Is It Worth to Buy? | Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Desk Lamp Review

After Xiaomi named his department store -Mihome- then plucked up his courage and began releasing various kinds of products, as we all know before the mi rice cooker, recently also released Mihome kettle, Electric fan and Xiaomi lamp, today fortunate to experience Mihome Smart table mi lamp. Get it the cheapest here!Actually, each product in Mihome will certainly involve a dispute over appearance once released. When I saw Xiaomi lamp’s picture for the first time I was not attracted, I felt that it is the same as an ordinary LED table lamp, but after getting it in hand, there is a ‘so good’ feeling. The outward appearance of Mihome -Xiaomi mi smart LED lamp- is so simple, even if you put it over the table without using, it is also working as a wonderful decoration. Xiaomi mi smart LED desk lamp- net weight for 800g, looks slimmer from the outside, cylindrical shape, the pillar and LED lights part is long about 445mm. Pillar and LED tube connection part using a metal shaft, according to the official introduction of this shaft can be opened and closed more than 10.000 times. The resistance of the shaft is moderate, the process of rotation doesn’t need effort, Can be adjusted to any desired angle, and will not cause any unexpected situation. Xiaomi Mi lamp added a rubber clip for the table lamp. After mi lamp is folded up, it is easy to hold the lamp and the pillar, and you can avoid friction between them. To connect Xiaomi lamp using a striking red wire, personal feeling it is a bit incompatible or this design is inappropriate. But some people will think that this design would be the crucial point. After all, to like it or not is just different views but admissible. in order to reduce the damage that could happen when you adjust the angle, the power source is not close to the shaft, and then you can easily adjust it. The diameter of the circular base is equal for 150mm. The base design is very simple. The whole body is white, only placed a button press to turn on/off the light. You can also adjust the brightness, hold down and rotate to adjust the color temperature. The power source interface on the side of the base comes with a white power adapter. The appearance is simply beautiful and engraved with Mihome landmark LOGO. Power source line about 2 meters long which is enough and will not cause too much confusion. Xiaomi mi smart LED desk lamp- through a RC filter and rectifier chip will simply produce strobe AC control signal into a flat DC control signal to ensure a constant electric current to the LED lamp power supply. Try to reduce strobe as much as possible to relieve eye fatigue, Mihome – Xiaomi mi lamp – color temperature range between 2700K-6500K. Mihome – Xiaomi smart lamp – can also be controlled through the phone App, connect your mobile phone and the Smart desk lamp to the same Wi-Fi to be able to achieve the connection. The connection speed is very quick. You can turn on/off the lamb and adjust color temperature and brightness. On the other hand, Xiaomi lamp added four different modes, Including focus mode, reading mode, watching computer mode and child mode. “Focus mode”: you can set a “focus time” and “rest time”. When the “focus time” is completed, Mi lamp will flash like a breathing light prompts to rest. “Reading mode”: it will provide a relatively neutral color temperature and higher brightness, to relieve eye fatigue as much as possible. “Watching computer mode”: will provide a 2700K color temperature of a soft light to reduce the proportion of the screen into the human eye Blu-ray. “Child mode”: will start a protection, which will not be more than 4000K color temperature of light to avoid the damage that can be caused by light on children’s eyes. Actually, I like to manually adjust the brightness and color temperature. It will take me to good enough environment and give me a better feeling. When I go to choose a table lamp, first of all I think about the outward appearance, if it looks good I will consider the other aspects. The outward appearance of Xiaomi LED smart table lamp – simply so generous. The capability is also pretty good. So we ensure that its capability completely high, just through one button you can control the adjustment. After a period of use, Xiaomi mi lamp won’t causes any unexpected problem. Actually there’s no need to control the table lamp using your smartphone, but sometimes It would be faster than doing it manually. After all, Xiaomi mi LED Smart table lamp – is recommended, stable light source and can easily adjust color temperature and brightness. Here is the best deal you can find online

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