Huawei is changing saddles and wants to build completely new things

Huawei is known in this country primarily for its smartphones and perhaps as the leading 5G manufacturer worldwide. But apparently Huawei now wants to switch.

Sooner or later after the US ban, the issue of smartphones will probably be over for the first time. At least as far as the markets outside of China are concerned. And even with 5G, a cold wind is blowing against Huawei thanks to the USA.

If you don’t manage to overtake Huawei technologically, then the American tries to use sanctions to drive the company into ruin. It is a very well-known practice in the USA.

But back to Huawei. People don’t rest there and now seem to have identified new fields of activity for the future. Which are actually quite surprising.

Huawei enters the automotive business

Huawei wants to expand its business to other, unconventional segments. According to a new report, Huawei is now targeting the automotive market.

Huawei Technologies is preparing to expand its business into the development, manufacture, sale and service of auto parts and other related systems, according to a report from NetEase.

A message emerged mentioning the company’s recent investments and interest in the automotive industry. Huawei may develop new technologies related to hardware, software and 5G equipment for automobiles.

But this is not the first time Huawei has partnered with automakers on technology development. Huawei could even develop its own interface for automobiles to compete with Google and Apple.

Will there be a HarmonyOS iteration for automobiles?

The company has already worked with a number of companies on certain models of cars and even ventured into the growing demand for self-driving cars.

This particular segment will thrive in the years to come. After all, 5G is finally a reality and sooner or later it will make self-driving cars normal. In addition, the Chinese company already has solid experience in this segment. Perhaps this expertise will be helpful in a potential investment in this segment. Huawei could launch its own brand that will be related to automobiles.

Huawei has not yet made an official statement about this new information. At the moment it’s hard to understand the company’s real intentions anyway.


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