How To Disable Ads From Xiaomi Phones With MIUI 2020

I have been dealing with the bane of various ads popping up on my Xiaomi smartphone and it’s no doubt that you and other Xiaomi users who run the MIUI OS have experienced the same issue. This has proven to be irritating after some point and is mainly because some native applications on smartphones contain pre-installed bloatware and this has continued to be a problem even to this day.  Check out our guide on How To Disable Ads From Xiaomi Phones With MIUI.

However good the smartphones are today, brands like Mi, Redmi and Poco which run on the MIUI OS have continued to receive ads and pop-up notifications. This has been criticized widely by almost all MIUI users and has claimed that this ruins the overall user experience. 

However, they have managed to provide their users with options to disable these ads and pop-up notifications directly from within the MIUI OS. This article will take you through the list of methods I’ve managed to come across with respect to disabling ads on Xiaomi phones that run on MIUI OS.

I’ve been a Xiaomi user for almost a decade. And I’ve literally used and reviewed every Xiaomi phone on the planet. I can say that probably nobody has suffered from this Ad blight as much as me. Although that might be a bit of an exaggeration, it’s pretty close. So, to obviously get rid of this constant irritation, I’ve compiled this guide on How To Disable Ads From Xiaomi Phones With MIUI:

There are multiple methods one can follow when it comes to disabling ads on Xiaomi phones. The most common method is the disabling system ads. To disable these ads, one needs to access settings app and click on the additional settings. Under the numerous options in the additional settings menu, the Authorization and Revocation option next to MSA(MIUI System Ads) will provide a revoke option. By clicking on this option one can disable all system ads.

How To Disable Ads From Xiaomi Phones With MIUI

How To Disable Ads From Xiaomi Phones With MIUI

With MIUI OS (11 and 12), recommendations are pushed through via pop-up ads from most of the stock applications. Fortunately for us though, there are a number of methods to stop applications from pushing ads and collecting user data from your Xiaomi smartphone. 

Since these ad recommendations are turned on by default you will have to disable them manually one at a time. So going forward I will take you through the entire process.

Disabling System Ads in MIUI

Taking care of the System Ads are the first step to having an Ad free user experience.

  • You can disable System Ads by first accessing the “Settings App” on your Xiaomi Smartphone. Scroll down and click on “Additional Settings”. 
  • Upon doing so you’d find “Authorization and Revocation”, tap on the disable option labelled next to “MSA” (MIUI System Ads).
  • The user interface will make you wait for about 10 seconds before you can select the option “Revoke”. 

At times you may be faced with an error stating “Couldn’t Revoke Authorization”, in this case, try the same steps once again till it gets revoked. This error appears in times when the network is slow. 

Point to Remember – You can not disable the MIUI System Ads without an active internet connection.

Disabling Personalized Ad Recommendations and User Data Collection

Personalized Ad Recommendation would allow the operating system to analyze your phone usage and behavior thus throwing ads and pop-up recommendations based on what you’ve searched for in the past or by how you use your Xiaomi Smartphone. 

  • This can be disabled by accessing “Additional Settings” found within the “Settings App”. Once in, scroll till you reach “Additional Settings” and tap on it followed by selecting “Privacy”.
  • Proceed to disable the “User Experience Programme” and “Send diagnostic data automatically”
  • Finally, you can stop “Personalized Ad Recommendations” by tapping on “Ad services” and disabling the option.

Turning off Recommendations

Recommendations provided by stock Apps on MIUI can be adjusted and notifications can be turned off. 

  • This can be achieved by first opening the “Settings App” followed by tapping on Apps and Manage Apps.
  • Within the Manage Apps page, click on the three dots available toward the top hand corner and proceed to tap on Settings
  • Now, tap on the toggle next to Recommendations to have it disabled.

Doing this helps cut down on the recommendation notifications that are pushed through on your Xiaomi smartphone.

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Disabling Ads in individual MIUI stock Apps

Though the above steps turn off the default system ads, there are stock MIUI applications that contain bloatware which collects user data and generates Ads. Here are the steps you can use to turn off or disable the ads in pre-installed apps on MIUI.

MI Browser

Start by opening the Mi Browser app on your Xiaomi. Proceed by clicking on the menu option situated on the top right corner and tap on Settings.

  • Once you’re in the settings option locate Advanced menu and tap on disable next to Show Ads
  • Lastly, head back to the Settings page and select Privacy & Security. Here, tap on the toggle for Personalized services to disable it.
  • However if you’re not planning on using the Mi Browser any time soon, you can Revoke Authorization by disabling the setting under Privacy & Security

This disables the browser from working until you’re ready to use the Mi Browser once again. In the meantime, you can use an alternate browser such as Chrome or Firefox for your daily internet surfing.

MIUI Themes

The Themes app generates recommendations for the user based on previous search or how the phone is used. To disable personalized Ads from Themes;

Start by opening the Themes app and tap on My Page, located at the bottom right corner next to Fonts.

Within My Page, tap on Settings followed by turning off Recommendations

Xiaomi Music Player

Taking care of the Recommendations generated by the Music app is quite similar to the others listed.

You start by launching the Music app and tap on the Settings option found in the hamburger menu on the top left hand corner. 

Upon doing so you’d be presented with Advanced Settings, click that.

Scroll down till you find Receive Recommendations and Show online recommendations on startup and disable both the options.

Mi Security

The Mi Security app requests and reports data usage information which helps drive ads and personal recommendations. 

To turn this feature off you’ll have to open the Security app on your Xiaomi smartphone. 

Proceed to tap on the gear icon (settings) found in the top right corner. First tap on Receive recommendations and disable the option.

Now proceed to Data Usage and disable the Report data usage info option by tapping on the toggle.

Disabling Report data usage info stops MIUI from sharing your data usage and cuts down on the ads recommended by the Security app on your phone.

File Manager

You can disable recommendations from being generated by the File Manager.

First, open the File Manager app on your Xiaomi and tap on the hamburger menu followed by clicking on Settings.

Now click on About and disable Recommendations by tapping on the toggle located next to it.


The Cleaner is an in-built application that is designed to speed up your Xiaomi. The Cleaner app, though it’s created to clear unwanted cache and files can be a source of the ads being generated based on recommendations sent via the MIUI. To disable the recommendations here

Start by opening the Cleaner app on your Xiaomi and tap on Settings.

Scroll down till you reach Recommendations and tap on the toggle next to Receive recommendations to have it disabled. 

A helpful pointer, every time the Cleaner app is auto-updated the recommendations will automatically get enabled. To stop this, turn off Automatic Updates from within Settings of the Cleaner app.

Mi Video

After each video is played via the Mi Video app, recommendations would be displayed on the screen at the end of the playback. These recommendations can be disabled.

Begin by opening the Mi Video app and tap on Profile followed by Settings.

Once inside, make sure you tap on the toggle for Online recommendations and Personalized recommendations to have them disabled.

Disabling the Lock Screen Ads

All the pesky ads that appear on the lockscreen can be disabled by following two simple steps.

  • Begin by opening the Settings App on your Xiaomi and navigate to Lock Screen.
  • Here you’d have the option named Glace for Mi, tap on it and turn off this feature. .
  • This disables the carousel found on the lock screen so only important notifications will now appear.

Disabling the Home Screen Ads

While using MIUI you may have noticed the guide page by swiping left on the Home Screen, this page displays available app recommendations. To turn this off on your Xiaomi, you’d have to

  • Open the Settings App and tap on Home Screen
  • Here, just under Default Launcher you’d have App Vault. Tap on the toggle at the side of App Vault to disable the guide page on the Home Screen.
  • Also to be noted, the MIUI shows links to ads at the bottom of your lock screen. This can be turned off by disabling Glance for Mi that is found within your lock screen settings.

How To Disable Ads From Xiaomi Phones With MIUI – Takeaway

Having Ads that constantly pop-up on your Xiaomi smartphone can drive anyone to insanity. This detailed guide lists out the steps to be followed in order for your Xiaomi smartphone to be ad-free. 

As mentioned, this is a part of Xiaomi’s business model and though it may be beneficial to Xiaomi, do you think that this is something which needs to go or are you okay with your Xiaomi pushing ads across left, right and center? 

Why does Xiaomi phone have ads?

Xiaomi is a market disruptor. They, not only price they’re phones competitively but they also price it so cheap, you’re left wondering if they can actually be profitable. This is where the ads come in. They make money from both the sale of the phone and by running ads on their phones through their bloatware. Xiaomi has even stated that adding bloatware to MIUI is a core part of their business model and may not have this removed anytime soon. Check out our guide on How To Disable Ads From Xiaomi Phones With MIUI.

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