves, which is touchscreen. We all know that the common gloves are insulated and cannot sweep on the phone screen sweep directly. While our Xiaomi Wool Touch Gloves add the metal fibers in the thumb, index finger and middle fingertips, so that you can conveniently use your phone while wearing gloves.


▲Xiaomi Gloves are not too flexible. I feel a little tight when I wear the gloves, the gloves used thickened and tighten flat needled design in its wrist area. However the wool and cotton gloves will get looser, thus do not need to worry too much.


▲The screen touching on phone is very sensitive after wearing Xiaomi Gloves, without any sense of frustration and it is very smooth. Playing game with this gloves is not a problem, but of course not as good as bare hands feel. Calling during winter travel, chatting and scrolling social media will not be affected at all, moreover the effect of keeping warm is really not bad. Recommend everyone to buy it. Here is the best deal you can find online!

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It’s all about light – Unboxing on Xiaomi Yeelight downlight

The needs in personalization on modern home furnishing is rapidly increasing and a lot of living room and corridor installed downlight as a dimmable decorative lamp. In addition to the prime light, downlight has a lot of brands on the market and the quality is quite uneven. As a Xiaomi eco-chain enterprises that specialize in smart light technology, Yeelight has launched its own downlight products. The following of the reviews, I would like to share with you about the quality and light effect of this Xiaomi Yeelight downlight. Get the cheapest price here!

Appearance unboxing:

As a downlight product, Xiaomi Yeelight downlight is coming with a proper packaging,  or a bit “extravagant”, as compared to other brands of simple packaging, either in bulk or in group foam protection. The front of the square box printed with the picture of Xiaomi LED downlight, it is quite large and heavy if you hold it in hand.


▼You will see the full specification of the products at the side of the box, Xiaomi Yeelight LED downlight rated of 5 watts, compared to the traditional light bulb, the brightness of 5 watts led bulb is good enough. It also has 3000K and 4000K two color temperature to adapt different installation requirements. Effective working hours up to 25,000 hours, to make it clear, if the daily light for 5 hours, it can be used about 13 years, so the lifespan of this Xiaomi led bulb considered very high.


▼ After you Open the Xiaomi Yeelight LED downlight box, you will see the simple manual that tells you how to install and use the led downlight. If you are confident about your hands-on skill, you can install the LED light by yourself, but please keep in mind that the diameter of the hole should be around 9.5-10cm.


▼The entire Xiaomi Yeelight LED downlight is place in a paper box, with the protection by this solid internal box, it avoiding the risk of damage during shipping.


▼ Xiaomi Yeelight downlight and it’s manual, it is all you can find inside the box, in fact, if possible I rather choosing smart downlight, it can be integrated in a smart home concept and enable more setting and easy to control, since Xiaomi LED downlight is the first generation products by Yeelight, I expect it enhance with smart ability on the next version of downlight products.


▼The basic shape of the Xiaomi Yeelight LED downlight is round and it weighs 120 grams, considered a relatively heavy compared to other brands. The diameter of the LED bulb is 120mm, considered large, and it is made by thickening metal material. It is not easy to deform even you bend it hardly, so give you a peace in mind when you do the installation work.


▼ High-quality, smooth and free of impurities high translucent shade provides bright and unobtrusive light, 5 watts of low power consumption can provide 400 lumens brightness, even with large living room you can meet brightness requirements by using multiple led bulb at once.


▼ The Xiaomi led bulb come with integrated thermal design, followed by larger cooling holes at the back, in fact, the heat dissipation as a LED lamp itself is still very low. Compared to some of the brand products that using external led driver, Xiaomi LED downlight used built-in design, with the highly intelligent features of the driver, it gives more protection on overload, short circuit and under-voltage situation, which enhance the security, stability and lifespan of the Xiaomi downlight.


▼Here is one of the strengths of the Xiaomi LED downlight, with the powerful spring snap and the back of the power cable, it can be placed very safe on the ceiling.  I check on the spring to verify its reliability and found out that it is working good.


▼ You can see part of battery cell on cable connectors, the wire material is very solid, and the bare part is after coating procedures, to ensure that even keep in store long time after the factory, but once installed still has good electrical conductivity.


▼ There are marked on live wire and naught wire at the power cable, to assist you in the installation, but you can also recognize it by the different color of the cable.


Similar products comparison:
▼ Why you want to shop around, because you need to find out the best deal, at first the renovation company recommend Benbon LED downlight, it is ordinary downlight with the price range around 20 yuan. You can obviously see the difference between this two by first glance, I think gilding metal at the edge on Benbon downlight may be for beautify the lamp, but for me this material just looks cheap.


▼Benbon LED downlight has external LED driver, so it basically depends on the large gaps on the back for heat dissipation, and this external component gives me a sense of insecurity. While Xiaomi Yeelight LED downlight comes with integrated designs, look compact and the protective cover also can give more protection to its internal components.


▼ Look at the spring snap, well, just take a look at the picture without saying anything, and you should know which one is better.


▼ Look at the cable and its details, the left is the Xiaomi Yeelight LED downlight, the right is the Benbon LED downlight, and I totally feels that the rough cable of the Benbon downlight is unacceptable.


▼ Using light meter to test about the light effect of this two downlight, although the test value is luminous flux, it is not necessarily related to the lumens that stated in the products description. We try to compare which one is better by testing this two products under the same condition.


▼After dark condition text, when the value is fixed, Xiaomi Yeelight downlight reading is 641.


▼After dark condition text, when the value is fixed, Benbon LED downlight reading is 246, it is a big difference among the two downlight and it proves that under the same condition, Xiaomi LED light effect is better than Benbon.


▼In fact, since Benbon LED downlight does not have high transmittance lampshade design, so the light a bit dazzling, which is not comfortable when you stare up at the living room, while illumination by Xiaomi Yeelight LED downlight is relatively soft. Below is the test on low-light condition of this two product, and I do feel that Yeelight is better than Benbon.


Installation and the demo:
▼ Since my old house needs to do a major renovation at this time, so I try to install few Xiaomi Yeelight LED downlight and found it the process is quite easy, you just need to drill a hole with a diameter approximately 9.5-10cm, and then follow the marks on the cable to connect to power supply.


▼ You just need to sort out the spring snap and then place it in the hole and buckle it up and you did for the installation. I feel that if I dare to

connect the cable to power supply, I can install it myself, it is so simple.


▼Post installed demo:
Because it is still under construction, so I cannot show you the overall effect of the Xiaomi LED lamp this moment, but you can still see the light effect of the downlight, even the worker who installed the downlight feel that the light effect and quality of the lamp is great. Below is the actual demo by the Xiaomi downlight, I will show you all the actual effect of the lamp after the renovation completed.

Bar corner:


Living room:






Conclusion of the review:

Xiaomi Yeelight LED Downlight with integrated cooling structure, with solid workmanship, and show you the true color. It is only 5 watts of low power consumption which is very energy-saving, and it can use up to 13 years, so it is reliable and very good quality. No matter you want to install at the corridor, living room or entrance, it gives embellishment to your family with the warm color. With years of experience in decorative lamp fields, Yeelink gives you reliable service and after-sales guarantee. As for the next step, I think it is best to increase intelligent home functional modules, after all, I feel if this downlight can power by smart features, it surely can bring more convenience to the family and create a more intimate atmosphere ~! Here is the best deal you can find online!

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Sharing of Pop Science Grade Review! Xiaomi Mi TDS Pen Water Quality Tester!

I bought Xiaomi Mi TDS pen around 2015, I think from the user point of view, I am “experienced” and able to comment on this,  (suggestion given by thread starter is base on relevant information that I got, and this is mainly my personal opinion.)

Xiaomi TDS pen is measured the conductivity substance in the water and then converted it into a digital number for people to see, but the Mi TDS pen itself is unable to detect bacteria, viruses and other substances. To put it simply, when the TDS value is large, indicating that concentration in the water is high and the water quality is probably not good or contaminated. The low TDS value indicates that the concentration is low and the probability of pollution is lower. Therefore, TDS measurement only gives you an idea of the total dissolved solids in the water, and can not tell you exactly what is the material is, whether it is good or bad.

Knowledge point to add: Xiaomi TDS pen is sensitive to temperature, the higher the water temperature, the TDS value will become larger too. So the measurement will take times for the temperature display by the tester similar to the water temperature to ensure the accuracy of the measurement. 

We need to make it clear here: Xiaomi Mi TDS pen is not the gold standard test for water quality! It is just a convenient way for us to determine the water quality preliminary. It can give you a warning when unexpected water pollution occurs.

Therefore, we do not need delusional or derogatory with malicious intends to Mi TDS pen, we should assess the usefulness of Xiaomi water tester in our daily lives and see whether it is necessary. (PS: Besides measure water quality, Xiaomi Mi TDS pen can use in many other ways and I will show you later in this review)  Get it the cheapest here!

Next is the unofficial unboxing review


I did not throw the packaging box, not because I am a crazy collector but I need this box to keep the pen after use. After all Mi TDS pen is used for measure water quality, I would like to keep it in the clean place after use. The packaging box (= storage box) is an easy and convenient way to keep the Xiao pen. Although it is making with paper, it quite durable and only slightly dirty after some time but still look good overall.


There is basic information, manual and how to read the TDS value listed at the back of the packaging box,  this is one of the reasons I keep the packaging box. It makes the box useful and easy for me to check the information.


Just pull out like a pencil box, it not only increase the usability, but easy to use and keep, the first few pictures look like a used goods, after all, it used more than two years, but inside the box still look new.


When you take out the Xiaomi Mi TDS pen, I think it is as new as a new pen.


Mi logo at the bottom, Xiaomi is already a guarantee of domestic quality, I am confident with it.


TDS button, in fact it is the power button.


Display screen although not shown in color, but it is only a gimmick to put color display screen on this Xiaomi Mi TDS pen.


Test section is protected by a cap, color between cap and the test section is different but look natural, easy to distinguish


At first, I habitually want to cap it like a pencil at the top of the Xiaomi TDS pen, but it does not match, so you need to keep the cap well to prevent it missing. Luckily, the test time is usually very short, a careless man like me also did not lose the cap.


A close look at the core monitoring unit after removing the protective cap, you only need to swing the Xiaomi TDS pen after use to get rid the water and the core monitoring unit will become clean again.


The test method, the use of the Xiaomi water tester is very simple: press the TDS button, insert the tester into the water, waiting for the display to show the value.


1.Before insert into the water, switch on the Mi TDS pen and check whether the display value is 0, under normal circumstances it should be 0, if not, we must see if there is water or malfunction (to do any test, we need to ensure that the test tool is normal, Clinical medical monitoring equipment need to do quality control every day).

2. Like what I mention beginning of the review, the temperature has a great influence on the test structure, so you must not test on the boiling water but need to wait it become cold water, you should check the temperature.

About durability:

I have never replaced the battery since I bought the Xiaomi TDS pen and it still can normal operate!!!

Following is the main content for this review, other uses of  Xiaomi Mi TDS pen : (thread starter gather some of the online information relate with this and do an objective integration analysis, this merely represent personal opinion) 

First, testing the authenticity of cosmetics

A lot of female users are very concerned about the authenticity of the cosmetic bought from Taobao and through daigou(a freelance retail consultant). This method is actually useful, but just like how it measures the water quality, it just assists you to determine the authenticity but not directly tell you the answer.

This belongs to my wife, since the combined contents inside the high-end cosmetics, toner almost the same, so you can use Xiaomi Mi TDS pen to measure the total dissolved solids, the deviation is not too large, indicating the high probability of this bottle is authentic one. 

There are few netizens do a test on brand new SKII Facial Treatment Essence, and the Mi TDS test result is 640, 678, 659 respectively, the value is very close.(Picture obtain from internet, no logo)



If this test method is popular, businesses owner can add or subtract the relevant substance to meet the corresponding TDS value, so that to test the authenticity of cosmetics with Xiaomi Mi TDS pen is useful but it merely just for your reference. Somehow you can use it in certain context like you buy two similar cosmetic products from two different people and you found out the Mi TDS test result is significantly different, then you know that something must be wrong. 

Second, Test on pesticide residues in food

Test the water quality with Xiaomi TDS pen before cleaning the food as a baseline(without any detergent, water cleaning only), if the TDS value increased significantly after cleaning the food, it is possible that excessive pesticides, of course, this is merely a reference and we don’t want you to see this as a gold standard and totally do not believe to the safety of the food you eat.


This is value of the water quality tested by my mother before washing vegetables (my mom like add vinegar, learned it through WeChat), the value is 308.



This is after washing the Chinese cabbage, the value is 317, so in general, I feel ok, my mom comments that may be the current weather is cold so the vegetables are clean also.

Third, good news for people who fish keeping at home, it can remind you when to change the water.



The theory is very simple, I just change water for my turtle and fish, so TDS value should be relatively low, but after a period of time, because of  metabolism, the concentration in the water gets high, and the TDS value was significantly increased, then you know that this is a time to change the water, or the water will become harmful to your little pet. Since my Xiaomi Mi TDS pen is mainly used for monitoring drinking water, please excuse me for skipping this part. 

Fourth, use your divergent thinking, this is really not just a pen to measure water quality

Through the previous example, we can know that by using Xiaomi TDS pen we can measure total dissolved solids in the water and get a TDS value, by the change of the TDS value, we can determine what changes in the water quality. To make it clear, let me show you few more example 

4.1 Hand washing clothes before testing TDS value of tap water, and repeat the test to check the TDS value after washing the clothes to see whether you have to get rid of all the suds.

4.2 Swimming at the swimming pool, before jump into the pool, do a test on water quality and redo it after you get out of the pool. By doing this, you can know whether the businesses owner uses some water recycle devices to prevent the cross infection. 

Well, return to the topic. Do you need it,  how is usability?

In this fast-paced society, just like eating “fast food”  many people like to see the conclusion when reading the post. Well, to satisfy all the spectators, I will give my conclusion first :

Whether you want to buy or if you already have a water purifier, or if you care about water purifying issues, I’d recommend buying one for the emergency. 

Reason for purchase:

If you encounter the circumstances like I mentioned above, you really need to buy one, but in other cases like below I do advise you to buy one because : 
1. Xiaomi Mi TDS pen is easy to carry, whether you travel or business trip, like you need to visit someplace which you lack the confidence to their water quality or when you hotels offer direct drinking water,  you can test the water quality before drink it.

2.Cheap and Xiaomi is brand guarantee, you can rest assured when buying

3.Although the water purifier can measure the water quality, it limited in fixed location 

4.Beside measuring water quality, Xiaomi TDS pen can use in many others way, you can use your creativity to find it.

Here is the best deal you can get online!

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Review on 8H Xiaomi Neck Pillow: Your Best Partner at Work and Leisure

 I was attracted by above image that shows in Mi Store official website and my interest in U1 8H multifunctional Xiaomi neck pillow starting from here.There is no doubt that the girl in the image is beautiful, but this is not the reason I like the pillow. I think Xiaomi pillow is a good use in siesta, especially I saw this girl hugging the pillow and sleep comfortably. It is very suitable for my nap in the office at noon. Of course, its function is more than that. Get it the cheapest here!


             Packaging box with 8H Logo printed on the front, the box is quite small and the nursing neck pillow was folded and kept inside.


               After unboxing, you can see a page of manual that describes few function for Xiaomi neck pillow.


              Inside the package, a small bag with a cute waistband in the middle. The Xiaomi nursing neck pillow is packed inside, people who have used 8H products before, certainly know that their latex elasticity is very good, it can expand to a large size.


             When you take out the pillow, it will slowly expand to a larger size. It is filled with 300g Thai natural latex particles that soft, comfortable and flexible. Base on my personal opinion, it gives you a similar sense of touch with 8H mattresses and pillows, maybe this products all made of same latex material.


              After it fully expands, product size is 640x165mm, approximately 3 times bigger than before. It looks like a caterpillar.

          The pillowcase of the Xiaomi nursing neck pillow is made of high-quality Xinjiang Tianzhu cotton, this fabric is soft, breathable, high elasticity, sense of touch is good and skin-friendly. 160g of Tianzhu cotton fabric dyed first before knitting so it is not easy to fade away(Speaking of fading, I remembered the green Xiaomi rabbit nursing neck pillow, the color is too easy faded away, and now almost turn white), no formaldehyde and other harmful substances, healthy and comfortable.


       Details for the pillowcase, using the same Tianzhu weaving method as Muji brands product (according to the introduction on the official website, seemingly high-end product).This is to increase the breathability of the yarn at the same time, more resilient and elastic, and difficult to pilling.


               In addition, the pillowcase is adding Polygiene(a silver ion antibacterial agent from Sweden) during the spinning process, can effectively inhibit bacteria and prevent odor. Bacteria-free even repeated washing, keep your mind at peace. This Xiaomi neck pillow also received international certification, it is baby’s skin friendly.


              Beside the button, this Xiaomi nursing neck pillow also has a buckle. Although it is a simple plastic buckle, it is professional buckle imported from Japan Nifco company. It is extremely durable, even can use at normal in the extremely cold environment,  excessive bending deformation will not break it, mostly used in outdoor professional fields.


             When you unzipped the pillowcase, you can see a white pillow, it looks like a big pea. Let’s take a look at Xiaomi H8 pillow.


               There is also a zipper inside the Xiaomi neck pillow, when you unzipped it you can see the filler inside, the natural latex particles imported from Thailand. Compared to the latex, latex particles got a large physical space, mobility, more breathable advantages. So it can adapt to a variety of morphological changes for the Xiaomi Nursing Neck pillow.


               Finally, a beautiful photo collection, that briefly introduce the way you can use this “U1 8H multi-function nursing neck Xiaomi pillow”. A variety way of support, and very comfortable. A pillow for a variety of uses, ideal for office use and leisure time. It can be said that every function is practical and comfortable. To the friends who working long hour at the office, you really need for such a multi-functional Xiaomi nursing neck pillow.

Here is the best deal you can find online! 

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[Xiaomi News Weekly] Dec.04th-Dec.10th

Xiaomi Weekly, your weekly Xiaomi news on select top stories, for the Xiaomi fans served with best quality dosage. Here is this week’s Xiaomi news.

①Start from 799 yuan. Redmi 5/5 Plus available on open sale from December 12

New products release of Redmi 5 and Redmi 5 Plus on December 7 ①Redmi 5, 5.7 “thousand yuan full screen display + 3300mAh larger capacity battery + soft light selfie + Snapdragon 450, start from 799 yuan.② Redmi 5Plus, 5.99 “thousand yuan full screen display + 4000mAh larger capacity battery + softlight selfie + Snapdragon 625, start from 999 yuan. Available to sale for the entire store from 10am, December 12.


② Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi attended Wuzhen World Internet Conference

On December 3, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun attended the fourth Internet conference held in Wuzhen. He was interviewed by CCTV2 financial channel at the conference and expressed his opinion on several issues. Xiaomi has its unique way to develop artificial intelligence, it is world largest IoT platform for smart devices and currently connected devices are more than 85 million. With advantage on it own users, equipment and data, it is understandable why Xiaomi put a lot of effort to develop artificial intelligence. We can expect to see how far Xiaomi go in artificial intelligence development after it launches a brand new flagship smartphone next year.


③ Mi Note 3 score 94 in DxOMark evaluation on camera!

DxOMark today released a professional evaluation on Mi Note 3 camera, it is 94 and beat the previous 90 from other smartphones. Mi Note 3 was released on September 11, at that time the best smartphone camera only score 90. After few months release of new flagship smartphone, Mi Note 3 camera score still ranked as world’s top seven! No matter you use it for selfie or taking pictures, it is so beautiful and we are looking forward to hearing your experience!


④ Lei Jun announced Xiaomi next generation of  flagship that release next year will carry Snapdragon 845

On December 6, as the sole representative of mobile phone manufacturers in the world, Lei Jun attended Snapdragon 845 conference held by Qualcomm in Hawaii, USA, and disclosed at the conference that Snapdragon 845 would be used in the next generation of Xiaomi flagship smartphone. Which area do you expect will enhance by Snapdragon 845?


⑤ “Xiaomi Qiangzhan” hundred people battle map version is about to be updated

“Xiaomi Qiangzhan” massive new features and optimization has come.① 100 people battle map – Island map is expanded; more urban areas and supplies refreshment point; more vegetation and cover.② new weapons-M249, machine gun, M14EBR, burning flask.③ newly added swimming ability – when reaching a certain depth of the waters, players can swim or even dive into the water to reach the other side. ④ new vehicle – off-road motorcycle; retro sports car.⑤ new props – gasoline, to provide more fuel for vehicles. Everyone, let’s get hi together!


⑥ 5 Mi Home stores grand opening this week

From December 7 to December 10, a total of 5 Mi Home stores will start business in AEON MALL Wuhan Jinqiao, Liupanshui Wanda Plaza, Jinan Hang Lung Plaza, Pingdingshan Wanda Plaza and Beijing Chaoyang Hopson One mall respectively! During the grand opening, Mi fans will have the opportunity to buy a Mi 5000mAh power bank and Mi power strip with only 10% of it original price 49 yuan. As of now, the number of Mi home stores across the country has reached 258.



Xiaomi Air Purifier 2S Review | More Value Than Mi Air Purifier 2

You can smell the haze at the northern come along with the cool air. The winter in the north, the sky is always gray, even in daylight you can hardly have a clear vision on the road. Since nothing much we can do to improve outdoor air condition, what we can do is keep the indoor air as fresh as we can, and air purifier is the best tools that able to help you to achieve this goal. Not long ago, Mi ecosystem chain released another new set of air purifier which is Xiaomi Air Purifier 2S that priced at 899 yuan. Get it the cheapest here. 


New Xiaomi air purifier 2S model is not only upgraded version of Mi Air 2, but a combination of Mi air purifier Pro features as well. The product retains Mi air purifier 2 filter and with a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) value of 310m³/h, added Pro version features like laser particle sensor and OLED display that enable to shows real-time PM2.5 values. Compared with infrared Sensors features in its predecessor, Xiaomi air purifier 2S version improved a lot on detection accuracy, besides showing PM2.5 values, it can also detect particles as small as 0.3μm in size. 

After talking so much, how was its performance in actual use? Is it worth to buy? With these questions in mind, we do a real test immediately when we get the Mi Air Purifier 2S to get a clear picture of how capable is it.

Before starting the review, lets us have a look on the appearance of Xiaomi air purifier 2s.


Before entering to the pollution season of smog, Xiaomi suddenly released a new air purifier – Xiaomi air purifier 2S, it is an upgraded version of Mi air purifier 2, the most significant difference between this two model is 2S version added an OLED display, while at the same time other features have also been greatly upgraded. Xiaomi air purifier 2S uses high-precision laser particle sensor, can detect fine particle as small as 0.3μm. CADR value is 310m3/h, and the applicable area is 21 ~ 37m.Today, we are fortunate enough to get this air purifier immediately after it releases.

This review we use fast Q & A way to help you quickly have a clear picture of what you need to know about Xiaomi air purifier 2S. 

  No1 Is Mi Air Purifier 2S worth to buy?

This new Xiaomi air purifier currently sells at 899 yuan, only 200 yuan higher than Mi air purifier 2. Let’s take a look at the upgrades included in these two hundred yuan. 

1. Added OLED display just like Xiaomi air Pro version, it can show real-time PM2.5 value, Wi-Fi connection status, and also provide the current indoor temperature and humidity information. During the test, we used a professional detector to compare the PM2.5 value show by Mi air purifier 2S display, and the result is very accurate. If you buy a similar professional air quality detector at Mi website, it is easily cost you 399 yuan, so Xiaomi air purifier 2S version is relatively cheaper at 199 yuan.


 ▲Screenshots from Mijia official website


▲Comparison of PM2.5 value reading on Mi Air Purifier 2S and professional detector 

 2. In order to reduce the pollution of electroplating process to the environmental pollution, Xiaomi air purifier 2S version abandons the sheet metal parts inside the body, the weigh of air purifier included filter only 4.5kg. Even the girl can easily move it around indoors, and I as a woman can carry it with just one hand.

   The body of Xiaomi air purifier 2S is made by ABS weatherable sheet, even prolonged use and sunlight exposure the case will not turn yellow. Base on the actual test, its actual purification efficiency is not bad, can clean the air inside the house within twenty minutes.
In terms of second consumables, Xiaomi air purifier 2S filter is simit with its predecessor, and you can choose among this two option with economic version 149 yuan and enhanced formaldehyde detoxification version 169 yuan. The lifespan of the filter is six months, consider very cost-effective. In terms of noise control or intelligent operation, it is also the leader among the same price products. Overall, it is best air purifier for ordinary user. 

  NO.2 How exactly the purifying effect of Xiaomi air purifier 2S?

Official data show that Xiaomi air purifier 2S is applicable for area around 21 square meters, which can fully purify the air within 10 minutes, and CADR value is 310m3/h. During the actual test, we choosing a room that about 20 square-meter that similar to the average family living room environment, and close the windows and doors and turn off air conditioning. After that, I let my colleagues ignite two cigarettes and waiting for the indoor air PM2.5 values soar up above 800 before turn on Xiaomi air purifier 2S, then turn the wind speed to the maximum, and record the PM2.5 value every five minutes.


▲Initial indoor PM2.5 value


PM2.5 Value – Time(miin)

      As can be seen from the data, it took 15 minutes for PM2.5 value dropped from 500 to 35, purification efficiency is very good. According to the curve, 10 minutes after air purifier operation, PM 2.5 value is significant drop to 119ug / m3, it is enough to prove that the efficiency of air purification is pretty good.

  No. 3 How was noise for the Xiaomi Air Purifier 2S

   Everyone is concerned about noise, is able to affect our daily life deeply. So during the test, we tested the maximum wind speed and the noise level of the sleep mode respectively. The ambient noise of the test environment is about 40 dB, so when sleep mode activates, we hardly feel the difference.


▲Test data: Maximum wind speed


▲Test data: Sleep mode

At maximum wind speed, the noise level is 73.6 dB, slightly higher than the normal conversational decibels. During sleep mode, noise level unchanged, you barely hear any sound other than room environment sound. 

  No.4 How was the wind speed?

With high wind speed, it can speed up the indoor airflow, improve the speed of purification, Mi air purifier 2S able to bring down the PM 2.5 value from  520ug/m3  to 35ug/m3 within 15 minutes. Overall the wind speed blow out by the device is reasonable, and editor would like to demonstrate with a small windmill to help you better observe the device wind speed.


You can clearly see it in the gif image, Xiaomi air purifier 2S blowing strong wind during maximum wind speed mode.

  No. 5 How was the intelligent operation experience by using Xiaomi Air Purifier 2S

Mi air purifier 2S also can control by Mi Home APP, simply follow the instructions to complete configuration on Mi Home APP to control it with the mobile phone. When configuration is complete, open the APP, click on the top right + icon to add device, follow the instruction and select WiFi after click Xiaomi air purifier 2S icon. You will connect to the device after you enter the password, step for the configuration is simple and convenient.


You can switching between different mode on Xiaomi mi air purifier 2S through the app,  the most common use is automatic mode and night mode, you can switch on/off the device with phone too. 


   Xiaomi Mi air purifier 2S power with a number of intelligent features, you can connect to the device with mobile phone to remotely control the smart air purifier, detect air quality at indoor or outdoor, remind to replace the filter, share device and etc. One of the great features is it can be used in conjunction with other smart devices. For example, when the OLED display shows the humidity is low, you can use your Mi Home APP to turn on the humidifier, to ensure the balance state at home. 

Summary: As of this test, the test section of this product has basically ended. Based on the comprehensive test result in product performance, design or human intelligence, Xiaomi air purifier 2S score a good rate. Its performance is overpowering most of the same price range product in the market. Power by the new laser particle sensor and OLED display, it works well to assist you to protect the health of the whole family by clean air. Our conclusion is obvious, this product is currently priced at 899 yuan, and I will recommend you to buy it. Here is the best deal you can find online.



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Mi Sports Bluetooth headset | Awake Your Low Profile in Extravagance Lifestyle

After using quite a number of headsets, I begin to have a unique understanding and own expectation to the headsets. I have a deep understanding of Xiaomi headsets, which included its eco-chain enterprise self-owned headsets, and I sincerely love and recommend Mi Sports Bluetooth headset, it is so convenient. As compared to other brands Bluetooth headsets, Mi sports Bluetooth headset is simple, youthful, low profile in extravagance, which suit the characteristic of the young people. Compare to Mi Bluetooth headset, this one has been greatly improved that give you a sensory experience in listening music while exercising. As the first sports Bluetooth headset launch by Xiaomi, it power by anti-drop ear hook design, 7 hours ultra-long of music playback, water and sweat-proof feature, and basically nothing can complain about this Xiaomi Mi Sports bluetooth headset. Get it the cheapest here!

White simple packaging, giving a refreshing feeling. Translucent front cover design allows users feel the pure elegance of the Mi sports bluetooth headset at first glance. Simple design with details of full specifications of Mi sports bluetooth headset, Xiaomi really take a good care of all its own products. 


Xiaomi sports Bluetooth headset place at “heart” shape inside the box, firstly as a symbolic of diligent designed, carefully prepared and developed, secondly represent Mi sports Bluetooth headset will be dedicated to serving you. Inside the box includes: Headphone * 1, charging cable * 1, manual * 1, silicone earbuds * 5. No cumbersome mix, just dedication to delivering a graceful sound to please your finicky ears.

Mi sports Bluetooth headset comes with 5 different sizes of earbuds, user can change it according to sports, music and other different scenarios. The sporting earbuds are semi-enclosed design, to increase the recognition of the environmental sound, so you will be able to hear the sound of vehicles around, to ensure your safety when you doing outdoor activities. Music Earbuds is in closed design, so you can better immerse in the sound field, allowing you to enjoy more music details. A full range of equipment, more appropriate listening.


Inclined earbuds, conform to the outline of the ear hole, more comfortable, better delivery and preservation of sound quality.


Multi-process metal appearance, manufactured using CNC carved cut, borax process and twice anodizing technologies with 18 procedures, anodized aluminum metal appearance assembly process, exquisite metal texture, high strength wear-resistant and non-slip, the use of laser nano-spray technology that forms the 51 laser micro-perforation, can effectively make the light uniform and waterproof.


Mi sports bluetooth headsets with separate wire-balanced design, can easily switch between call and listening music, It is easy and very convenient. Micro-adjustable ear hook design, with the flexible and slow rebound characteristic of the soft silicone, when worn will automatically rebound to fit in your ear, easy to wear, comfortable and not easy to fall, even if you doing strenuous exercise for a long time, the ear is still feeling good. Comfortable to wear and not easy to fall off.


Hidden charging port, with 100 mAh polymer lithium battery, using of professional energy-saving circuit, 7 hours of music playback on a fully charged battery, which approximately 120 songs and you can enjoy the music even for a far distance exercise. Standby time about 11 days, so you do not need to charge it frequently, even running out of battery, with fast charging for 10 minutes, you can continue listening song for 1 hour.


Ultra-short cable, coated with UV paint that offering a comfortable hands-free feeling, skin-friendly, delicate, comfortable, but only enough to surround the neck. However, overall the cable is still slightly longer, I think the length of the cable should be just the distance between the two ears.


The power button and white headsets indicator, easy to switch on and you can start enjoys your listening experience!


Mi sports bluetooth headset is my favorite sports bluetooth headset, it hasl the basic features and at the same time have a good design. The use of laser nano-spray technology make the Mi bluetooth headset abrasion resistant and sweat-proof, even if the headset get dirt, you can gently wipe out the stains and it will look like brands new again. It can easily deal with the sweat and the rain water, so you can enjoying your favorite sports even on a rainy day.


Whether you wear Mi Bluetooth headset for immersing the pleasuring of music time or passionate battles in the mobile game, I find that you are so pretty when you are quiet.


Youthful and luxury Mi sports Bluetooth headset, I am totally addicted to it, once wear on the ear cannot take off, because it is too convenient. Power by dynamic speaker unit + metal composite diaphragm combination, it can efficiently decrease the distortion of sound, so you can listening to the more stable and clearer sound. When you doing outdoor activities especially exercise, Mi Bluetooth sports headset can be your best personal playmate, your road-trip will no longer feel lonely. Mi sports Bluetooth headsets is my style of practices Mi way.

Mi sports Bluetooth headsets, be the headsets that every young people want it! Here is the best deal you can get online!


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[Xiaomi News Weekly] Nov.27th-Dec.3nd

Xiaomi Weekly, your weekly Xiaomi news on select top stories, for the Xiaomi fans served with best quality dosage. Here is this week’s Xiaomi news.

“Thousand yuan full-screen phone”, the launching of Redmi 5/Redmi 5 Plus
The new products releases of Redmi 5  and Redmi  5 Plus at 2pm on December 7, will bring “Thousand Yuan Full-Screen phone” to more people.With the national beauty girl group SNH48 together for the new launching of the new redmi thousand yuan full-screen phone, are you ready?

Xiaomi IoT become the world largest IoT platform for smart hardware

This coming Wednesday, Mi IoT Internet of things conference, Lei Jun announced that: as of the end of years 2017, over 85 million smart devices connecting to Mi IoT platform! And daily active devices is more than 10 million! Mi IoT becomes the world’s largest IoT platform for smart hardware. In addition, Mi mobile release the Mi Internet of Things communication platform, esim technology and SecSIM security solution during the conference.Our goal is to allow everyone to enjoy the fun of smart interaction from Xiaomi!

Lei Jun was elected vice chairman of the All-China Federation of Commerce

On Tuesday, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Mr. Lei Jun was elected vice chairman of the All-China Federation of Commerce during 12th Executive Committee of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce. 

Mi Mix 2 Starck limited edition available for sale

Mi Mix 2 Starck limited edition, 3000 set ceramic black Mi Mix 2 debut world limited edition with Starck’s signature inscribed on the back, as well as the exquisite collection certificate. It is sold out at Mi Store on November 28. In addition, other versions of the Mi MIX 2 is available in open sale at Mi store.

Mi Super God opening beta test for whole network

Mi Super God is opening beta test for the whole network since 18:00 yesterday. Features with east legendary hero and 5v5 fair battles, Mi Super God give you a sensory Moba gaming experience that just like PC games. Beta version also opening the unique social interaction moba2.0 gameplay, with a custom nameplate system, free to view teammates, single play also not lonely, every game can meet new friends, new way to unlock the new match! Let’s play together!

⑥ Second batch of exclusive Disney theme warm heart online
Disney’s exclusive theme for Mi theme adds another new product! Debut of  Disney Pixar’s latest animated movie “Coco” custom theme, let the sensation feeling of the movie last longer! Besides that, there are [Toy Story] + [Little Mermaid] new custom theme over the same line! Go to Mi theme client now to download and experience it!

⑦ Taiwan media delegation visit Mi home flagship store at Shenzhen
On November 26, a delegation of Taiwanese media that specialize in reporting Internet and technology news came to the Mi home flagship store in Shenzhen Mixc World that located at Nanshan, Shenzhen to experience black technology. In addition to the experience of the store’s products, the reporters also personally tried the unique interaction form of the interactive flagship store such as interactive shopping wall, Youpin scan and buy and mobile payment, and also took pictures at the “Mi way” and the front door.



30 Days Ultra long durability! Xiaomi Mijia Portable Electric Mi Shaver Review

Recently, Mi companies and its ecosystem partners have introduced many new products, since the Double 11 is in the corner, that is a good timing to buy this “little toy” Xiaomi Mi Shaver that cost less than 200 yuan and I will show you about some criteria of this product.  Get it the cheapest here!

 Chapter one unboxing

Basically, all the Mi products use a white packaging box with product logo design, it is simple and environmentally friendly, the back of the box listed the voltage, power and product accessories.



Chapter two Product Showcase

I do not know if anyone else has such a feeling, whenever I buy a new thing, I would like to open it immediately and the first glance for this product is pretty amazing. The first impression that I saw the Mi shaver is like this is really a toy. It is compact and sleek, and barely see the button on the body. Before uncapped the shaver, you may guess that this is a power bank, lighter or cigarette case but certainly you will not think that this actually is a Xiaomi Mi electric shaver.


Hidden power switch on the side of the blade, the design is ingenious.


    Chapter Three elaboration on Xiaomi Mijia Portable electric shaver:

Let’s start with the appearance of Mi Shaver, the extra compact and full metal body, with 18 step process, matte texture feel very good, the lid is made of polished anodized aluminum that makes it show mirror-like glossy effect, it is clearly in contrast to the shaver body.

Since it is a portable device, then we have to take a look at the Xiaomi Mijia portable electric shaver parameters, it is compact and slim, let’s take a look at the following photos that illustrate its characteristics.


I am sure many of you are wearing jeans, everyone has its own thought of this small pocket, some people think that this is the place to keep lighters, while others may think it is for watch, by the way Steve Jobs thinks it is best fit for ipod nano.


But from this moment I tell you that it is a place to keep Mi shaver, completely fit in.


Good appearance is not the only reason we buy a thing, besides good looking, it also needs to perform well. With a powerful motor at 7800 rpm per minute, easily shave the beards.

Besides the powerful motor, Mi electric shaver also equipped with a good blade that is Yasugi specialty steel imported from Japan, steel hardness is above 60RHC, it is worth to tell that this is similar steel that uses for production of Japanese traditional samurai, combined of sharp and resilience. The angle of the blades at 27 degrees has improved the sharpness and precision when shaving.


Finally, talk about the blade net of the Mi shaver, you may not pay attention to this minor components, but this small component that just less than 4 square centimeters have 1148 hole that designed with Unique Voronoi (geometric construction by dragonfly’s wing) mesh blade net for larger touch to face, give you precise shaving. Blade net coating with Sn-co alloy, it is durable and resilience, extend the service life and at the same time give you ultra-comfy touch.


    Chapter four Accessibility:

Although Xiaomi Mi shaver is small, one charge can last for 30 days with it built-in custom high-density lithium polymer batteries, according to the use of 3 minutes per day, full power can be used 90 minutes which approximately 30 days. It is worth mentioning that the Xiaomi shaver using a USB Type-C charging interface, compatible with mobile phone charger, so you do not need to carry extra charger when traveling, the bottom of the charging port with a power indicator, it will blinking when charge.


Finally, a summary of the Xiaomi mi shaver, after use for one week, I feel that this device is very compact, easy to carry, with its precise shaving strength, you will really enjoy when shaving the beards. This device is not recommended to use by people who have very long beards. 

Unique design by this Xiaomi electric shaver makes it quite difficult for us to compare with the rotating blade design electric shaver. When you shaving, the volume is high, but most of the similar product got this kind of problem, so if you really want to buy it, you do not need to consider on this issue. 

In order to ensure long lasting of the blade, it is recommended that you clean the blade net and the remnants with a small brush.

Here are a few more pictures, please take a look at this, and this is the comparative size of the Xiaomi electric shaver with Mi 10000mAH power bank 2.


Due to work, I can not show you before and after photo for the beards shaving, I can just show you the looks after shaving the beards.


 Here is the best deal you can find online!



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Xiaomi Will Launch New Smartphone Xiaomi Mi P1

It’s been a long time since Xiaomi releases their new phone and the last one is during Xiaomi autumn new product release conference. With the upcoming 28th, the major mobile phone manufacturers are all hurrying to release their own new mobile phones by the end of the year. There is unofficial info said that Xiaomi will release a new model mobile phone very soon and this is new series of Mi mobile phone with the code name “P”!

As shown in the image above, this is new phone model of the Xiaomi and we would like to name it Mi P1. You can clearly see it from the picture above, Mi P1 has a full-screen display with 18: 9 aspect ratio. The size is around 6.01 inches, with slim and delicate body, you can sense a comfortable feel when holding it in hand. Since it has a full-screen design, it discards the fingerprint reader at the front but retains the original handset, sensors, cameras and etc on the top.


If you take a serious look at Mi P1, it will feature selfie soft light front camera and additional fill light near the sensor at the top. Its design looks like Redmi Note 5A, so base on the estimate Mi P1 should be equipped with 13MB selfie soft light camera and 12 MB dual camera on the rear that supported optical image stabilization.


Due to cost control factors, there is likely Mi P1 will sale at two version which the standard edition that equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor and enhanced edition that use  Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor. Xiaomi P1 starting from 4GB RAM and 64GB of internal memory but can expandable to 6GB RAM and 128GB of internal memory. The battery capacity is 3100mAh, support fast-charge,  with USB Type-C interface, the price of Xiaomi P1 standard edition is 1699 yuan, and enhanced edition maybe up to 1999 yuan.


One of the goals that Xiaomi launching of Mi P1 is competing with vivo and OPPO series phones, by it beautiful design, same quality and cost-effective strategy. To deals with the imminent threat posed by Xiaomi in offline market vivo and OPPO will be very headache for some time in the future. Will you expect the launching of the Mi P1? Here is the cheapest Xiaomi products you can find online!