Huawei & Honor: Reuters has new indications of sale

After rumors about a possible sale of Honor by Huawei surfaced last week, which were later denied , Reuters now has new information about a possible sale.

You don’t quite know what exactly is going on. But apparently Huawei is supposed to be in talks about an Honor sale or parts of Honor.

Huawei is in talks with Digital China Group Co. and other applicants to sell parts of their Honor smartphone group. This could bring in up to $ 3.7 billion as you can read.

Huawei is resetting its priorities due to US sanctions and will focus on its higher-end Huawei phones instead of the Honor brand aimed at young people.

It doesn’t seem to be clear yet what exactly it will sell, but it could include the Honor brand, research and development capabilities and associated supply chain management.

Digital China, the main distributor for Honor phones, has emerged as the favorite to buy, but other prospective buyers include Chinese electronics maker TCL and rival smartphone maker Xiaomi.

Huawei declined to comment, as did TCL. Digital China and Xiaomi did not respond to requests for comment.


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