Microsoft Surface Duo: Repairing is not

The Microsoft Surface Duo is now available in the USA. The fun costs just under $ 1,400 – but woe, something is defective.

The repair experts from iFixit have now taken the first Android smartphone from Microsoft to the chest. And of course we wanted to know how easy it is to repair it in an emergency.

And what can you say, if a defect should really occur, then the users of the folding smartphone really pulled the ars … card. In other words, it can’t be repaired.

In principle, the Microsoft Surface Duo can also be thrown away if something should be defective. Because the device only achieved 2 out of 10 possible points in the iFixit rating.

Unusual screws, a USB-C connection that is firmly soldered to the mainboard, and the excessive use of adhesive are said to be particularly annoying.


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