Not all TVP services work. Including VOD TVP

State television stopped broadcasting online. No service or website in the and domains works. Just during the broadcast of the Ski Jumping Cup.

Telewizja Polska is currently available only in analog form. Unfortunately, no online services related to TVP work for the time being. So you cannot read news and editorial materials on and Unfortunately, which is particularly severe, TVP’s VOD services do not work either. So you cannot watch both archival materials and, above all, live broadcasts. What fans regret.

TVP and TVP Info did not work. There is a failure. What to do?

Unfortunately, we as viewers cannot do much. Restarting the computer, phone or smart TV will not help. We must wait patiently until the problems are resolved.

We are also trying to find out what actually happened and at the moment we are waiting for the answer of the TVP spokesman. We feel sorry for the fans.

Not all TVP services work. Including VOD TVP