Mi Pen – a signature experience and a cost-effective option

As the first signature pen of the company, Mi Pen has drawn much attention from everyone. When Mi Eco-Chain Enterprise launched this xiaomi pen for 19 Yuan, nobody thought that it would spread like a wildfire, that they were out of stock in no time at the Xiaomi Mijia Stores, and people were purchasing it online and willing to pay an extra 10 Yuan for shipment. The Xiaomi mijia pen uses imported Swiss refill and imported Japanese ink. The refill uses a high-precision spring-sealed pen ball thus offering high durability and does not allow the ink to dry easily. The scientifically proven 9.5mm diameter offers a comfortable grip, of course it is enjoyable to write with the Mi pen, an experience that you do not want to miss. Get it the cheapest here! The packing of this Mi Pen by MiJia is very small and convenient, and when you hold in your hand you feel that it is pretty when compared to other pen (in their boxes).

The front of the package is also very simple, Xiaomi’s classic simple style.

Mi Pen is available in two colors, white or black. However, at present only the white variant is on sale, and you may have to wait for the black one.

The back of the package contains Mi Pen related parameters and details of manufacturer.

Xiaomi Pen (with packaging) compared to Mitsubishi UM100 Gel pen, may make you feel that the Xiaomi Pen is slighting shorter, but do not form an opinion yet, you do not know the feel factor. Mi Pen comes with a reusable packaging. Open the top the box, and the Xiaomi Mijia Pen along with the pen holder can be pulled out. Comparison between Xiaomi MiJia Pen and Mitsubishi UM100 shows that Mi Pen is significantly more delicate.

Xiaomi Mijia Pen looks elegant, not bad craftsmanship at all.

Meticulously packed Mi Pen, with pen holder and package box.

You will notice that Xiaomi pen has a red protection at the tip.

Here is the close up of the tip of the pen, secured with a redprotection cover.

The Mi Pen is simple to open. Rotate it counter-clockwise, and it is done. Here are the three disassembled parts. Mi Pen refill is imported from Switzerland, and the ink is imported from Japan. The actual writing process is very smooth. In the refill you will see the logo of MiJia and on the other side you will see the logo of Premec, the Swiss refill manufacturer. This shows that Xiaomi’s commitment to producing a quality product. As the first signature pen from MiJia, Xiaomi Pen with a price tag of 19 Yuan looks rather high, however not as high as international brand pens like Mitsubishi UM100. Though the pen is convenient and the writing experience is very good, Mi Pen at 19 Yuan is high. If someone is brand conscious and willing to pay premium for the brand, then they may choose Mont Blanc or other premium brands rather than MiJia. However, for the young millennials, a Mi Pen for 19 Yuan is a cost-effective option for a signature pen. Here is the best deal you can find online!

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