Huawei starts its own 5G network in Germany

Huawei has now set up its own 5G network in Munich in the 3.7 GHz to 3.8 GHz range over an area of ​​475 square meters. The Federal Network Agency approved the application.

Huawei has now started its own 5G campus network in Munich. The network is a 5G stand alone (SA) with the supplier’s own 5G core, as has been confirmed.

Separate mobile radio frequencies since November 21, 2019 so that companies can set up their own 5G infrastructure independently of public networks. Huawei has now got its network in Munich approved by the Federal Network Agency.

"Huawei has set up an Industry 4.0 production line, a private 5G network and a data center in the Openlab in Munich."


The local 5G frequencies in the 3.7 to 3.8 GHz range were not included in last year’s 5G auction. At the end of the year there should also be additional spectra in the 26 GHz range.

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