Instagram Magic – you delete photos, but they stay on the server. Unauthorized persons may have accessed them

One Instagram user discovered an error that prevented user-deleted content from disappearing from Facebook’s servers. The website beats its chest and pays the finder a reward.

Once again, the maxim that all content uploaded to the Internet should be treated as potentially public, because you never know which materials will leak due to security holes. This time, Instagram is on the candlestick and it hasn’t deleted photos and private messages, although it should.

Photos and messages that were in theory deleted by users were still stored and, at least in theory, could be accessed by third parties. This time, however, we are not dealing with ill will, and the reason for this state of affairs was a mistake. It was helped by one of the users who received 6,000 from Facebook as a reward. dollars.

Instagram admits it was wrong and fixes the glitch

Saugat Pokharel who discovered the bug reportedly did so by accident when he used the function of retrieving all his data stored by Instagram. Among them, he found materials that should not be there, i.e. an old, long-deleted photo and deleted conversations.

In the event that someone broke into Instagram’s servers or directly into the Saugat account, he could access the data that allegedly disappeared from the servers could be accessed. Facebook gives its users a deceptive sense of security – or at least it did in the fall of 2019.

Fortunately, Facebook doesn’t hide its head in the sand.

Instagram could, of course, try to defend itself by reserving that it has 90 days to delete data from servers, including caches, but in this particular case it was about materials that were over a year old. This is why Saugat was awarded an award for discovering this vulnerability.

Instagram has much more behind its ears, including silencing posts that support the Black Lives Matter movement or taking the stereotypical uncle from a wedding day as an example for algorithms sorting the content of the mentality . In this case, however, I am able to believe that it was actually only a mistake and not an intentional act.

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Instagram Magic – you delete photos, but they stay on the server. Unauthorized persons may have accessed them