Huawei: HMS has 1.4 million developers worldwide

At Huawei’s 17th global analyst conference, Wang Yanmin, president of Huawei’s Consumer Business, revealed that Huawei’s number of HMS developers has risen 15 percent to 1.4 million.

At last year’s developer conference, the company introduced Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) to replace Google’s GMS service. In addition, when the Huawei P40 series was launched in March, it was announced that the new flagships would only use its own HMS service and the AppGallery app store for the first time.

HMS is reportedly available in over 170 countries around the world and has over 400 million active users each month. In the future, HMS will be the service that will guide Huawei’s ecosystem.

It appears that the U.S. will no longer lift Huawei’s ban, at least not in the near future. Rather, they tighten the ban and cut Huawei off the chip supply chain.

Nobody knows yet what will happen to Huawei. With SMIC (a Chinese chip manufacturer) an alternative has been found in China for chip production, but this is nowhere near as modern as TSMC. It’s going to be a tough month for Huawei.

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