Huawei is losing massive market share and is no longer the largest smartphone manufacturer

Huawei surprisingly rose to become the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world in the first two quarters of this year. Surprising because since May of last year one has been struggling with the consequences of the US ban.

But now the bans are slowly taking hold, Huawei is losing massive international market shares. And so of course had to give up the top position of the largest smartphone manufacturer again.

While Huawei still had a global market share of 21 percent in April, the value fell to 16 percent by August 2020. A loss of 5 percent market share within 4 months indicates that there must have been losses in the number of smartphones sold in the double-digit million range.

Ranking Smartphone-Sales August 2020
Ranking smartphone sales in August 2020 (Source: Counterpoint Monthly Market Pulse)

Samsung has now taken back the top position with a market share of 22 percent, Apple is in third place with 12 percent and Xiaomi in fourth with 11 percent market share.

So you can see that Huawei has started to decline, the losses in market share are massive and the prognosis that Huawei could only be found in 7th place among manufacturers in the next year is not entirely unbelievable.


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