Appearance of Xiaomi air purifier Pro 

Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro is the latest air purifier introduce by Mijia in this November, compared with Xiaomi air purifier and Mi air purifier 2,  Xiaomi Mi air purifier pro is equipped with an OLED display and laser particle sensor that enables to shows real-time air quality and operation status. Features with new aerodynamic pressure system, it can services for an area between 35 square meters to 60 square meters, and the best part is it only sold 1499 yuan. Well, how good is this Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro performs? Let me evaluate this upgraded products for you today. Compared with the previous models, Xiaomi air purifier pro continues using tower shape design, with a white body and black display screen, a sense of modest design. Get it the cheapest here!


The upper part of the machine is the fan grille, switches and light sensors are also set at the top, long press the power button to switch between on and off.


Appearance of Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro

close look at top of the machine

You can view the current PM2.5 value in the air, temperature, humidity, WiFi link status and operation mode of the machine through the indicator at the front, just a glance and you know it all.


close look at indicator

It is worth mentioning that the OLED display with a user-friendly tricolor led ring, the color of the indicator will switch automatically based on the indoor PM2.5 concentration level.


Operation control button and door cover for filter places at the back of the Xiaomi mi air purifier pro, so the front appearance looks simple and beautiful. Features with new temperature and humidity sensors, dust laser sensor, this product have a CADR value of 500m3/h, can services rooms up to 35-60m2.

Rear of the Xiaomi air purifier pro

The part of the filter with a matte sense of design, you can gently open the cover without too much effort. 

Close look at power switch/switching indicator

Close look at temperature and humidity sensors, dust laser sensor

Filter replacement door cover

Details of the filter 

Filter is made by an ultra-dense Toray filter material, can remove contaminated ultra-fine particle, which including airborne allergens (pollen, dust mites, pet dander, molds, etc.) as well as bacteria and some viruses. 

Just gently and you can open the panel

The diameter of the filter is 200mm, height 293mm, in order to ensure ventilation and purification effect, it is recommended to clean the filter regularly.

Box for the Filter

The designed is very details and thoughtful, the lock/unlock setting is at the bottom of the box that you can easily find it when you want to install or take out the filter.


Filter lock/unlock setting

It is necessary to change the filter every 3-6 months. When the filter reaches its lifespan, every time you switch on the Xiaomi air purifier pro the indicator will show the remaining lifespan for filter in percentage. 


Close look at filter

Close look at filter

Filter is installed.

Lock the filter

Close the back panel

Please note that before removing or installing the filter, be sure to switch off the device. Replace the filter and switch on the devices and long press the switching indicator, you will hear a beep sound that notifies you the replacement of filter is successfully complete. The lifespan of the filter shown in indicator will reset. (Filter with RFID label at the bottom do not need to press the replacement filter switch) 

Control by smartphone App You can remotely control the Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro through smartphone App, how easy is that? I do some test, first of all you will need to install Mi Home App. This App can control multiple Mi device at once, so if your home has other Mi products, you can use this app to control too. Open Mi Home app, select my device-add and find the Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro from a list of Mi products. 

Interface for Mi Home App

Find out Xiaomi mi Air Purifier Pro

Next please follow the instruction to add Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier pro, the process should be easy and just need few minute to complete. 

Adding Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro

Find out the WiFi connection for your house and click connect.

Adding Xiaomi mi Air Purifier Pro

Is connecting

With Mi Home app, you can monitor your operation status for your Mi Air Purifier Pro in real-time, including indoor air conditions, temperature and humidity, etc. The benefits of using this app are you can on/off or adjust the mode for the devices whenever you are. 

Smart remote by Mi Home App

Smart remote by Mi Home App


You can adjust the mode on your mobile device

Scavenging effects of PM2.5 

Next, we will test the performance of Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro in scavenging effects of PM2.5 , noise, power consumption and wind speed.  

First, light up a cigarette in a 20-square-meter bedroom to test the capabilities of the Xiaomi Mi  Air Purifier Pro on dust detection and absorption.


Test for Scavenging effects of PM2.5

Is it consistent with the reading test by PM2.5 detector, Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro indicator show that the number is immediately soared up to 498 which is heavily polluted state, this proves that the detection capability of the device is very fast. 

heavily polluted state

At the means time, you can view the same value on your mobile device that shows the air quality is in heavily polluted state.


The reading show on mobile device

Then turn on the maximum wind speed mode, and use timer in your phone, to calculate how long the room can be restored back to good air condition.

Use mobile phone timer

Air quality restored back to good air condition

After about 16 minutes and 25 seconds, the indicator of Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro shows that the air quality in the room has reached an excellent state. Open the PM2.5 detector,  the reading is similar to what you saw on the indicator of the devices, this proves that Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro do a really good job in air purification.


PM2.5 reading after the purification

Testing for noise 

Next, we tested the noise level when operation of the Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro, the level of the noise in sleep mode, maximum wind speed mode and moderate wind speed mode were 38.5db, 58.7db and 69.5db respectively. 

Sleep mode

moderate wind speed mode

maximum wind speed mode

Compare with the noise level table shows that just a slightly higher noise level at maximum wind speed mode, but it is very quiet during normal operation and in sleep mode. Especially in the sleep mode, editor nearly not aware the device is operation although just stand beside it. 

Test for wind speed 

Review on air flow from the device base in different operation mode. 

sleep mode

maximum wind speed mode

auto mode

When activating maximum wind speed mode, the maximum wind speed measured on air outlet is 5.79m/s, with the strong wind power the clean air can deliver very fast to every corner of the room. 

power consumption 

Next will test on the power consumption in different operation mode. 

standby mode

sleep mode

auto mode

maximum wind speed mode

The power consumption measurement in standby mode is 0.93W, and the power consumption measurement in sleep mode, auto mode and maximum wind speed mode are 4.72W, 19.54W and 66.27W respectively. 

Summary of the review 

Summary for the Xiaomi air purifier review: Compared with the first generation Xiaomi air purifier and second generation Xiaomi air purifier 2, Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro combines the advantages of two generations of products, and features a new additional OLED display screen and the laser particle sensor, which make it able to services for larger area. It is very convenient to control the device by mobile phone smart control, especially for Mi fans it is a great experience to control multiple devices for just one App. Scavenging effect of PM2.5 is also good, but there are not much different if compare to other products in the market in terms of performance noise, wind speed, power consumption. Overall, just a 1499 Yuan you can buy this device with this performance, it is still worth to buy. I recommended you to buy Xiaomi air purifier pro. Here is the best deal you can find online!

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