How to care for the battery in the smartphone? We advise what not to do and what to do when the battery dies

There are many myths about the proper use of batteries in smartphones. Today we will try to deal with the most popular.

There are a lot of nonsense theories surrounding the proper use of a cell phone. Some of them result, for example, from the lack of knowledge of the English language. Once I heard from a seller of protective glasses for smartphones that after putting on such protection, you cannot use the smartphone for 9 hours, because the glue dries. I was surprised. The salesman showed the package "9H" on the package and tapped it with a finger.

This is nonsense, of course. The 9H marking indicates that we are dealing with tempered glass, which is more scratch-resistant than ordinary glass.

How do I charge the battery?

Other myths result from the fact that someone heard something, remembered something, but made a mistake. This is why some people today argue that new batteries should be molded or formatted. No you don’t.

But in fact, in the past, when batteries were made by a different technology, they had to be handled differently. However, we can say about today’s cells that they are maintenance-free. You are loading. You use. You discharge. And then you load again.

It is worth remembering that a cell wears out with each charging cycle. The battery loses its capacity and after many charging and discharging cycles, the smartphone’s working time will be sufficient. The moments when we completely discharge or charge a cell are particularly deadly. The latter is hard to avoid. After all, we will not make sure that we disconnect the phone from the charger every time it is charged to 80 percent. And just loading above this value is harmful.

Avoid completely discharging the battery

The former, however, can be easily counteracted by limiting or avoiding situations in which the battery discharges to zero. If we see that the charge status icon already shows a low level, let’s reach for a charger or powerbank. If we do not have these devices at hand, we should limit the use of the smartphone and / or turn on the energy saving mode.

This mode is already available in almost all smartphones on the market today, but each has a slightly different name. For example, in iPhones this is Low Power Mode. You can find it by going to Settings, and then to the Battery tab. In Samsung, however, we activate this function by changing the power mode. To change it, go to Settings, then Device Care, and then Battery. We choose the Power mode and then a specific option: High efficiency, Optimization, Medium energy saving or Maximum energy saving. The last two will allow you to extend the operating time of the device and avoid the complete discharge of the battery.

Applications that improve battery operation

In my opinion, it is not worth installing additional apps from app stores to protect the battery and extend the device’s operation. Most of these applications run slackly and aggressively close other applications that are running in the background. Contrary to appearances, this is not a decent procedure, because currently operating systems can already manage resources well and put applications to sleep in the background to optimize work and battery consumption. Completely closing apps may even wear out the battery faster. The smartphone will have to restart them more often, and such starting causes increased work, among others CPU, which translates into energy consumption that could have been avoided.

Many battery miracle repair apps are also nothing other than programs that were created solely to display ads. Often the intrusive and worst ones that appear on the notification bar or on the lock screen.

In this matter, it is better to trust the manufacturers of the equipment. Android and iOS are well-rounded systems. Smartphone manufacturers use many proprietary solutions to extend battery life. In recent years, they have prepared sensible solutions. Let’s use them.

Replace the battery with a new one

However, if it turns out that the battery will serve us well, and its working time will noticeably deteriorate, let us advertise the device. During the warranty period, the service will replace the battery with a new one free of charge. Importantly, we will get an original link that is safe for the environment and for the user. However, the old battery will be disposed of by the service.

If the warranty has expired, I also recommend using original or proven services. Some offer battery replacement at very low prices. It is tempting, of course, but unfortunately also dangerous. Very often, when the media circulates information that someone’s smartphone has exploded somewhere in the world, it turns out that the person was using a non-original charger or a cheap battery replacement.

In recent years, batteries have started to surround us. I use a wireless keyboard and mouse to write these words. Both devices have built-in rechargeable batteries. On the right side of the desk is a smartphone, and on the left side I have a tablet. Right next to it are wireless headphones and a case for them. Each of these devices has a battery.

Their use has become so common that we forget about the risks they carry. Cells are, in fact, very unstable structures, failure of which can cause a chemical reaction that will result in smoke and flames. There may also be a sudden explosion.

It is worth keeping this in mind and not to use batteries of unknown origin, which, due to their savings, could be produced, stored and transported improperly. For peace of mind, it is better to pay extra for a higher quality battery.

Recycle your old appliance

If the phone is damaged or is significantly worn out and slows down so that it will not be possible or comfortable to use it anymore, we should deal with it responsibly. Let’s not throw it into the trash! The electronic device is electronic waste which is not suitable for metal, plastic or mixed rubbish. Such waste equipment is best recycled by handing over to authorized entities or by taking it to the Selective Collection of Electronic Waste. Thanks to this, we do not waste the raw materials needed to produce new devices.

We should also remember that when buying new equipment in electronics stores or Orange sales outlets, you can leave your old, used electronic equipment – a mobile phone, tablet or modem. Orange equipment collected in this way will be handed over to the authorized recipient for further use in accordance with the law.

Find a salon:

Remember to delete all your data and photos from the device, as well as the SIM card. However, if you do not do this, your phone data will be professionally deleted from your device and we will recycle it.

Sale of a used machine

Of course, not every used telephone can only be disposed of. You probably have a working but unnecessary smartphone hidden. It delays, waiting for better times in your drawer, aging unnecessarily and losing value every day.

There is a way to recover some of its value by using Orange used phones repurchase offer. It’s easy. All you need to do is come to any Orange salon and move your smartphone you do not need. On site, the consultant will evaluate its value, and you will receive a voucher for the purchase of a new device or the necessary accessories. You can redeem the voucher in an Orange showroom immediately or in 60 days. You can also give it to someone as a gift to use if you don’t currently need to buy a new phone.

An Orange consultant will price a used smartphone, which must be functional, but it is not necessary to provide a box or a set of accessories. What’s more, Orange also buys devices purchased from other operators or electromarkets.

Before deciding to go to the store, you can check how much you will receive for your device – go HERE .

Remember to remove all data, lock and remove the SIM card from the device before selling your smartphone. But if there is any data left in the device, it will be securely and professionally deleted by Orange’s partner, Greenfone, which buys and resells used phones. The acquired phones reach new recipients, thanks to which they gain longer life – informs the operator.

The used phone buy-back program, introduced by Orange, solves the real problem. It turns out that our homes contain tons of unused electronic equipment, in which a considerable amount of raw materials valuable from the point of view of the market is stored. In most cases, the device is still operational and functional. Many of these devices remain in drawers, aging and losing their value.

According to the latest research by GfK and ElektroEko, over 4 million unused mobile phones are stuck in Poles’ homes. Our research shows that the record holders have even more than 20. And if we decide to say goodbye to the backlog of equipment, we often do not know how to get rid of unwanted devices or they are time-consuming – tells us the representative of Orange.

As a company that cares about sustainable development, Orange sets a goal of recovering unused mobile equipment from the market depending on its condition, it can be reused or recycled. The solutions implemented by the operator who want to develop innovative and durable mechanisms encouraging to dispose of unnecessary equipment in a responsible manner and changing consumer habits in this area can help in this.

* The material was created in cooperation with the Orange brand.

How to care for the battery in the smartphone? We advise you what not to do and what to do when the battery dies