New chance? Honor switches to MediaTek chipsets

As the United States imposed new bans and sanctions on Huawei and its suppliers, the manufacturer was forced to make some difficult decisions.

Honor, a subsidiary of Huawei and also a smartphone manufacturer, now wants to switch to MediaTek chipsets in order to get the business going again and to advance.

Since Honor belongs to Huawei, it was only natural that the manufacturer also use the Kirin chips from Huawei in its devices. Given the existing sanctions, Honor really has no choice but to choose an alternative. This alternative comes from MediaTek.

As reported by CNMO , the Honor President spoke at an event about some solutions the company could use. Honor’s look at MediaTek’s 5G chipsets is one such solution.

With this step, the newly introduced Honor X10 could actually be the last device with the Kirin chipset, at least for the time being.

It would not be the first time that Huawei, Honor and MediaTek are working together as MediaTek delivers components for Huawei’s various IoT and network products. However, this would be a premiere for smartphone chipsets.

Time will tell if the US sanctions are lifted and Huawei can normalize its business again. As long as that, at least Honor with MediaTek SoC will continue to sell smartphones.

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