Official: Huawei will rely on HarmonyOS from 2021 and will drop Android

That’s it for Android on Huawei smartphones. Because from 2021 the manufacturer will officially rely on its own HarmonyOS.

HDC 2020 is running and HarmonyOS 2.0 was presented there. And then Huawei dropped the bomb! From 2021 many new devices will be equipped with HarmonyOS 2.0.

Huawei wants to become completely independent of all other manufacturers and will then also rely on its own OS from next year. And that will not only run on smartphones but also on all other devices. You then create your own ecosystem, as you know it from Apple.

The HarmonyOS beta will start on smartphones from December 2020, and the first devices will be available from 2021. And little by little, Huawei wants to equip all new devices with its own OS.

But there are still two catches. First, how long will Huawei be able to build smartphones and second, how well will HarmonyOS be received? Is it a full replacement for Android yet? Will it only start in China or also in western markets?

It’s going to be an exciting time and it’s all or nothing for Huawei.


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