Huawei P30 Firmware Update [ELE-L29 (C431E22R2P5)]

The Huawei P30 firmware update ELE-L29 (C431E22R2P5) is here. It brings the latest version of the Huawei user interface to the smartphone model.

The update is 4.51 GB in size, so downloadable WiFi is appropriate. And as always, it is important not to forget to back up your personal data.

The update is said to have been available in Germany for a few days now, so slowly it should have arrived by everyone.

Huawei P30 ELE-L29 (C431E22R2P5) changelog

List of changes

This update introduces EMUI 10.1 for an improved user experience with higher performance and a more secure system. With this operating system based on distributed technologies, you can seamlessly perform cross-device interactions and use different functions (including mobile office) in different scenarios. Install this update for a simpler, smarter everyday life.

High quality user interface

[Fingerprint animation]

Adds three animation options for fingerprint unlock.


Allows you to easily split screen multitask and send messages while watching videos or gaming. Swipe in from the left or right edge of the screen, and pause to display the multi-window dock. Press and hold an app icon in the Dock and drag it to the side of the screen to share the screen. Alternatively, tap an app icon to display it in a floating window.

[Multi-device control panel]

Allows you to more easily connect to your devices using the multi-device control panel, for example, when connecting to your audio input or output device while playing music or video. With the screen unlocked, swipe up from the bottom left or right corner to access the multi-device control panel.

Practical cross-device cooperation


Allows you to answer voice and video calls to the phone using your HUAWEI laptop.

[File editing]

Allows you to read and edit files on the phone directly from your HUAWEI laptop, as well as share the phone’s network connection and sync notifications.

More phone features

[Cross-device browsing]

Introduces the cross-device browsing feature in the gallery that allows you to view, search, and share photos and videos on all your HUAWEI devices (including phones, tablets, and smart TVs) that are signed in to and with your HUAWEI ID HOME WLAN network are connected and have Bluetooth activated.

Personal note: Since I typed in the changelog of the Mate 30 Pro by hand, it would be wonderful if you copied it, then linked to thanks <3

[AI Voice]

Adds AI Voice. Say "Hello Celia" or press and hold the power button for a second to activate the voice assistant and issue a voice command or ask a question.

Note: A_I Voice is currently only available in certain countries and regions. More details:


Integrated Android security patches released in May 2020 for improved system security. Further information on the security of Huawei’s EMUI system updates can be found on the official Huawei website: https: //consumer.huawei com / de / support / bulletin / 2020/5

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