Huawei: First exemption granted for Intel

Surprisingly, there has now been an exemption for trading with Huawei. Intel is now allowed to do business with the Chinese manufacturer again.

Actually, Huawei is now alone in the hallway. All ties from other manufacturers to the Chinese company have now been cut because of the US ban. But suddenly there is a surprise.

Out of nowhere, Intel has now received an exemption from the US government. You can deliver chipsets to Huawei again. At the beginning of the week, such an exemption is said to have been granted to AMD, but this has not yet been confirmed.

That should be a small glimmer of hope for Huawei. And who knows, maybe an exemption will also be granted for other manufacturers? Would certainly be nice for everyone, but you should first keep your feet still and not expect too much.


The article Huawei: First exemption granted for Intel first appeared on Xiaomist .

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