Is Xiaomi Mi Band 5 worth buying for Rs 2499? Review in 5 points – India Today

Xiaomi unveiled the Mi Band 5 in India months after its global launch. Considering the popularity of Mi Bands in the country, the Mi fans waited with bated breath for the Mi Band 5. The fitness tracker was touted as a successor to the Mi Band 4, which got extremely popular among fitness enthusiasts because of the coloured display and various other features.

Interestingly, the Mi Band 4 sells at Rs 2299 in India and the Mi Band 5 is available for Rs 2499. So in just Rs 200 more, you can get an all-new band with the latest features and a bigger screen. The band comes with plenty of new features that were available in the more expensive brands. So should you spend Rs 2499 on a fitness tracker or add some more money and get a watch? Let us find out in the review.

— The Mi Band 5 looks identical to the Mi Band 4 so if you are expecting a new refreshing look, you will be in for a disappointment. Having said that, the Mi Band 5 comes with a bigger 1:1 AMOLED display that is responsible for producing bright colors even in low-light conditions. So as long as the fitness tracker does its job flawlessly, there is no reason why you should run after the design. Xiaomi has used silicon straps which are quite comfortable to put on for hours. I wore it day and night and not even once did I feel itchy or uncomfortable.

— Mi Bans 5 comes can be paired using a Mi Fit app, which regulates everything that you want your fitness band to record. However, you will have to individually give access to features if you want to get notifications for calls, messages, or want your sleep to be calculated. The app is a little complicated and the first time users might have a hard time discovering it.

— The Mi Band 5 comes with features including a menstrual health tracker and stress calculator. While we cannot confirm the accuracy of the stress calculator, the menstrual health tracker does its job quite efficiently. It is one of the reasons why female users should definitely consider buying this.

—The Mi Band has as much as 11 professional sports modes such as running, walking, indoor cycling, outdoor cycling, treadmill, elliptical, rowing machine, yoga, jump rope, pool swimming, freestyle that can be tracked. All the outdoor activities as well as the indoor ones will be tracked. You can keep browsing the menu by swiping up and down. The touch key is pretty responsive and performs quite well even if you use it with wet fingers.

— As per Xiaomi, the Mi Band 5 can run for 14 days on a single charge but its predecessor could go on for a good 20 days. However, I have been using the band for a little over 10 days and now at this point in time, the band still has 33 percent battery left in it. This means it can easily go on for another two-three days at least. You can also save a lot of battery and make the band run for 20 days if you select the power saving mode but then you will have to stop using a lot of features. So overall, it has a decent battery and the magnetic charging tech has made charging so much easier and fun. You would not have to push the tracker out from the strap every time.