One of the best iOS and macOS apps available absolutely for free. Take Reeder 4 while they give it

Reeder 4 for free. Do you need to add anything more?

Apple’s hardware applications usually cost a lot of money, although they offer functionality similar to free Android applications. The Reeder 4 has always been worth paying for, but now that the app is free, it would be a sin not to download.

For many readers, RSS is an extinct form of tracking content on the Internet, but for a large group it is still an effective way to keep up with the most important information and control what we click on the Internet. While in recent years RSS readers have been replaced by aggregators such as Google News, social media and automatic search engine suggestions, using an RSS reader is the best way to make sure that we read what we want, not what the algorithm suggests. or not very bright friends.

And there’s no better RSS reader than the Reeder 4 .

Reeder 4 is the best RSS reader app. It is used by most of Spider’s Web editors and for good reason – it is intuitive, allows you to view RSS streams from various engines (eg Feedly, which I personally use) and synchronizes perfectly between devices. Of course, those with a bitten apple on the housing, because it is still not available on other platforms (unfortunately).

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