Mi 11 may become the first Chinese smartphone to use Snapdragon 875

According to Digital Chat Station, a very well-known insider of Chinese smartphones, said that Mi 11 may become the first Chinese smartphone to use Snapdragon 875.

In addition, it came to surprise to us that Qualcomm may give an exclusive period. Remember, folks, that exclusive period only means that Xiaomi will be the only company to sell a smartphone with Snapdragon 875 on a given period. This move may help Xiaomi to be on a position to gain more shipments than the other smartphone brands.

Although, this is somehow surprised us, but definitely, we understand the ties between the apple of China and Qualcomm. If we recall, Xiaomi always had the privilege to use Qualcomm’s flagship processor.

Moreover, this contract between Xiaomi and Qualcomm will leave a big question to all of us–consumers. How long will this exclusive period last? Will it last for two months? Will it last for three months? Well, that’s something we can hear for the next couple of months.


We say that we will know it within the next couple of months because it is always that Qualcomm announced their flagship SoCs in December. And then, a company will announced that they’re the first brand to use Qualcomm’s latest flagship processor.

So, if Snapdragon 875 will be announced in December, hence, we can expect Xiaomi to announce or leak Mi 11 to become the first smartphone to use the latest flagship processor from Qualcomm.

Prediction about Snapdragon 875

We expect that the Snapdragon 875 has a size of 5nm and will have Snapdragon X60 modem. Remember, Qualcomm use Snapdragon X50 on Snapdragon 865. So, we can expect a new line of 5G modem with an additional bandwidth.

Lastly, we can also expect a more efficient processor this time, and we can expect an additional boost of performance. The margin of power between Snapdragon 865 and 855 is huge, so we expect the same margin between Snapdragon 875 and 865.

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