Orange starts with 5G. In July, there will be 6 million phones in the # hello5G range

Orange has had enough of waiting. The operator decided not to delay the 5G frequency auction, which was postponed due to the epidemic . From the first of July # hello5G starts on the band used by LTE.

A new generation of cellular networks will appear in Europe a little later than expected. COVID-19 thwarted plans for the telecommunications industry around the world, including in Europe. Operators operating in our country still do not know exactly where they are, because the frequencies for the 5G network are still not allocated.

No wonder that some of them decide to introduce numerous 5G elements to their LTE infrastructure. With this decision a long time waited Orange, clearly recognizing that the old frequencies 5G is a harbinger of what awaits us on the right. However, it cannot be denied that corporate clients of the orange operator’s competitors have been learning to create completely new 5G-based services for some time. Orange finally changes his mind.

Orange 5G from July 1. The network will start at 1.6 thousand base stations.

The network will be available, among others, in Warsaw, Łódź, Kraków and Katowice. Orange estimates in its information sent to the media that, in effect, this means that 6 million people will be within the reach of the new generation of networks. Although Orange does not want to call it that by itself, describing the project as # hello5G – honestly hinting that the real 5G is still a little lacking.

The 2100 MHz band will be used to launch the new service. Thanks to the refarming that has been carried out for two years and the changed way of managing network resources, the operator was able to allocate part of this band to the needs of # hello5G. In the future, this band will help 5G inside buildings. The operator is already conducting field trials in the 3.5 GHz and 26 GHz bands.

– It’s just the first step on our way to 5G. We need frequency to get there. Therefore, we hope that the band allocation process will start soon so that we can efficiently build this next generation network, for the benefit of the Polish economy – says Jean-François Fallacher, President of Orange Polska

It is worth remembering that to use the 5G network, the modem of our device (phone, tablet, router and so on) must be compatible with it. Fortunately, Orange will have such equipment on offer.

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Orange starts with 5G. In July, there will be 6 million phones in the # hello5G range