Justyna Socha gives an ultimatum to the president. He demands that he cancel the pandemic

Surely you associate at least one situation in your life when someone shared with you such an absurd opinion on a subject that you were speechless with impressions and did not even try to explain that it was not at all …

And I have a little bit about the statements of Justyna Socha, who is one of the most recognizable opponents of vaccines in Poland. The worst part of all this is that – as it seems – Socha believes in the theories she makes publicly without a blink of an eye and whenever she has the opportunity.

Socha says the coronavirus does not exist.

Now, for example, at an annual anti-vaccination protest, which participants meet at Castle Square in Warsaw, Justyna Socha claimed, among other things, that the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus does not exist.

Yes, it does not exist, and the pandemic caused by the non-existent virus is just another attempt to control citizens with Orwellian methods of social engineering. Do you think I’m making up? Please:

# StopCOVID1984 We are canceling the pandemic. 10 July 2020 at 17:00 Castle Square.

Published by Justyna Socha Monday, June 29, 2020

If the coronavirus does not exist, then probably biotechnology companies that are involved in the search for an effective vaccine are really working on something completely different. Of course, we don’t know what, or at least I don’t know, because I can’t keep up with the pace of development of the theories promoted by Socha.

Or is it simply a method of making a political career?

Justyna Socha has already run twice in elections to the Polish Sejm. In 2015, she competed with the Kukiz’15 list and won 2,818 votes. Four years later, already in the colors of the Confederation, she managed to get 3834 votes. If this trend persisted, Socha could become an MP. An obstacle issued by the District Court in Poznań is a final judgment for defamation of the doctor Paweł Grzesiowski.

Soch had to give up the role of an aspiring politician, but she remained a devoted loyal "social worker". The support of the Polish anti-vaccine group may be more important than we think. This would explain why politicians are beginning to appear at anti-vaccine demonstrations. This year Grzegorz Braun was with them at Plac Zamkowy. You have to admit that he can choose his audience perfectly. Even when he undertakes the interpretation of Star Wars.

Justyna Socha is now trying to influence President Andrzej Duda. I urge him to cancel – here the quote – "pandemiopsychosis." If the president does, he can count on Socha’s support in the election. And probably several thousand of its fans and would-be voters.

Let Andrzej Duda cancel the pandemiopsychosis and finish with the korapanika. Then I will vote.

Published by Justyna Socha Monday, June 29, 2020

I completely feel the great consternation I mentioned at the beginning of this text. This happens every time I think that people who hold such views can not only appear in public debate, but also get the applause of the multitude of supporters.

It only seems funny for a moment, but then we learn with the same disbelief that the president of the most powerful power in the world begins to doubt science-backed science.

Justyna Socha gives an ultimatum to the president. He demands that he cancel the pandemic