Offer of the day: used Mac Pro for 44,000 dollars.

A very good offer for a used Mac Pro has appeared on the Apple website. The price is unique: a modest 44 thousand. dollars.

No accidents, undamaged, after service, hardly driven … and all in all, because there are no famous wheels, but the most ordinary feet in the world. We’re talking about a used, refurbished Mac Pro that has appeared in the official Apple store.

The Apple Store offers refurbished – including used – equipment from today. Most often these are products from returns or from the website, when Apple decides that it will give the customer a completely new equipment, and repair the old one on their own.

Refurbished certified Apple products have new batteries and cases, have all accessories, are sold with a one-year warranty, and actually the only difference to the new product is the other – completely white – box.

Now is the real deal. The good news is: you save $ 7,740 Unfortunately, it is also bad: you have to spend 44 thousand. dollars. And without tax.

The opportunity on the Apple website is really unique. Sold – let’s remind you that a used and refurbished computer costs $ 43,859 Yes, almost 44,000 dol before adding the tax.

It’s an absolute price record when it comes to refurbished hardware on the Apple website, but we’re talking about a real white crow. The opportunity applies to the latest Mac Pro model in an almost top variant.

On board we have the best available processor Intel Xeon W 2.5 GHz with 28 cores. Plus two top Radeon Pro Vega II Duo cards, each with 2 × 32 GB HBM2 memory. An additional 10,000 Apple Afterburner card was not compromised. zł. The icing on the top of the cake is, however, RAM, because in this configuration we have … 1.5 TB of RAM (12 x 128 GB). This is the largest amount that can be installed on this computer.

The only element that has not been maximized is the disk. The sold computer is equipped with a modest 2 TB SSD storage, while the maximum variant is 8 TB.

A brand new computer with this configuration costs exactly $ 51,599 on A tax should be added to the amount, the amount of which varies depending on the state. For New York, the tax is $ 4,579, giving a total of $ 56,178.41. In the Polish Apple store, the same set costs PLN 255,999.00 (easy, already with VAT).

You don’t often see computers with 1.5 TB of RAM.

However, if you need such equipment, now you can save exactly $ 7740 on it. All you need is the Pro Display XDR monitor (even with a $ 1000 stand, because if you go crazy, go crazy) and the optional wheels for your computer case. There will still be 1043 dollars for cotton balls. Possibly for something small with Windows, so that colleagues would not laugh that on the computer for 44 thousand. dollars. you can’t even play The Witcher 3.

Offer of the day: used Mac Pro for 44,000 dollars.