Huawei: Temporary permission expired, all smartphones now without updates?

Is it coming now very big for Huawei? Because now the temporary permit, which has usually been extended since May 2019, has also expired.

Since May 2019, the US government had given Google and Huawei temporary permission so that they could continue to work together for existing devices. This permit was usually extended further after 90 days. But not this time, the permit has expired.

The problem is that devices with a valid license are also affected; they can no longer receive Android updates. Because Google always checks new system updates from the manufacturers for compatibility with Google services. And Google can no longer do that with older Huawei devices either.

This could mean that Google Apps no longer work properly on the Huawei smartphones or cause other problems. That would of course be the worst case scenario for Huawei if older devices could no longer properly access Google services and apps.

However, it is not yet exactly known what effects the expired temporary permit will have. Since last Thursday, the US embargo seems to have reached another level. This could even have an impact on the cellular networks in the USA if Huawei technology is still installed there.

But maybe you will be lucky and the permit will be extended again in the next few days.

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