The needs in personalization on modern home furnishing is rapidly increasing and a lot of living room and corridor installed downlight as a dimmable decorative lamp. In addition to the prime light, downlight has a lot of brands on the market and the quality is quite uneven. As a Xiaomi eco-chain enterprises that specialize in smart light technology, Yeelight has launched its own downlight products. The following of the reviews, I would like to share with you about the quality and light effect of this Xiaomi Yeelight downlight. Get the cheapest price here!

Appearance unboxing:

As a downlight product, Xiaomi Yeelight downlight is coming with a proper packaging,  or a bit “extravagant”, as compared to other brands of simple packaging, either in bulk or in group foam protection. The front of the square box printed with the picture of Xiaomi LED downlight, it is quite large and heavy if you hold it in hand.


▼You will see the full specification of the products at the side of the box, Xiaomi Yeelight LED downlight rated of 5 watts, compared to the traditional light bulb, the brightness of 5 watts led bulb is good enough. It also has 3000K and 4000K two color temperature to adapt different installation requirements. Effective working hours up to 25,000 hours, to make it clear, if the daily light for 5 hours, it can be used about 13 years, so the lifespan of this Xiaomi led bulb considered very high.


▼ After you Open the Xiaomi Yeelight LED downlight box, you will see the simple manual that tells you how to install and use the led downlight. If you are confident about your hands-on skill, you can install the LED light by yourself, but please keep in mind that the diameter of the hole should be around 9.5-10cm.


▼The entire Xiaomi Yeelight LED downlight is place in a paper box, with the protection by this solid internal box, it avoiding the risk of damage during shipping.


▼ Xiaomi Yeelight downlight and it’s manual, it is all you can find inside the box, in fact, if possible I rather choosing smart downlight, it can be integrated in a smart home concept and enable more setting and easy to control, since Xiaomi LED downlight is the first generation products by Yeelight, I expect it enhance with smart ability on the next version of downlight products.


▼The basic shape of the Xiaomi Yeelight LED downlight is round and it weighs 120 grams, considered a relatively heavy compared to other brands. The diameter of the LED bulb is 120mm, considered large, and it is made by thickening metal material. It is not easy to deform even you bend it hardly, so give you a peace in mind when you do the installation work.


▼ High-quality, smooth and free of impurities high translucent shade provides bright and unobtrusive light, 5 watts of low power consumption can provide 400 lumens brightness, even with large living room you can meet brightness requirements by using multiple led bulb at once.


▼ The Xiaomi led bulb come with integrated thermal design, followed by larger cooling holes at the back, in fact, the heat dissipation as a LED lamp itself is still very low. Compared to some of the brand products that using external led driver, Xiaomi LED downlight used built-in design, with the highly intelligent features of the driver, it gives more protection on overload, short circuit and under-voltage situation, which enhance the security, stability and lifespan of the Xiaomi downlight.


▼Here is one of the strengths of the Xiaomi LED downlight, with the powerful spring snap and the back of the power cable, it can be placed very safe on the ceiling.  I check on the spring to verify its reliability and found out that it is working good.


▼ You can see part of battery cell on cable connectors, the wire material is very solid, and the bare part is after coating procedures, to ensure that even keep in store long time after the factory, but once installed still has good electrical conductivity.


▼ There are marked on live wire and naught wire at the power cable, to assist you in the installation, but you can also recognize it by the different color of the cable.


Similar products comparison:
▼ Why you want to shop around, because you need to find out the best deal, at first the renovation company recommend Benbon LED downlight, it is ordinary downlight with the price range around 20 yuan. You can obviously see the difference between this two by first glance, I think gilding metal at the edge on Benbon downlight may be for beautify the lamp, but for me this material just looks cheap.


▼Benbon LED downlight has external LED driver, so it basically depends on the large gaps on the back for heat dissipation, and this external component gives me a sense of insecurity. While Xiaomi Yeelight LED downlight comes with integrated designs, look compact and the protective cover also can give more protection to its internal components.


▼ Look at the spring snap, well, just take a look at the picture without saying anything, and you should know which one is better.


▼ Look at the cable and its details, the left is the Xiaomi Yeelight LED downlight, the right is the Benbon LED downlight, and I totally feels that the rough cable of the Benbon downlight is unacceptable.


▼ Using light meter to test about the light effect of this two downlight, although the test value is luminous flux, it is not necessarily related to the lumens that stated in the products description. We try to compare which one is better by testing this two products under the same condition.


▼After dark condition text, when the value is fixed, Xiaomi Yeelight downlight reading is 641.


▼After dark condition text, when the value is fixed, Benbon LED downlight reading is 246, it is a big difference among the two downlight and it proves that under the same condition, Xiaomi LED light effect is better than Benbon.


▼In fact, since Benbon LED downlight does not have high transmittance lampshade design, so the light a bit dazzling, which is not comfortable when you stare up at the living room, while illumination by Xiaomi Yeelight LED downlight is relatively soft. Below is the test on low-light condition of this two product, and I do feel that Yeelight is better than Benbon.


Installation and the demo:
▼ Since my old house needs to do a major renovation at this time, so I try to install few Xiaomi Yeelight LED downlight and found it the process is quite easy, you just need to drill a hole with a diameter approximately 9.5-10cm, and then follow the marks on the cable to connect to power supply.


▼ You just need to sort out the spring snap and then place it in the hole and buckle it up and you did for the installation. I feel that if I dare to

connect the cable to power supply, I can install it myself, it is so simple.


▼Post installed demo:
Because it is still under construction, so I cannot show you the overall effect of the Xiaomi LED lamp this moment, but you can still see the light effect of the downlight, even the worker who installed the downlight feel that the light effect and quality of the lamp is great. Below is the actual demo by the Xiaomi downlight, I will show you all the actual effect of the lamp after the renovation completed.

Bar corner:


Living room:






Conclusion of the review:

Xiaomi Yeelight LED Downlight with integrated cooling structure, with solid workmanship, and show you the true color. It is only 5 watts of low power consumption which is very energy-saving, and it can use up to 13 years, so it is reliable and very good quality. No matter you want to install at the corridor, living room or entrance, it gives embellishment to your family with the warm color. With years of experience in decorative lamp fields, Yeelink gives you reliable service and after-sales guarantee. As for the next step, I think it is best to increase intelligent home functional modules, after all, I feel if this downlight can power by smart features, it surely can bring more convenience to the family and create a more intimate atmosphere ~! Here is the best deal you can find online!

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